Box: 3 Fold: 28 Bunker, John
MSS not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs carbon by Catholic poet John Bunker of poem entitled, "Shelley's Birthday" (published in The Poetry Review, May-June 1930). Total: 23 pp.

Box: 3 Fold: 29 Carlin, Francis
Date: 9/13/1919

DESCRIPTION: Contains clipping from the Boston Transcript of a poem dedicated to JK by poet Francis Carlin (1881-1945).

Box: 3 Fold: 30 Daly, James J. S.J.
MSS not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains AMsS and TMsS of poems by Rev. James J. Daly, S.J. Total: 6 pp.

Box: 3 Fold: 31 Donovan, William
Datespan: 10/1/1918-12/31/1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains color fascimile of the diary kept by Col. William Donovan with whom JK was good friends and under whom he served during his time with the 165th Regiment in France. Note: the entry for October 22-23 carries JK's poem "The Peacemaker," possibly copied down by JK at the request of Col. Donovan. The TLS from KK to William Henhoeffer (included here) explains the former's theory on this entry, 6/27/89.

Box: 3 Fold: 32 Fox, Ruth Mary
MSS not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains 2 TMsS of poems by Ruth Mary Fox.

Box: 4 Fold: 1 Lanahan, William
Date: 3/11/1920

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs xerox copy of a lecture by William Lanahan entitled, "Memories of Joyce Kilmer." Includes lengthy account of Lanahan's meeting with the Irish tenor Thomas Egan who had set JK's poem "Main Street" to music and gave a concert with Lanahan and AKK as guests (see ALS from Egan to Lanahan, Folder 2:28). Total: 10 pp. Includes ALS from George Hafford to Lanahan, 3/11/1920 requesting the lecture.

Box: 4 Fold: 2 "The Life and Works of Aline Kilmer" by Sr. M.A. Dalton
Incomplete date: August 1947

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs of a Master of Arts thesis submitted by Sister M. Arthemise Dalton, O.P., entitled, "The Life and Works of Aline Kilmer." Total: 105 pp. Includes biographical information on AK as well as a study of AK's poetry. Completed with footnotes and bibliography.

Box: 4 Fold: 3 "Aline Kilmer - Singer of Songs" by Sr. R.M. Sherry
Incomplete date: 1939

DESCRIPTION: Contains TMs of a Bachelor of Science thesis submitted by Sister Roberta Marie Sherry, S.N.D de N. to the Teachers College of the Athenaeum of Ohio, entitled, "Aline Kilmer - Singer of Songs." Total: 38 pp. + 3 pp. of notes marked, "Property of Sister Michael Kilmer" (aka. Deborah Kilmer, daughter of AK).

Box: 4 Fold: 4 Kilmer, Nicholas
Incomplete date: Spring 1981

DESCRIPTION: Contains a copy of The Kenyon Review (Spring 1981) which published poems by Nicholas Kilmer (son of KK), pp. 104-114.

Box: 4 Fold: 5 O'Donnell, Charles L., C.S.C.
Undated material

DESCRIPTION: Contains printed prose and poetry by Rev. Charles L. O'Donnell, C.S.C. Includes TMs carbon of a review of his book, "A Rime of the Rood and Other Poems."

Box: 4 Fold: 6 "Gates and Doors" - Music Scores
Publication datespan: 1919-1928

DESCRIPTION: Contains scores by three composers who set music to JK's poem, "Gates and Doors."

- Composer G. Herbert Knight, 1926.

- Composer Peter Christian Lutkin, 1919.

- Composer W.A. Goldsworthy, 1928.

Box: 4 Fold: 7 "Memorial Day" - Music Score
Publication date: 1933

DESCRIPTION: Contains music score composed by H. Loren Clements set to JK's poem, "Memorial Day" (1933).

Box: 4 Fold: 8 "Trees" - Music Scores
Publication datespan: 1927-1930

DESCRIPTION: Contains music scores set to JK's poem, "Trees":

- by composer Sister of Mercy, Sister M.B., 1927.

- by composer Harriet Ware, 1930.

Box: 4 Fold: 9 "A Song Called Trees" - Mini Musical: Program
Datespan: 2/11/1980-2/29/1980

DESCRIPTION: Contains a copy of the program for a mini musical based on JK's poem, "Trees" composed by Lloyd Stone. The program includes a schedule of performances from 2/11/1980 through 2/29/1980.

Box: 4 Fold: 10 Printed Articles by and about Joyce Kilmer
Publication date: October 1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains a copy of The Bookman which includes an article on JK by Richard Le Gallienne, as well as 2 works by JK, "Holy Ireland" and "War Songs."

Box: 4 Fold: 11 Newsclippings - Joyce Kilmer
c. 1918

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings about JK published shortly after his death in 1918. Includes xerox copies of the clippings. Note: obituary for Robert Cortes Holliday is also included.

Box: 4 Fold: 12 Newsclippings - Kilmer Family
Datespan: c.8/1/1918-12/18/1930

DESCRIPTION: Contains newsclippings about the Kilmer family, including:

- Kilmer, Annie Kilburn: her poem dedicated to JK, "To My Boy Who Sleeps in France."

- Kilmer, Aline: obituaries, 10/1/1941.

- Kilmer, Kenton and Frances [wife]: articles about, 11/18/1961 & 12/18/1980.

Box: 4 Fold: 13 Photograph - Daly, James J., S.J.
No date

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of Rev. James J. Daly, S.J.

Box: 4 Fold: 14 Photograph - Grey, James
No date

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of James Grey.

Box: 4 Fold: 15 Photograph - Kilmer, Aline (sketch by Gwen le Gallienne)
No date

DESCRIPTION: Contains a photograph of a sketch signed by Gwen le Gallienne. Subject is Aline Kilmer.

Box: 4 Fold: 16 Photograph - O'Donnell, Charles L. C.S.C.
Not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w signed photograph of Rev. Charles L. O'Donnell, C.S.C.

Box: 4 Fold: 17 Photograph - Widdemer, Margaret
Not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains 3 b/w photographs of Margaret Widdemer.

Box: 4 Fold: 18 Photograph - Yeats, William Butler
Not dated

DESCRIPTION: Contains b/w photograph of William Butler Yeats seated with Rev. Charles L. O'Donnell, C.S.C.

Box: 4 Fold: 19 Croix de Guerre Medal and Citation
Datespan: 12/21/1918-12/3/1990

DESCRIPTION: Contains the Croix de Guerre medal presented by the French govenment to Kenton Kilmer on behalf of his father, JK, 12/21/1918. Accompanied by a xerox copy of the copy, given by KK to Georgetown University, of the original "Citation a l'Ordre de l'Armee" signed by Marshal Philippe Petain. [The copy given by KK is an oversized item and is located elsewhere; if required, please ask for this item.]

In addition, the file includes an account by KK recollecting the presentation to him of the Croix de Guerre. TMs, 1 p., dated 12/3/1990.

Other items include the following xerox copies of news articles written in 1919 about JK's death, the Croix de Guerre, and the return of US soldiers from Europe -

New York Times, 1/2/1919, "Americans Elected to Legion of Honor....Kilmer is Cited."

New York Times, 3/29/1919, p.6, col.2, "Kilmer's Mother Gets War Cross."

New York Times, 4/22/1919, p.1, col. 3 "Old 69th Men Get Hearty Welcome on Arriving Home."

Current History, New York Times, May 1919, pp. 247-250, "Welcoming Home the Soldiers and Sailors."