Box: 5 Fold: 16 Robert Hopkins Correspondence to Harry L. Hopkins 1944
DATE SPAN: 01/05/1944 - 12/29/1944

DESCRIPTION: 7 ALS, 5 TLS, telegrams from RH to HLH. References to RH's marriage to Brenda; to London and visit with Lord Beaverbrook. Includes TL carbons from HLH in reply. Also 1 TLS from Jefferson Caffery to HLH re. forwarding a message to RH.

Box: 5 Fold: 17 Robert Hopkins Correspondence to Harry L. Hopkins 1945
DATE SPAN: 01/22/1945 - 10/04/1945

DESCRIPTION: 1 ALS, 3 TLS, 2 telegrams, 2 notes from RH to HLH. Primarily refer to the end of the war and plans for VE Day. Includes TL carbons from HLH and telegrams from Jefferson Caffery to HLH forwarding messages about RH.

Box: 5 Fold: 18 Robert Hopkins Correspondence - Outgoing (Misc.)
DATE SPAN: 11/24/1941 - 01/02/1945

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS from RH to Lois M. Berney (sp. var. Bernie), HLH's secretary. 1 TLS from RH to Leonard Lyons, with references to RH's meeting with Jean Cocteau, Jean Monnet, and Henri Janson. Includes 1 TLS from Lyons to HLH and 1 TL carbon from HLH in reply.

Box: 5 Fold: 19 Robert Hopkins Correspondence - Signal Corps 1941-45
DATE SPAN: 03/17/1941 - 09/10/1945

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to HLH and RH during the latter's stint with the Signal Corps. Arranged chronologically, correspondence includes:

1 telegram (copy) from John G. Winant to HLH re. leave for RH, 10/23/1942.

1 TLS from John G. Winant to HLH, complimentary message about RH, 10/30/1942.

2 TLS, 1 TC to HLH from Harry C. Butcher, aide to Eisenhower, 6/23/1943, 7/15/1943, 9/13/1943. Includes 1 TL from HLH in reply and 1 b/w photo of bomb explosion at sea.

1 TLS from Brehon Somervell to HLH, includes 1 photo of RH with army friends in Italy, 11/8/1943.

Includes 3 pp. photostat TLS signed by RH to Keystone Press Assoiciation, Ltd. stating agreement terms to sell photographs.9/10/1945.

Includes 2 undated letters to RH from Brig. Gen. Van Deusen and from Ira H. Genet.

Includes TMs interview fragment of RH.

Box: 5 Fold: 20 Robert Hopkins Correspondence to Ethel Gross Hopkins
DATE SPAN: 10/18/1941 - 04/17/1945

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence includes 3 TL from RH to Ethel Gross Hopkins. Includes, 2 telegrams from Ethel to RH and HLH, respectively. Also, 1 TLS to HLH from Ethel and 1 TLS from HLH in reply re. RH. Includes TL carbons from HLH's secretaries to Ethel re. RH.

Box: 5 Fold: 21 Brenda Hopkins Correspondence
DATE SPAN: [09/01/1944]? - [11/30/1945]?

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to/from/about Brenda Hopkins, maintained here in original provenance among RH's correspondence. Arranged and listed as follows:

1 ALS to HLH from Brenda Hopkins, 1/4/1945

1 TLS from HLH to Brenda Hopkins, includes carbon with TL carbon note to John G. Winant, 12/11/1944.

2 TLS from HLH to Ethel Gross Hopkins re. Brenda Hopkins. Includes description by Winant of RH's announcement of proposed marriage to Brenda (see TL carbon, 9/1/1944 attached).

Correspondence about Brenda Hopkins to HLH includes 1 TLS from John G. Winant, 1 TLS from William L. Batt (with news clipping attached), 1 telegram from Max Beaverbrook.

Correspondence to HLH concerning transfer of Brenda Hopkins to USA includes Max Beaverbrook (telegram), and Lord Halifax (aka. Edward Frederick Lindley Wood)(1 TLS)

2 b/w photos of Brenda Hopkins and RH.

Box: 5 Fold: 22 Robert Hopkins Correspondence re. Death of Harry Hopkins
DATE SPAN: 01/29/1946 - 02/11/1946

DESCRIPTION: Condolences on death of HLH:

1 TLS to RH from Darryl F. Zanuck.

1 telegram from RH and Brenda Hopkins to Louise Macy Hopkins.

Includes 1 TLS to RH from Simpson Thacher & Bartlett concerning HLH's will.

Box: 5 Fold: 23 Robert Hopkins Correspondence re. Death of Stephen Hopkins
DATE SPAN: 02/14/1944 - 03/31/1944

DESCRIPTION: Includes 1 TLS, n.d. from Stephen Hopkins to Ethel Gross Hopkins, describing early days at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

1 typed fragment of news release reporting death of Stephen Hopkins, 2/14/1944.

1 TLS from Leonard Lyons to RH, condolences, 3/22/1944.

3 TL carbons, condolences from Johnny Belknap, Leonard Lyons, R.J. Newhouse addressed to HLH.

Box: 5 Fold: 24 Robert Hopkins Correspondence re. College/Employment Applications
DATE SPAN: [04/01/1940]? - 09/15/1978

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to HLH or Ethel Hopkins concerning RH's college applications and employment opportunities - St. John's College, US Geological Survey, University of North Carolina.

Also includes 1 TL carbon from HLH to Hallie Flanagan.

Miscellaneous item:

List of participants for "Alpha II-78" showing RH as Acting National Intelligence Officer for Latin America, CIA, 9/15/1978.

Box: 5 Fold: 25 Robert Hopkins - Commendation, Signal Corps
DATE SPAN: 10/21/1943 - 10/21/1943

DESCRIPTION: Photostat of commendation on motion picture coverage awarded to RH for his photography during the war, 3 pp., 10/21/1944. (cf. photostat copies of same commendation in Folder 5:15, reduced size)

Box: 5 Fold: 26 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Inauguration Program 1937
DATE SPAN: 01/20/1937 - 03/09/1937

DESCRIPTION: Programs for the inauguration ceremonies of FDR, 1937, forwarded with cover letter from HLH's secretary, Kathryn Godwin to RH and Stephen Hopkins.

Box: 6 Fold: 1 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: "The chief difficulty at present is the problem of unemployment . . ."

1 AMs, 4 pp. double-sided, on stationery for The Equal Franchise Society, n.d.

Box: 6 Fold: 2 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 TMs, 6 pp. (includes carbon copy of same), entitled: "A Detailed Plan of Organization and Administration of State Employment Offices, as provided for by Chapter 184 of the Laws of 1914." n.d.

Box: 6 Fold: 3 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: According to notation by RH (xeroxed from original list handwritten by RH to accompany some of the material of this accession, cf. curatorial file), this is a TMs draft of an interview between a labor leader apparently written by HLH to promote a labor union for teachers. Entitled "It Could Never Happen" 2 pp., n.d.

Box: 6 Fold: 4 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript Fragment
DATE SPAN: 05/08/1937 - 05/06/1937

DESCRIPTION: Fragment of poem by HLH (?) on menu card, "Beside a lake in Belgium . . ."

Box: 6 Fold: 5 Harry L. Hopkins Certificate
DATE SPAN: 08/30/1933 - 08/30/1933

DESCRIPTION: Certificate awarding HLH title of Lieutenant Colonel on the personal staff of the governor of Florida, presented and signed by David Sholtz, 8/30/1933.

Box: 6 Fold: 6 Harry L. Hopkins Medical Records
DATE SPAN: 11/10/1945 - 05/26/1949

DESCRIPTION: Photocopies of medical records from Memorial Hospital, New York, for HLH dating 11/10/1945 through 1/29/1946 covering his last illness up to his death, approx. 39 sheets. Includes a pathology report dated 5/26/49 (see handwritten note, apparently this report was made in later years as part of a review of HLH's case), and an autopsy report.

Additionally, 2 pp., xerox copies of physician's followup, 1/29/1946 to 2/2/1946.

Box: 6 Fold: 7 Harry L. Hopkins List of Friends and Relatives
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: Typed list, 2 pp. entitled "Persons from whom material may be obtained regarding Harry Hopkins." Provides useful list of acquaintances throughout HLH's career.

Box: 6 Fold: 8 Max Beaverbrook [Lord] (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 09/27/1944 - 06/29/1945

DESCRIPTION: Xeroxed correspondence with references to US aid to England and Europe during WW2, Winston Chruchill, Henry Luce, John Maynard Keynes, Oliver Lyttleton (president, US Board of Trade).

3 TLS from Beaverbrook to HLH.

1 TLS from HLH in reply.

Box: 6 Fold: 9 Winston Churchill (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1946]? - [12/31/1946]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 ANS (xerox) from Churchill to RH, Christmas greeting. n.d. except year, 1946.

Box: 6 Fold: 10 Anthony Eden (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 07/27/1946 - 07/27/1946

DESCRIPTION: ALS (xerox) to HLH from Eden, thank you note, with reference to Allied peace efforts.

Box: 6 Fold: 11 Dwight D. Eisenhower (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 05/03/1944 - 06/07/1945

DESCRIPTION: AMS, 3 pp. (xeroxes, 4 cc.) to HLH from Eisenhower concerning allowing RH to go on the landing at Omaha Beach during the invasion of Normandy, 1944. Includes recomendation written by Eisenhower for RH, dated 11/21/1944.

1 typed memo 2 pp.(xerox) by HLH concerning meeting with Eisenhower in Frankfurt. Topics include prospective visit by Eisenhower to Moscow. Dated 7/7/1945.

Box: 6 Fold: 12 De Gaulle, Charles [General] (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 10/23/1944 - 11/30/1945

DESCRIPTION: Note: All items bear stamp for the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, New York.

1 TLS (xerox) from HLH to De Gaulle, congratulating him on French elections.

1 TLS (xerox, in French) from De Gaulle to HLH in reply.

Includes, 1 telegram inviting HLH to sign greeting to De Gaulle in conjunction with the American Committee for Protection of [the?] Foreign Born.

Box: 6 Fold: 13 J. Edgar Hoover (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 07/10/1942 - 04/16/1945

DESCRIPTION: TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) from Hoover to HLH re. group of saboteurs who landed on Long Island from a German submarine. Specific reference to their emblem: miniature porcupines carved from aluminum, 7/10/1942.

ALS (xerox) from Hoover to HLH on death of FDR, 4/16/1945.

Box: 6 Fold: 14 Harry L. Hopkins - Distinguished Service Medal (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 09/14/1945 - 09/14/1945

DESCRIPTION: TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) to HLH from Henry L. Stimson, US Secretary of War, congratulating him on award of Distinguished Service Medal.

Citation for the Distinguished Service Medal (xerox, 2 cc. + typed draft) with signature of Harry S. Truman (not on typed draft).

Box: 6 Fold: 15 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript (xerox)
DATE SPAN: 09/06/1945 - 09/06/1945

DESCRIPTION: TMs (xerox, 3 pp.) address by HLH "America is now faced with two great tasks . . ." 9/6/1945.

AMs (xerox, 12 pp.) same as above.

Box: 6 Fold: 16 Harry L. Hopkins Manuscript (xerox)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: TMs (xerox) by HLH entitled, "The Stalin-Hitler Grudge Fight" n.d., 24 pp.

Box: 6 Fold: 17 Harry L. Hopkins - Correspondence (Misc.)(xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 09/15/1938 - 05/17/1965

DESCRIPTION: Accompanied by 1 TLS from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library to RH (cover letter to the following copies of letters):

2 ALS, 2 telegrams (with 1 TL from HLH) from Florence Kerr to HLH re. care of Diana Hopkins. Includes 1 TLS from Robert Kerr.

5 TLS (xeroxes), 1 ACS (xerox) from Robert Lovett, assistant secretary of war for air; Frances Perkins, secretary of labor; Carl Sandburg (2 cc. of xeroxed ALS); Sumner Welles, under secretary of state; 1 ACS with birthday greetings autographed by FDR, Grace Tully, Samuel Rosenman; Victor Sholis.

Box: 6 Fold: 18 Harry L. Hopkins - Retirement Correspondence (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 05/12/1945 - 07/06/1945

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence re. HLH's retirement from government:

1 TL (xerox, 2 cc.) from HLH to George C. Marshall, 5/12/1945.

1 TLS (xerox) from Marshall to HLH in reply, 5/13/1945.

1 TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) from Harry S. Truman to HLH, 7/3/1945; 1 TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) from Truman to HLH, 7/6/1945.

Box: 6 Fold: 19 Harry L. Hopkins - White House Memoranda (Misc.)(xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 11/29/1937 - [12/31/1944]?

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of miscellaneous memoranda written by HLH during his years at the White House as presidential advisor:

Typed log of FDR's cruise to Dry Tortugas on the USS Potomac, 11/29/37-12/6/37 (23 pp.)

Typed memo dated 12/7/1941 (6 pp.). Subject: Bombing of Pearl Harbor and HLH's recollection of FDR's attitude and reaction, as well as impending US declaration of war.

Typed memo dated 1/24/1942 (2 pp.). Subject: Bombing of Pearl Harbor. HLH records attitude of Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

Typed memo, n.d. (copy, 3 pp.). Subject: Writing speeches for FDR with references to Raymond Moley, and Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and Felix Frankfurter.

Handwritten schedule of meetings 1944 (2 pp.), HLH with George Marshall, senators, and defense officials.

Handwritten memo, n.d. (3 pp.). Subject: New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey receiving secret information, alledgedly from George Marshall concerning US ability to break Japanese codes.

Handwritten memo, n.d. (3 pp.). Subject: Accidental firing of torpedo by a US destroyer at USS Iowa while FDR was onboard visiting.

2 pp. notes in HLH's hand, n.d.

10 handwritten notes re. events following Pearl Harbor.

Box: 6 Fold: 20 Hopkins Family Births (xerox)
DATE SPAN: 06/26/1856 - 06/24/1894

DESCRIPTION: Xerox of list of births in the Hopkins family showing first HLH's father, David Hopkins, HLH's mother Anna Pickett, then HLH and siblings.

Box: 6 Fold: 21 Diana Hopkins (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 01/19/1945 - 01/19/1945

DESCRIPTION: 1 TL (xerox) from HLH to Diana Hopkins re. HLH's will and provision of care for her in event of his death.

Box: 6 Fold: 22 Robert Hopkins (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 12/30/1943 - 02/22/1987

DESCRIPTION: 1 TL (xerox) from HLH to RH, 12/28/1943 re. battle of Algiers.

1 TL (xerox) from HLH to Major General W. B. Smith, attached to above, re. prohibiting RH from participating in battle of Algiers, 12/30/1943.

1 telegram (xerox) from Max Beaverbrook to RH re. transferring Brenda Hopkins to USA, 10/18/1945.

1 TL (xerox) from RH to New York Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association re. honoring HLH on the centennial of his birth, August 16, 1990 with a commemorative stamp.

Xeroxed page from book on Lyndon B. Johnson (?) with annotation in margins (red ink) addressed to RH: "Robt - did you know LBJ "worked" for your Dad? (I didn't!)"

Box: 6 Fold: 23 Lyndon B. Johnson (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 03/07/1942 - 03/07/1942

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS (xerox) from Lyndon B. Johnson to HLH, greetings and request for a meeting, 3/7/1942.

Box: 6 Fold: 24 V. M. Molotov (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 05/05/1945 - 05/05/1945

DESCRIPTION: 1 TLS (in Russian, xeroxed) to HLH, greetings with reference to San Franciso Conference, Andrei Gromyko. Includes xerox of English translation.

Box: 6 Fold: 25 Eleanor Roosevelt (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 06/10/1939 - 06/24/1945

DESCRIPTION: Xerox copies of 2 TLS and 1 memorandum from Eleanor Roosevelt to HLH:

TLS, 6/10/1939 re. meeting of Diana Hopkins with the Queen of England.

Memo, 5/31/1942 to HLH re. "The Problem of Women Workers."

TLS, 6/24/1945 to HLH.

Includes 1 typed memo from HLH re. Eleanor Roosevelt's advocacy of the underprivileged.

Box: 6 Fold: 26 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 11/10/1931 - 12/08/1944

DESCRIPTION: 17 TLS, 1 ALS, 1 ANS by FDR as listed below (all xerox copies):

3 TLS, 1 memo to Jesse I. Straus, re. Temporary Emergency Relief Administration, includes reference to Straus' associate Philip J. Wickser, 11/10/1931.

Mostly incidental personal messages from FDR:

TLS to HLH, 11/25/1932.

TLS to Barbara Hopkins, 11/9/1936.

ALS to HLH, March 1939 (?)

TLS to HLH, 8/25/1939.

TLS to HLH, 11/8/1939, 12/18/1939, in reply to attached TL from HLH, 12/16/1939.

TLS to HLH, 12/25/1939.

TLS to HLH, 2/16/1942.

TLS to HLH, 3/15/1944 re. Shakespearean quotation sent to HLH from Winston Churchill on Stephen Hopkins' death (cf. note at bottom of TLS).

TLS to HLH, 5/18/1944.

TLS to HLH, 7/11/1944 (2 cc.) re. increase in compensation/salary as Adviser and Assistant to the President.

Joke telegram (10/4/1944?) announcing dismissal of George Marshall as US Chief of State. Accompanied by ANS from Marshall to HLH asking if this is a joke; and ANS from FDR to Marshall.

TLS from a woman to Walter Winchell re. history of disfigurement of Thomas Dewey, with attached TLS from FDR to HLH and TN from HLH to FDR.

Box: 6 Fold: 27 Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 05/04/1945 - 05/04/1945

DESCRIPTION: TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) from Stettinius to HLH "toasting" HLH for his part in the Yalta conference.

Box: 6 Fold: 28 Harry S. Truman (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 07/03/1945 - 08/18/1945

DESCRIPTION: TLS from Truman to HLH, 7/3/1945 expressing regrets at HLH's announcement retirement.

TLS from Truman to HLH, 9/18/1945 re. Distinguished Service Medal.

Box: 6 Fold: 29 Italy 1934 (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 07/19/1934 - 07/25/1934

DESCRIPTION: Memoranda written by HLH about his visit to Italy and meeting with Mussolini in 1934:

Handwritten memo recounting meeting with Mussolini, 7/19/1934 (5 pp., 2 cc.)

Typed memo re. housing and social security in Italy, 7/25/1934 (2 pp.)

Typed memo re. Mussolini's attitude to Hitler and reaction to Nazi assasination of Austrian Chancellor Englebert Dollfuss, 7/25/1934.

Box: 6 Fold: 30 London 1941/42 (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 01/10/1940 - 04/13/1942

DESCRIPTION: Handwritten memo to FDR from HLH re. his visit to London, 1/10/1941. Recounts meetings and first impressions of Winston Chruchill, Anthony Eden, Lord Halifax, Brendan Bracken. Includes description of British attitude to Hitler and Mussolini (19 pp., 2 xerox cc.)

Handwritten memo to FDR from HLH, 1/25/1941. Refers to a British war cabinet document detailing British operation in the Middle East (6 pp., xerox)

Typed memo to FDR from HLH, 1/30/1941. Recounts meeting with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (7 pp., xerox)

TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) inviting HLH to lunch at Buckingham Palace, 4/8/1942.

TLS (xerox, 2 cc.) inviting HLH to dinner with Churchill and King George VI 4/13/1942.

ALS (xerox, 2 cc.) inviting HLH to dine with Churchill, n.d.

Xerox of US dollar bill autographed by King Geroge VI.

Box: 6 Fold: 31 Yalta Conference, 1945 (xeroxes)
DATE SPAN: 06/13/1945 - 10/19/1945

DESCRIPTION: Memoranda and miscellaneous items relating to the Yalta Conference, Feb. 4-11, 1945.

Typed memo (xerox, 3 cc.) by HLH entitled, "Notes on Negotiations During Moscow Visit" dated 6/13/1945. Reference to agreements with Poland.

Typed memo (xerox, 7 pp.) by HLH relating the factors leading up to the of Yalta Conference, selection of location, etc., 10/19/1945.

Includes xeroxes of photographs taken at the Yalta Conference (15 total). Also 3 cc. (xerox) of a Russian banknote autographed by Winston Churchill, FDR, and Stalin, as well as RH. Includes typed explanation of the occasion by RH.

Box: 7 Fold: 1 Harry L. Hopkins - Photographs
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1920]? - [12/31/1950]?

DESCRIPTION: 1 photo (b/w) approx. 9x12": portrait of HLH. 1 photo (b/w) of two men, unidentified.

Box: 7 Fold: 2 Harry L. Hopkins - Public Service (Newsclippings)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1917]? - [12/31/1939]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings covering early period of HLH's career as public service administrator, including his years as secretary of commerce (c. 1917 through 1930s).

Box: 7 Fold: 3 Harry L. Hopkins - Presidential Advisor (Newsclippings)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1940]? - [12/31/1944]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings relating to HLH's years as advisor and assistant to FDR.

Box: 7 Fold: 5 Harry L. Hopkins - London 1941/42 (Newsclippings)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1941]? - [12/31/1942]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings relating to HLH's visits to London.

Box: 7 Fold: 6 Harry L. Hopkins - Yalta Conference (Newsclippings)
DATE SPAN: [02/04/1945]? - [02/11/1945]?

DESCRIPTION: Xerox of newsclipping and clipping from magazine pictorial feature on Yalta Conference, 2/4/45-2/11/45.

Box: 7 Fold: 7 Harry L. Hopkins - Death (Newsclippings)
DATE SPAN: 01/30/1946 - 02/02/1946

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings re. HLH's death, include in memoriams, obituaries, reminiscences.

Box: 7 Fold: 8 Harry L. Hopkins - Magazine Features
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1939]? - [12/31/1946]?

DESCRIPTION: Cutouts of magazine features on HLH, some published posthumously.

Box: 7 Fold: 9 Harry L. Hopkins - News articles by
DATE SPAN: [03/01/1942]? - [12/31/1942]?

DESCRIPTION: Cutout of magazine article by HLH, entitled, " Tomorrow's Army and Your Boy," published in March 1942 issue of "The American."

Cutout of magazine article by HLH, entitled, "You and Your Family Will Be Mobilized," published December 1942.

Box: 7 Fold: 10 Hopkins Family - Newsclippings
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1937]? - [12/31/1945]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings re. HLH's marriage to Louise Macy and RH's marriage to Brenda Stephenson.