Box: 5 Fold: 65 Statements - Green-Miska Campaign 1970
DATE SPAN: 06/16/1970 - 02/22/1972

DESCRIPTION: News releases of statements made by FG during the Green-Miska Rhode Island campaign for congress, 1970. Arranged chronologically. Includes FG's campaign platform, 9/4/70. Also includes form letters by FG to constituents and congressmen, and news releases re. FG's campaign aide appointments.

Box: 6 Fold: 1 Photographs - Green, Fitzhugh

DESCRIPTION: Photographs of FG.

* Envelope a) Small b/w of FG and Edward Murrow.

* Envelope b) 2 passport photographs.

* Envelope c) 3 b/w portrait-size photographs.

* Envelope d) 3 b/w portrait-size photographs.

Box: 6 Fold: 2 Photographs - China Trip
DATE SPAN: [09/01/1984]? - [10/31/1984]?

DESCRIPTION: 17 color photographs of FG and scenes of trip to China, September 1984.

Box: 6 Fold: 3 Photographs - EPA
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1984]? - [12/31/1987]?

DESCRIPTION: * 1 large color photograph of EPA regional administrators meeting, 12/84. Includes FG and William Ruckelshaus.

* 1 small color photograph of FG receiving EPA distinguished career award, 12/87.

Box: 6 Fold: 4 Photographs - EPA Acid Rain Conference in Ottawa
DATE SPAN: 03/19/1984 - 03/19/1984

DESCRIPTION: b/w photograph of conference members (including FG) at breakfast during US-Canadian conference on acid rain problems, Ottawa 1984/85.

Box: 6 Fold: 5 Photographs - Green, Fitzhugh: Sports

DESCRIPTION: Various photographs of FG playing sports. Includes -

* 5 color photographs golfing.

* b/w photograph of FG in crew uniform w/ oar, Princeton University.

* b/w postcard of Princeton class of 1887 boat house.

* b/w group photograph of FG skiing in Aspen, 1954.

* 2 b/w group photographs of FG w/ squash team.

* b/w photograph of FG on water with crew team.

Box: 6 Fold: 6 Photographs - Humphrey, Hubert

DESCRIPTION: 2 b/w photographs signed by Senator Hubert Humphrey.

Box: 6 Fold: 7 Photographs - Pell, Claiborne

DESCRIPTION: b/w photograph of Senator Claiborne Pell.

Box: 6 Fold: 8 Photographs - Rhode Island Republican Women (NFRW)

DESCRIPTION: 2 color photographs of reception hosted by FG for Rhode Island Republican women (NFRW).

Box: 6 Fold: 9 Photographs - USIA

DESCRIPTION: Various photographs taken during FG's years with USIA.

* Envelope a) Israel - 2 b/w photos

* Envelope b) Laos - b/w photo, Mekong River, 1955.

* Envelope c) Laos - 2 b/w photos, Mekong River, 1955/56.

* Envelope d) Laos - b/w photo, FG and wife Patricia.

* Envelope e) Laos - b/w photo, Vientiane, 1955.

* Envelope f) Laos - 2 b/w photos: monk and official w/ villagers.

* Envelope g) Laos - 2 b/w photos

* Envelope h) Congo -b/w photo: G. McMurtrie Godley and FG meeting officials., 7/61.

* Envelope i) US Mission to the UN - b/w photo: Adlai Stevenson, Robert Kennedy, FG at the UN.

* Envelope j) FG sworn in at USIA.

Box: 6 Fold: 10 Photographs - Miscellaneous

DESCRIPTION: * Xerox of photograph of FG with George Bush.

* b/w photograph signed Ray Nelson, administrative assistant to Claiborne Pell.

Box: 6 Fold: 11 Newsclippings - EPA: Green, Fitzhugh
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1971]? - [12/31/1987]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings and printed articles on FG and his appointment at EPA. Covers appointment, departure, and aspects of his work.

Box: 6 Fold: 12 Newsclippings - EPA: General

DESCRIPTION: General newsclippings and printed articles about EPA.

Box: 6 Fold: 13 Newsclippings - EPA: Acid Rain in Canada
DATE SPAN: 07/30/1983 - 05/21/1986

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings, printed articles and releases on acid rain problems in US and Canada. References to EPA US-Canadian conference(s) on acid rain, 1984/85.

Box: 6 Fold: 14 Newsclippings - EPA: Mexico
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1984]? - [12/31/1987]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings, printed items on EPA and problems of acid rain and sewage in Mexico.

Box: 6 Fold: 15 Newsclippings - Federal Trade Commission
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings and printed items re. the Federal Trade Commission. Includes news of FG's appointment.

Box: 6 Fold: 16 Newsclippings - Green, Fitzhugh: General/Social

DESCRIPTION: Articles (especially magazine features) on FG.

Box: 6 Fold: 17 Newsclippings - Green Family (Miscellaneous)
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1968]? - [12/31/1977]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings on various relatives of the Green family. Includes Margaret (Molly) Wilmer's marriage to Marshall P. Bartlett; debut and marriage of Natalie Wilmer; William C. Durant, founder of General Motors and father of FG, Sr.'s second wife, Marjory Durant.

Box: 6 Fold: 18 Newsclippings - Green-Miska Campaign, Rhode Island, 1970
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1970]? - [12/31/1970]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings and printed articles on FG's congressional campaign against Walter Miska, Rhode Island, 1970.

Box: 6 Fold: 19 Newsclippings - Politics
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1970]? - [12/31/1981]?

DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous newsclippings re. politics w/ some references to FG.

Box: 6 Fold: 20 Newsclippings - Princeton University: Alumni Association
DATE SPAN: 03/09/1962 - 04/19/1982

DESCRIPTION: Clippings from class notes section of Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Box: 6 Fold: 21 Newsclippings - Green, Fitzhugh: Sports
DATE SPAN: 04/29/1939 - 12/26/1954

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings re. FG's sporting activities. Includes information on his participation in Princeton crew and squash.

Box: 6 Fold: 22 Newsclippings - USIA
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1958]? - [12/31/1968]?

DESCRIPTION: General newsclippings re. USIA. Includes FG's resignation in 1968 and stint with US Mission to the UN, 1964-65.

Box: 6 Fold: 23 Newsclippings - USIA Congo
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1960]? - [12/31/1962]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings re. FG's work for USIA in the Congo.

Box: 6 Fold: 24 Newsclippings - USIA Israel
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1956]? - [12/31/1958]?

DESCRIPTION: Newsclippings and printed items re. FG's work with USIA in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Box: 6 Fold: 25 Newsclippings - USIA Laos
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1955]? - [12/31/1956]?

DESCRIPTION: News reports re. FG's work with USIA in Laos.

Box: 6 Fold: 26 Beasley School: "B-Line"
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1931 - 11/01/1931

DESCRIPTION: Publication of the Beasley School, Cooperstown, New York. "The B-Line" with FG as editor-in-chief. (Vol. 2, No. 1, 11/1/31).

Box: 6 Fold: 27 Citizens for Eisenhower - Correspondence
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1954]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence received by FG as a committee member of Citizens for Eisenhower. Includes -

Murphy, James (chairman, Citizens for Eisenhower National Congressional Committee) to FG - TLS, 8/7/54.

Rumbough, Stanley to FG - TLS, 5/10/54.

Scott, Hugh D. (congressman, Pennsylvania (R)) to FG - TLS, 4/26/54, 5/6/54 + TLS from FG.

* Memos re. conferences.

* Address by FG: "Citizens for Good Government." TMs.

* Miscellaneous items include ticket to dinner meeting with Dwight D. Eisenhower and newsclippings.

Box: 6 Fold: 28 Federal Trade Commission - Correspondence Received
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - [12/31/1953]?

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence received by FG during his years with the Federal Trade Commission as executive assistant of public affairs (1953-54). Includes -

Emery, Basil L. (vice-president, Chesebrough Manufacturing Company) - TLS, 8/6/53 + TL carbon from FG.

Rumbough, Stanley to FG - TLS, 7/3/53.

Box: 6 Fold: 29 Federal Trade Commission - Correspondence Sent
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - [12/31/1953]?

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence sent by FG while at the Federal Trade Commission.

Box: 6 Fold: 30 Federal Trade Commission - Miscellaneous/Speeches
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1953]? - [12/31/1954]?

DESCRIPTION: Includes speeches by FG delivered on the Federal Trade Commission.

Box: 6 Fold: 31 Naval War College - Papers: Africa
DATE SPAN: 02/23/1963 - 06/18/1963

DESCRIPTION: Papers on Africa by FG while at the Naval War College. Titles include -

"Causes of African Disunity in Kenya."

"Extension of Democracy to Africa is a Legitimate Object of American Policy."

"The United Nations in the Congo."

Box: 6 Fold: 32 Naval War College - Papers: American Foreign Policy
DATE SPAN: 03/26/1963 - 06/05/1963

DESCRIPTION: Papers by FG for course on American foreign policy while at the Naval War College. Titles include -

"George Washington's Foreign Policy and the National Interest."

"The Unfortunate War of 1812."

"Thomas Jefferson and the National Interest."

"Mahan: Patriot or Warmonger?"

"Wilson, Prima Donna?"

"American Political Mistakes of World War II."

The United States National Interest in a Nuclear Age."

Box: 6 Fold: 33 Naval War College - Papers: International Organizations
DATE SPAN: 07/16/1963 - 07/30/1963

DESCRIPTION: Papers by FG for course on international organizations while at the Naval War College. Titles include -

"The Role of Ideology in International Relations."

"The United Nations and the United States Foreign Policy."

Box: 6 Fold: 34 Naval War College - Papers: Problems of Communism
DATE SPAN: [06/01/1963]? - 07/25/1963

DESCRIPTION: Papers by FG for course on "Problems of Communism" while at the Naval War College. Titles include -

Book review of "The Unfinished Revolution," by Adam Ulam.

"The Soviet Union in the League of Nations 1934-1939."

"Communism as Seen by a USIS Officer."

Box: 7 Fold: 1 Green-Miska Campaign 1970: Buttons

DESCRIPTION: 3 buttons from the Green-Miska campaign, Rhode Island, 1970.

Box: 7 Fold: 2 Certificate of Appreciation - Oversized
DATE SPAN: 03/17/1985 - 03/18/1985

DESCRIPTION: Certificate of appreciation to FG signed by Ronald Reagan.

Box: 7 Fold: 3 Green-Miska Campaign 1970 - Song Scores

DESCRIPTION: 2 song scores by Emery Davis for FG's congressional campaign against Walter Miska, Rhode Island 1970.

Box: 7 Fold: 4 Article - "How to Lose a Congressional Primary" (Oversized)
DATE SPAN: 12/06/1970 - 12/06/1970

DESCRIPTION: Printed article by FG for the Providence Sunday Journal: "How to Lose a Congressional Primary in One Agonizing Lesson," 12/6/70.

Box: 7 Fold: 5 Article - "Felix de Weldon" (Oversized)
DATE SPAN: 12/08/1968 - 12/08/1968

DESCRIPTION: Printed article by FG for the Providence Sunday Journal on the sculptor Felix de Weldon," 12/8/68.

Box: 7 Fold: 6 Article - "In the Race"
DATE SPAN: 04/23/1972 - 04/23/1972

DESCRIPTION: Printed article by FG for the Potomac Magazine: "In the Race," 4/23/72.

Box: 7 Fold: 7 Article - "Thoughts on Sailing"
DATE SPAN: 05/14/1967 - 05/14/1967

DESCRIPTION: Printed article by FG for the Potomac Magazine: "Thoughts on Sailing for Washingtonians," 5/14/67.