Box: 1 Fold: 1 Ives, Levi Silliman (Rev.) - Conversion to Catholicism
DATE SPAN: 02/02/1853 - 06/10/1956

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS from Rev. C.M. Parkman to Rev. Atkinson concerning the conversion to Catholicism of LSI. Includes transcriptions by Parkman of letters received by him re. the conversion from Francis Patrick Kenrick, Archbishop of Baltimore; Rev. J.M. Forbes of New York

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Ives, Levi Silliman (Rev.) - In Memoriam
DATE SPAN: [10/01/1870]? - [10/31/1870]?

DESCRIPTION: In memoriam printed in "De la Salle Monthly," vol. iii, no. 16, October 1870 (clipping).

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Ives, Levi Silliman - Will (copy)
DATE SPAN: 07/01/1867 - 07/23/1867

DESCRIPTION: Last will and testament of LSI (AD, 5 pp.), including codicil. Bequests to (in order of appearance): Dayton Hobart, Charles Acton Ives, Rev. William Quinn, John Henry Hobart, Elizabeth C. Hare, Rev. George C. Hare, Richard H. Clarke and family, John E. Develin, Clara Semmes Fitzgerald, Edward Bernard Ives, Francis J. Ives, Eugene S(emmes) Ives, Joseph C(hristmas) Ives, Hobart Hare.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Ives, Cora S. - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 07/23/1874 - 04/18/1875

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALS (all letters signed with initials "CSI") to Patrick Healy, S.J., president of GU, refer to her religious pilgrimage in Europe, accompanying her sons Eugene and Frank to place GU's students' flag of America at Our Lady of Lourdes after it had been blessed by Pope Pius IX at the Vatican, her sons' schooling abroad at Feldkirch (for Frank) and St. Michel a pension in Brussels (for Eugene), visit to abbey of Einsiedeln (Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland), and to Louise Lateaux a stigmatic living near Brussels. Also refers to her sister's illnesses, Clara Semmes Fitzgerald, and to her ward Emmett Duncan. Also includes 1 ALS from GU treasurer Charles Jenkins re. tuition for her sons Edward and Eugene (no date; addressed to Mrs. Cora M. Ives, presumably meaning Cora S. Ives).

Box: 1 Fold: 5 Ives, Edward Bernard - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 11/13/1874 - 11/13/1874

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS to Patrick Healy, S.J., refers to his first term at West Point Academy.

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Ives, Eugene Semmes - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 03/14/1875 - [08/25/1917]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS to Patrick Healy, S.J., refers to term at pension of St. Michel in Brussels, homesickness for GU. 1 TL (carbon) to John Creeden, S.J., concerning withdrawal of his son Thomas Ennals from GU; includes pencil transcript of Fr. Creeden's reply on verso. 3 news clippings of obituaries.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Ives, Frank J. - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 07/22/1874 - 05/02/1875

DESCRIPTION: 4 ALS to Patrick Healy, S.J., refer to religious pilgrimage to Europe with his mother, Cora Ives; blessing of American flag by Pope Pius IX and depositing it at Our Lady of Lourdes; and writing for the GU "College Journal" (see "College Journal" vol. II, no. 10, Oct. 1874, vol.III, no. 2, Dec. 1874, and vol III, no. 3, Jan. 1875). Also refers to brothers Eugene and Edward, to "Aunt Clara" (Fitzgerald), and to Emmett Duncan. Life at Stella Matutina's College, Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria, is described also.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 Ives, Ann M. Waggaman - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: [04/30/1918]? - [04/03/1918]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS (mourning stationery earliest probable date 1918) probably to John B. Creeden, S.J., president of GU, refers to deceased husband's papers i.e., Eugene Ives.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Ives, Joseph Moss - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 08/26/1935 - [12/31/1936]?

DESCRIPTION: 22 TLS to Coleman Nevils, S.J., refer mainly to research and writing of "The Ark and the Dove" as well as to research on the Carroll family especially Daniel Carroll. Refers also to his article, "St. Thomas Aquinas and the Constitution" - includes typescript carbon of Ives' responses to commentaries by Fr. LeBuffe and Paul G. Steinbicker, and clipping of commentary by William Franklin Sands. Folder includes typescripts "Across the Sea to St. Omers"(chapter II), "Beginnings in Democracy at St. Mary's." Also, 1 TL from Coleman Nevils; 4 TLS by Harry H. Hefferan, Coleman Nevils, and Richard Fanning refer to "The Ark and the Dove," and donation of Ives' collection of Catholic books to the Catholic Book Club. Also includes 1 typescript carbon commentary on "The Ark and the Dove."

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Ives, Walter Bigelow - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: 06/08/1939 - 11/11/1941

DESCRIPTION: 5 ALS, 2 TLS to Coleman Nevils refer to his father's (Joseph Moss Ives) work "The Ark and the Dove." 2 TL by Coleman Nevils refer to the same. 1 news clipping on donation of Joseph Moss Ives' book collection to the Catholic Book Club, to be dedicated as the Ives Memorial Collection.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 Ives, I.M. - Two Lectures on the Inquisition
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - [12/31/1953]?

DESCRIPTION: "Two Lectures on the Inquisition" delivered to the Young Men's Association, Milwaukee, Wisconsin by I.M. Ives, pastor of St. John's Cathedral. Relationship to other members of the Ives family is not clear.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 Ives, Ella Gilbert - Article
DATE SPAN: 05/27/1904 - 05/27/1904

DESCRIPTION: 1 news clipping of article on Alice Stone Blackwell. Relationship to other members of Ives family is unclear.