Box: 1 Fold: 1 Manuel Amador Guerrera
DATE SPAN: 12/28/1903 - 03/11/1908

DESCRIPTION: Outgoing correspondence from Manuel Amador Guerrera, first constitutional president of Panama, 1904-07 and 1907-1908). Addressed to EAD.

TLS, 12/28/1903 - introducing Ricardo Stevenson to EAD.

TLS, 3/10/1904 - reply to EAD's TL carbon 2/24/1904. Thanks EAD for sending congratulations on the presidential election. Reference to celebration at New York Waldorf-Astoria arranged by Amador's son, Raoul.

TL carbon, 2/24/1904 from EAD - congratulating Amador on election to presidency. Reference to mutual friend Jose Augustin Arango, head of the 1903 revolutionary junta that secured Panamanian independence from Colombia. Also refers to celebration in New York hosted by Raoul Amador.

TLS, 8/12/1905 - regarding acquisition of discount on ship fare for his nieces Ramona and Hellen Lefevre to be accompanied by sister-in-law M.O. de Lewis.

TL carbon, 10/10/1905 from EAD - complies with request regarding safe passage of Amador's nieces.

ALS, 3/11/1908 - replies to a letter from EAD (n.i.) regarding refusal to run for another presidency.

Other items include:

1 small calling card.

1 luncheon menu for celebration of presidential election of Amador hosted by Raoul Amador at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York, 2/20/1904. Bears a printed headshot of Amador; guest list includes EAD; autograph note in pencil by EAD's son Alfred Drake: "I also knew Dr. Amador well long before he became Pres & while he was in the employ of the Panama RR. AED [initials]"

Box: 1 Fold: 2 Carlos C. Arosemena
DATE SPAN: 12/07/1905 - 01/07/1927

DESCRIPTION: Outgoing correspondence to EAD from Carlos Arosemena, member of the 1903 revolutionary junta.

ALS, 12/7/1905 - thank you note.

ALS, 1/7/1927 - condolence to Jeanette Louise Drake on death of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 3 Juan Demostenes Arosemena
DATE SPAN: 01/18/1927 - 01/18/1927

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to Jeanette Drake from Juan Demostenes Arosemena (1879-1939), governor of Colon, president of Panama (1936-1939), and brother of Florencio Harmodio Arosemena (president 1928-31).

TLS, 1/18/1927 - condolence on death of EAD. Refers to a rumoured memoir written by EAD concerning Panamanian independence. An autograph note written by Alfred Drake at the bottom of the letter explains that although EAD may have intended such a memoir, it was never actually written.

Box: 1 Fold: 4 Pablo Arosemena
DATE SPAN: 01/11/1904 - 10/26/1914

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Pablo Arosemena, president of Panama from September 1910 to October 1912.

ALS, 1/11/1904 - Thanks EAD for an hospitable visit to New York. Refers to the prospective ratification of the Hay-Bunau-Varilla treaty which granted to the US "in perpetuity" use, occupation, and control of the Canal Zone in order to construct, maintain and protect the canal (actual ratification 12/2/1903, approved by US Senate 2/23/1904). Also mentions the imminent election of Manuel Amador Guerrera as provisional president of the Republic of Panama.

ALS, 2/9/1904 - replies to letter from EAD (n.i.). Writes: "There is no doubt that by the time this reaches you . . . you will have received cable intelligence that the constitution of the Republic of Panama has been sanctioned and the new government duly installed under the presidency of Dr. Manuel Amador Guerrera." Also mentions name of William Nelson Cromwell, lawyer and general counsel for the PRRCo.

ALS, 2/22/1904 - replies to a cable message from EAD (n.i) thanking him for his words of esteem and plans for a reception in New York.

TLS, 3/5/1904 - replies to a letter from EAD (n.i.) thanking him for his words of esteem. Refers to Pablo Arosemena's prospective appointment as minister to the US at end of March 1904.

TLS, 4/25/1905 - congratulates EAD on appointment as director and treasurer of the PRRCo.

TLS, 10/26/1914 - thanks EAD for hospitality during visit to US.

Box: 1 Fold: 5 John Barrett
DATE SPAN: 10/03/1905 - 10/03/1905

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 2 pp., 10/3/1905 to EAD from John Barrett (1866-1938), founder of Pan-American Foundation, US EEMP to Panama 1904-1905. Requests EAD to reserve staterooms onboard ship "Mexico" for passage to Colombia via Panama. Refers also to the Chinese trade boycott and problems from Japanese immigration on the US West Coast. Mentions prospective meeting with President Theodore Roosevelt and Secretary of State Elihu Root (1905-1909) "in regard to Colombian and Panamanian matters."

Box: 1 Fold: 6 Joseph Bucklin Bishop
DATE SPAN: 04/04/1907 - 03/08/1911

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from Joseph Bishop, (1847-1928) American journalist, government representative, and secretary of the Isthmian Canal Commission (1905-1914).

TLS, 4/4/1907 - congratulations to EAD on appointment as vice-president of PRRCo.

TLS, 3/8/1911 - concerning forwarding EAD's mail and receipt of EAD's farewell message to Bishop.

Box: 1 Fold: 7 Xavier Boynan
DATE SPAN: 03/29/1888 - 03/29/1888

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 3/29/1888 to EAD from Xavier Boynan, agent, Universal Interoceanic Panama Canal. Concerns EAD's acceptance of membership to board of directors of the PRRCo.

Box: 1 Fold: 8 D.W. Brown
DATE SPAN: 01/01/1905 - 12/31/1927

DESCRIPTION: TL carbon, n.d. from D.W. Brown to W.R. Pfizer, secretary and assistant to the vice-president, PRRCo. Concerns EAD's health. The writer's background is not accessible, but was probably a PRRCo. workman.

Box: 1 Fold: 9 Col. Harry Burgess
DATE SPAN: 01/06/1927 - 01/07/1927

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence by Col. Harry Burgess, acting governor of Canal Zone (1927) and second vice-president to PRRCo.

Statement (mimeograph copy) of condolence re. EAD's death, 1/6/1927.

TLS, 1/6/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence re. EAD's death.

Telegram, 1/6/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence re. EAD's death.

Statement (mimeograph copy) - re. flying half-mast flags on all buildings of the PRRCo. in honor of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 10 Hutchinson Ingham Cone
DATE SPAN: [02/13/1900]? - [02/13/1900]?

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 2/13/no year, to EAD from Hutchinson Cone (1871-1941), American naval officer; served on the "Baltimore" in the battle of Manila Bay; rear admiral, 1909.

Short personal note concerning job.

Box: 1 Fold: 11 George B. Cortelyou
DATE SPAN: 02/26/1903 - 10/06/1908

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from George B. Cortelyou, US Secretary of Commerce and Labor (1903-1904), Secretary of Treasury (1907-1909), Postmaster General (1905-1907).

TLS + envelope, 2/26/1903 - thanking EAD for sending congratulations.

TLS, 11/10/1906 - replies to a letter from EAD (n.i.) Mentions his change of office: "You have overlooked the fact that I am now connected with the Post Office Department..."

TLS, 10/6/1908 - replies to a letter from EAD (n.i.) re. EAD's recommendation of George W. Marlor for appointment as assistant treasurer of US in New York.

Box: 1 Fold: 12 William Nelson Cromwell
DATE SPAN: 04/10/1905 - 01/06/1926

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence by William Nelson Cromwell, "an extraordinarily able lawyer who was general counsel for the New Panama Canal Company," ("Cadiz to Calais" by Capt. Mile P. Duval, Jr., 1947).

TLS, 2 pp., 4/6/1905 to EAD - re. purchase of PRRCo. stocks by US government.

TLS, 4/10/1905 to EAD - re. receipt of PRRCo. stock agreement.

DS, 4/1905 - signed by EAD, agreement with US government for purchase of PRRCo. stock.

ACS, 5/29/1923 to EAD - with general greetings and wishes for recovery from illness.

ALS, 4 pp., 1/6/1926 to Jeanette Drake - condolence on EAD's death.

Box: 1 Fold: 13 Dwight F. Davis
DATE SPAN: 01/07/1927 - 01/27/1927

DESCRIPTION: TLS + envelope, 1/7/1927 to Jeanette Drake from Davis, US secretary of war (1925-1929) - re. condolence on EAD's death.

Box: 1 Fold: 14 Jacob M. Dickinson
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1909 - 05/16/1911

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Dickinson, US secretary of war (1909-1911).

Telegram, 11/1/1909 to EAD - condolence on son's death. (This was EAD's youngest son, not Alfred E. Drake.)

TLS, 5/16/1911 to EAD - reply to attached TL carbon (5/15/1911) from EAD.

TL carbon, 5/15/1911 from EAD to Dickinson - re. latter's retirement as US secretary of war.

Box: 1 Fold: 15 James B. Docharty
DATE SPAN: 01/12/1927 - 01/12/1927

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 1/12/1927 from Docharty, an employee of the PRRCo. to "Mr. Thiry" (?) - re. regrets at death of EAD. Includes authograph note to Jeanette Drake on reverse of letter explaining Docharty's background. Note signed with initials "J.H.R." (?)

Box: 1 Fold: 16 Mike Donovan
DATE SPAN: 10/24/1909 - 10/24/1909

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 10/24/1909 to EAD from a PRRCo. colleague or employee - thanking EAD for his assistance in finding employment for Donovan's son. Sends wishes for recovery from illness of EAD's son.

Box: 1 Fold: 17 Clarence Ransom Edwards
DATE SPAN: 11/01/1906 - 05/28/1923

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from Clarence Ransom Edwards (1860-1931), US Army officer with Bureau of Insular Affairs (1900-1912).

TLS, 11/1/1906 - thank you note for a favor from EAD.

TLS, 6/17/1913 - thank you note for EAD's assistance in procuring transportation for Edwards' wife.

TLS, 5/5/1921 - thank you note for EAD's letter of congratulations (n.i.)

TLS, 5/28/1923 - replies to letter from EAD (n.i). Refers to mutual friend Hutchinson Cone.

ACS, 4/8/no year.

Box: 1 Fold: 18 Oswald Herbert Ernst
DATE SPAN: 11/17/1922 - 11/17/1912

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 11/17/1922 to EAD from Ernst (1842-1926), US Army officer, member of original Isthmian Canal Commission - re. wishes for EAD's recovery from illness.

Box: 1 Fold: 19 William Buel Franklin
DATE SPAN: 04/03/1897 - 04/03/1897

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 4/3/1897 to EAD from William Buel Franklin (1823-1903), US general, served in the Mexican (1846-1848) and Civil wars. Refers to PRRCo. board of directors' meeting: "I . . . may be a little late . . ."

Box: 1 Fold: 20 David du Bose Gaillard
DATE SPAN: 11/26/1911 - 11/26/1911

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 3 pp., 11/26/1911 to EAD from Gaillard (1859-1913), appointed head of dredging and excavation of Panama Canal by Gen. Goethals, 1907. His work is remembered in the renaming of the Culebra Cut to Gaillard Cut, the deepest part of the Canal excavation for which Gaillard was responsible. The ALS refers to a request to EAD to secure accommodation onboard the "Cristobal" for Gaillard's wife.

Box: 1 Fold: 21 Katherine Gaillard
DATE SPAN: 01/07/1927 - 01/07/1927

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 1/7/1927 to Jeanette Drake from Katherine Gaillard, wife of David du Bose Gaillard - re. condolence at EAD's death.

Box: 1 Fold: 22 George Washington Goethals
DATE SPAN: 07/10/1908 - 07/01/1925

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from George Washington Goethals (1858-1928) engineer with the US Army Engineer Corps assigned by President Theodore Roosevelt as chief engineer for the Panama Canal, 1907. Goethals was also president of the PRRCo. (retiring in 1917).

TLS, 7/10/1908 - brief note thanking EAD for transportation of household goods.

TLS, 10/28/1908 - regrets for an invitation (n.i.)

TLS, 6/11/1909 - sympathy note re. illness of EAD's youngest son.

TLS, 6/21/1909 - sympathy note re. illness of EAD's youngest son.

ALS, 11/6/1909 - invitation to take a holiday in Panama.

ALS, 6/14/1910 - brief note sending regrets re. inability to visit the Drakes while in New York.

TLS, 12/12/1910 - condolence on death of EAD's son.

TLS, 11/27/1912 - refers generally to Canal matters and visit of Congressional committees.

TLS, 6/20/1914 - brief note of well wishes.

TLS, 3/12/1915 - thank you note in return for a congratulatory note from EAD (n.i.).

TLS, 1/20/1916 - requesting EAD to arrange a free entry to New York.

TL carbon, 3/3/1917 - acknowledges EAD's acceptance (see TL carbon 3/1/1917) of his resignation as president and director of PRRCo.

TL carbon, 3/1/1917 from EAD to Goethals - accepting latter's resignation as president and director of PRRCo.

TLS, 11/25/1919 - note arranging a meeting with EAD.

TLS, 7/1/1925 - thank you note acknowledging a medicinal remedy sent by EAD (letter n.i.).

Signed card, no date - New Year greeting.

Box: 1 Fold: 23 William Crawford Gorgas
DATE SPAN: 03/29/1905 - 05/26/1907

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from Gorgas (1854-1920), chief sanitary officer during Canal construction, and primarily responsible for ridding the Zone of health hazards (malaria, yellow fever). Gorgas was US surgeon general in 1914.

TLS, 3/29/1905 - acknowledges letter from EAD (n.i)

ALS, 5/26/1907 - acknowledges letter from EAD (n.i)

Box: 1 Fold: 24 H.A. Gudger
DATE SPAN: 03/20/1905 - 03/20/1905

DESCRIPTION: H.A. Gudger was a member of the Isthmian Canal Commission, and served as consul general and then as chief justice in the Canal Zone in 1911.

TLS, 3/20/1905 to EAD - thanks EAD for his congratulations on new position as member of Canal Commission.

Box: 1 Fold: 25 Peter C. Hains
DATE SPAN: 02/24/1906 - 02/24/1906

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 2/24/1906 to EAD from Hains, a member of the Isthmian Canal Commission - requesting EAD to place his son, J. Jenkins Hains in a sea-going job. Refers to the son as grandson of Admiral Thornton Alexander Jenkins (1811-1893) US naval officer, chief of staff of David Glasgow Farragut's squadron in the Mississippi River (1862) and at Mobile Bay (1864) during the Civil War.

Box: 1 Fold: 26 Chester Harding
DATE SPAN: 07/21/1917 - 12/14/1920

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence to EAD from Chester Harding (1866-1936), US army officer, serving as division engineer for the Gatun Locks Division, Panama Canal (1907-1908), maintenance engineer for the Canal (1915-1917), and governor of the Canal Zone (1917-1921), and president of the PRRCo.

ALS, 7/21/1917 - thanks EAD for travel arrangements for Mrs. Harding.

ALS, 12/14/1920 - regrets not having been able to visit EAD during stay in New York.

Card signed, no date - Christmas greetings.

Box: 1 Fold: 27 William S. Harvey
DATE SPAN: 04/18/1905 - 04/18/1905

DESCRIPTION: Telegram to EAD from William S. Harvey: "Congratulate the United States in the wisdom of availing themselves of your valuable services."

Box: 1 Fold: 28 S.W. Heald
DATE SPAN: 02/17/1923 - 01/06/1927

DESCRIPTION: TL carbon, 2/17/1923 to W.R. Pfizer from S.W. Heald superintendent, PRRCo. - re. EAD's convalescence from illness while at Heald's house. Refers also to PRRCo. business, i.e., the removal of scrap iron.

ALS, 4 pp., 1/6/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence on death of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 29 Harry Foote Hodges
DATE SPAN: 02/13/1911 - 02/02/1927

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Harry Foote Hodges (1860-1929), US Army officer, served as engineer in charge of locks, dams, and regulating works on the Canal, 1907.

TLS, 2/13/1911 to EAD - notification of arrangement for special train across construction tracks to enable EAD to inspect railroad progress. Includes TLS (carbon) from Hodges to division engineers Gaillard, W.L. Sibert, and S.B. Williamson notifying them as to the above arrangement.

TLS, 1/25/1915 to EAD - thanking EAD for his "very kind note of welcome" (n.i).

ALS, 2/2/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence at death of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 30 Collis P. Huntington
DATE SPAN: 10/01/1894 - 10/01/1894

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 10/1/1894 to EAD from Collis Potter Huntington (1821-1900), American railroad magnate and promoter of the Southern Pacific railroad system. One of a four-member partnership that financed construction of Central Pacific Railroad (completed 5/10/1869), and the Southern Pacific Company (1884).

Letter refers to relations between Panama and Pacific mail companies.

Box: 1 Fold: 31 Hilary Pollard Jones
DATE SPAN: [12/01/1923]? - [01/01/1924]?

DESCRIPTION: Engraved card from Rear Admiral Hilary P. Jones (1863-1938), commander in chief of US Fleet (1922-23) - Christmas greetings.

Box: 1 Fold: 32 Henry McCrea
DATE SPAN: 04/18/1905 - 04/18/1905

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 4/18/1905 to EAD from McCrea, US Navy - congratulating EAD on appointment to position of secretary and treasurer of PRRCo.

Box: 1 Fold: 33 Frank McIntyre
DATE SPAN: 11/14/1922 - 11/14/1922

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 11/14/1922 to EAD from Frank McIntyre, War Department Bureau of Insular Affairs - re. EAD's recent illness and sends well wishes. Reference to Adm. Harry Harwood Rousseau.

Box: 1 Fold: 34 Charles Edward Magoon
DATE SPAN: 11/08/1906 - 11/08/1906

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 11/8/1906 to EAD from Magoon (1861-1920), American administrator, provisional governor of Cuba (1906-1909), general counsel on the Isthmian Canal Commission (1904-1905), and governor of the Canal Zone (1905-1906). Letter thanks EAD for sending congratulations to Magoon on appointment in Cuba as provisional governor.

Box: 1 Fold: 35 John T. Morgan
DATE SPAN: 11/26/1906 - 11/27/1906

DESCRIPTION: 2 envelopes addressed by Morgan to Edward A. Bates, PRRCo. and to EAD. Includes personalized franks, one handwritten. John T. Morgan (1874-1907), Confederate general and US senator from Alabama (1877-1907). He championed the Grace, Eyre-Cragin Syndicate, an American company that was competing against the Panama Canal Company for an Isthmian canal across Nicaragua instead of Panama (late 1890s).

Box: 1 Fold: 36 Jay J. Morrow
DATE SPAN: 12/03/1923 - 01/06/1927

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Jay Johnson Morrow (1870-1937), brother of Dwight Whitney Morrow and American army engineering officer. Served as chief engineer for the 1st army and deputy chief engineer (1918) of the American Expeditionary Forces. Morrow was also engineer of maintenance of the Panama Canal (1919-1921), and governor of the Canal Zone (1921-1924).

ALS (memo), 12/3/1923, to EAD - thanks EAD for sending checks/refunds and extends Christmas greetings.

ALS, 10/1/1924 to EAD - re. President Coolidge's acceptance of recommendation to appoint Col. John G. Walker as Morrow's successor.

Telegram, 1/6/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence on death of EAD.

ALS, n.d., to EAD - re. forwarding mail to holiday address. Refers to Dwight Morrow.

Box: 1 Fold: 37 John Newton
DATE SPAN: 04/14/1894 - 04/14/1894

DESCRIPTION: ALS, 4/14/1894, to EAD from General Newton, president of PRRCo. from 1888 until his death, May 1, 1895. Letter requests EAD to send records of PRRCo. board and committee meetings.

Box: 1 Fold: 38 Jose Domingo de Obaldia
DATE SPAN: 09/24/1905 - 12/26/1908

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Jose Domingo de Obaldia (1845-1910), president of Panama 1908-1910.

ALS, 9/24/1905 to EAD - thanking EAD for assisting in ship accommodations for Mrs. Mallet.

ACS, 7/16/1907 to Jeanette Drake from Josefa J. de Obaldia - greetings.

TLS, 7/23/1907 to EAD - thanking EAD for sending congratulations re. Obaldia's appointment as president.

ALS (in Spanish with translation), 8/27/1907 to EAD - reciprocating "friendly sentiments."

TLS, 2 pp., 4/8/1908 to EAD - refers to Canal construction and Panama election campaign.

TL carbon, 12/24/1908 to de Obaldia from EAD and family - Christmas greetings.

Telegram, 12/26/1908 to EAD - reciprocates above wishes.

Envelope with embossed frank showing Panamanian presidential seal.

Box: 1 Fold: 39 W. Leon Pepperman
DATE SPAN: 03/19/1907 - 03/20/1907

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 3/19/1907 to EAD from Pepperman, president, Interborough Metropolitan Company, New York - re. forwarding a letter (n.i) as recommended by Theodore P. Shonts.

TL carbon, 3/20/1907 to Pepperman from EAD - thanking the former for above letter and acknowledging receipt of the enclosure.

Box: 1 Fold: 40 W.R. Pfizer
DATE SPAN: 09/22/1927 - 09/30/1927

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 9/22/1927, to Alfred E. Drake from W.R. Pfizer - cover letter with illuminated volume of resolutions of the board of directors of PRRCo. (See Muniments Series, Folder 2:2)

TL carbon 9/30/1927, from Alfred E. Drake to Pfizer - thanking Pfizer for the illuminated resolutions.

Box: 1 Fold: 41 Belisario Porras
DATE SPAN: 02/03/1923 - 02/03/1923

DESCRIPTION: TLS, (in Spanish), 2/3/1923 to EAD from Belisario Porras (1856-1942), president of Panama (1912-1916, 1918-1920, 1920-1924) whose office was the longest held by any president in Panamanian history. Letter extends general welcome to Drake and his family.

Box: 1 Fold: 42 Ella Rawls Reader
DATE SPAN: 02/24/1906 - 04/02/1906

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 3 pp., 2/24/1906 addressed to "My dear Senator" - unsolicited character reference of EAD, urging his appointment as head of PRRCo. Also refers to an "investigation" of EAD in relation to PRRCo. business.

TLS, 2 pp., 4/2/1906 to EAD - re. above letter.

Box: 1 Fold: 43 George R. Reiter
DATE SPAN: 08/22/1907 - 01/06/1948

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from George R. Reiter, rear admiral, US Navy and chairman of the Light-House Board, Department of Commerce and Labor.

TLS, 8/22/1907 to EAD - re. organizing an inspection tour of Ambrose Channel.

ALS, 11/5/1921 to EAD - refers to George Goethals, Thomas Rossbottom, William McAdoo (secretary of treasury, 1917-1918).

Telegram, 1/6/1927 to Thomas Rossbottom, vice-president PRRCo. (1927) - re. conveying sympathy to Jeanette Drake on death of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 44 Tracy Robinson
DATE SPAN: 02/22/1908 - 02/22/1908

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 2/22/1908 to EAD from Tracy Robinson, author of "Fifty Years at Panama, 1861-1911" (New York, 1911), and friend of E.C. Stedman. Letter refers to his friendship with Stedman and Stedman's recent death.

Box: 1 Fold: 45 Richard Reid Rogers
DATE SPAN: 11/12/1913 - 11/12/1913

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 11/12/1913 to EAD - note re. and enclosing article mentioning PRRCo. and EAD's management. Newsclipping included.

Box: 1 Fold: 46 Harry Harwood Rousseau
DATE SPAN: 07/16/1907 - 01/06/1927

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Harry Harwood Rousseau (1870-1930), American naval officer and engineer, served as chief of the bureau of yards and docks on the Panama Canal (1907) and as a member of the Isthmian Canal Commission (1907-1914).

ALS, 7/16/1907 to EAD - concerning postponed personal trip to New York: "...as the newspapers have been devoting considerable space to entirely unfounded rumours regarding the Commission, such a trip would only lead to further newspaper gossip..."

ALS, 6/24/1908 to EAD - thanking EAD for well wishes.

ALS, 11/27/1913 to EAD - thanking EAD for making travel arrangements for Mrs. Rousseau.

Telegram, 1/6/1927 to Jeanette Drake - condolence on death of EAD.

Box: 1 Fold: 47 James Schoolcraft Sherman
DATE SPAN: 12/13/1909 - 12/13/1909

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 12/13/1909 to EAD from James Schoolcraft Sherman (1855-1912), US vice president (1909-1912) - re. travel arrangements for State Engineer Williams to Panama.

Box: 1 Fold: 48 Charles H. Sherrill
DATE SPAN: 11/23/1908 - 11/23/1908

DESCRIPTION: TLS, 11/23/1908 to EAD from Charles H. Sherrill, counsellor at law, New York - re. receipt of checks in payment for sundry expenses.

Box: 1 Fold: 49 Theodore P. Shonts
DATE SPAN: 12/26/1906 - 10/23/1908

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from Theodore P. Shonts (1856-1919), American lawyer and railroad executive. As president of five Midwestern railroads, he prepared the way for construction of the Panama Canal while seriving as chairman of the second Isthmian Canal Commission (1905-1907).

TLS, 12/26/1906 to EAD - reciprocates Christmas greetings to the Drake family.

TL carbon, 2 pp., 3/19/1907 addressed to "Mr. Secretary [of War]," William H. Taft - re. annual meeting of the PRRCo. stockholders for the election of new officers. Suggests promoting EAD to president of the company.

TL carbon, 3/20/1907 from EAD to Shonts - expressing appreciation of above recommendation to Taft.

TL copy, 3/21/1907 from William H. Taft to Shonts - expressing his wish to make EAD vice president of PRRCo. as well as secretary and treasurer.

TLS 10/23/1908 to EAD - responding to a letter from EAD (n.i.) re. railroad matters.

Box: 1 Fold: 50 William L. Sibert
DATE SPAN: [01/01/1913]? - 03/11/1915

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from William L. Sibert (1860-1935), American army engineering officer, supervised construction of the Atlantic division of the Panama Canal (1908-1914).

ACS, 1913 to EAD and family - Christmas greetings.

TLS, 3/11/1915 to EAD - acknowledges EAD's congratulations (letter n.i.).

Program: Farewell banquet for Sibert and family, 3/26/1914. Includes printed picture of Sibert, menu, and guest list.

Box: 1 Fold: 51 J. Edward Simmons
DATE SPAN: 04/18/1905 - 04/25/1910

DESCRIPTION: Correspondence from J. Edward Simmons, president of PRRCo.(1895-1905), he replaced John Newton after the latter's death on May 1, 1895. Also president of the Fourth National Bank.

TLS, 4/18/1905 to EAD - a farewell and complimentary message re. the years he served with EAD in the management of the PRRCo.

ANS, 5/7/1907 to EAD - acknowledging congratulations.

ANS 2/25/1910 to EAD - note requesting a meeting with EAD.