Box: 5 Fold: 31 8 - 27 March, 1940
03/08/1940 - 03/27/1940

DESCRIPTION: 8 ALSs from JDM to Ida May MacDonald Mooney, with 1 ALS from JDM to Alan Patrick Mooney.

Box: 5 Fold: 32 3 February, 1943 - 1 August, 1945
02/03/1943 - 08/01/1943

DESCRIPTION: 13 ALSs from JDM to Ida May MacDonald Mooney, all without envelopes.

Box: 6 Fold: 1 Undated
01/01/1927 - 01/01/1943

DESCRIPTION: 16 ALSs from JDM to Ida May MacDonald Mooney, with 2 ACSs from JDM to Michael M. Mooney.

Box: 6 Fold: 2 Undated
01/01/1927 - 01/01/1943

DESCRIPTION: 20 ALSs from JDM to Ida May MacDonald Mooney, all without envelopes.

Box: 6 Fold: 3 Trans-Atlantic Passenger Lists
07/23/1927 - 02/15/1928

DESCRIPTION: 2 booklets containing passenger lists for trans-Atlantic trips taken by JDM and Ida May MacDonald (R.M.S. Olympic, Feb 1928) and MacDonald only (R.M.S. Homeric, Jul 1927).

Box: 6 Fold: 4 Souvenir of Argentina

DESCRIPTION: 1 typed page souvenir presented to JDM by an unknown party during a hunting trip to Argentina; "En Memoria de una Gran Caceria en la Argentina."

Box: 6 Fold: 5 Special Certificate from Czechoslovakia

DESCRIPTION: 1 mounted (once framed) special certificate honoring JDM for his work as an industrialist in Czechoslovakia, January, 1931. 2 signatures of officials are on the document, but neither is that of President Tomas Masaryk or Prime Minister Frantisek Udrzal.

Box: 6 Fold: 6 Order of Merit of the German Eagle (Copy)
06/09/1938 - 03/26/1958

DESCRIPTION: 1 xerox copy of the certificate of the Order of Merit of the German Eagle including a signatures of Adolf Hitler and Otto Meissner. Folder also includes 1 TLS from R. H. Weller, Commander, USN, to Ida May MacDonald Mooney returning the medal to her. (JDM, as a member of the armed forces reserves was required to submit any medals he received from foreign governments to the U.S. Government).

Box: 6 Fold: 7 Dominican Republic, Christopher Columbus Medal

DESCRIPTION: 1 medal in a glass case given to JDM by the government of the Dominican Republic. Medal shows a bust of Christopher Columbus on the back.

Box: 6 Fold: 8 Czechoslovakia, Medal

DESCRIPTION: 1 medal in small glass case given to JDM by the government of Czechoslovakia, 1931.

Box: 6 Fold: 9 Germany, Order of Merit of the Eagle

DESCRIPTION: 1 medal in a small glass case given to JDM by the German government: the Order of Merit of the Eagle.

Box: 6 Fold: 10 German Medal Box

DESCRIPTION: 1 empty medal box originally containing the medal given to JDM by the German government (preceding folder). Bears the Nazi emblem and eagle, 5 1/2" x 7".

Box: 6 Fold: 11 Passports, Ida May MacDonald Mooney
10/20/1961 - 07/10/1981

DESCRIPTION: 1 passport case and 3 U.S. passports (1961, 1971 & 1976) of Ida May MacDonald Mooney.

Box: 6 Fold: 12 General Motors Executive Conference Scrapbook
07/26/1939 - 08/28/1939

DESCRIPTION: 1 scrapbook put together by General Motors belonging to JDM containing photos and other souvenirs from the General Motors Executive Conference, 1939.

Box: 6 Fold: 13 United Hospital Fund Of New York Scrapbook
06/22/1951 - 12/09/1952

DESCRIPTION: 1 scrapbook kept by JDM containing newsclippings and ephemera of the United Hospital Fund of New York, of which JDM was president for several years.

Box: 6 Fold: 14 Check Stubs, 1954 - 1957
04/07/1954 - 04/23/1957

DESCRIPTION: 1 bound set of check stubs belonging to JDM, 1954 - 1957.

Box: 6 Fold: 15 Check Stubs, 1957
04/19/1957 - 09/20/1957

DESCRIPTION: 1 bound set of check stubs belonging to JDM, 1957.

Box: 7 Fold: 1 Books of James D. Mooney
01/01/1920 - 01/01/1981

DESCRIPTION: 17 books belonging to JDM, including several written by himself: 3 copies of "Principles of Organization" by JDM and Alan C. Reiley (1937, 1947); 3 copies of "Principios de Organizacion" by JDM (1958); 1 copy of "Principi d'Organizzatione" by JDM and Alan C. Reiley (1956); 2 copies of "Onward Industry!" by JDM and Alan C. Reiley (1931); 1 copy of "Advertising the Technical Product" by JDM and Clifford A. Sloan (1920); 1 copy of "Wages and the Road Ahead" by JDM (1931); 1 copy of "The New Capitalism" by JDM (1934); 1 copy of "The Official Report of the Eighteenth National Foreign Trade Convention" with references to JDM on pp. 153 ff. (1931); 1 hardbound copy of "The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science" containing an article by JDM (1937); 1 copy of "Always the Unexpected" by Louis P. Lochner with references to JDM (1956); 1 copy of "A Man Called Intrepid" by William Stevenson with references to JDM (1976); and 1 copy of "The King Over the Water" by Michael Pye with references to JDM (1981).

Box: 8 Fold: 1 Fortune Magazine
11/01/1945 - 08/01/1946

DESCRIPTION: 2 copies of oversized Fortune Magazine: November 1945, containing "General Motors Overseas" pp. 125 - 137; and August 1946, containing "Willys-Overland" pp. 80 - 87.

Box: 8 Fold: 2 Cartoon Drawing by C. Kessler

DESCRIPTION: 1 cartoon drawing by C. Kessler, signed, "James D. Mooney, President of Willys-Overland, Was Just Another Boy on Euclid Avenue, In Cleveland, Ohio."

Box: 8 Fold: 3 Miscellaneous Awards, Citations & Degrees
06/01/1927 - 08/12/1945

DESCRIPTION: 17 certificates consisting of awards, citations and degrees granted to JDM from Case School, New York University and many other institutions.

Box: 8 Fold: 4 Scrapbook
01/01/1940 - 12/01/1940

DESCRIPTION: 1 scrapbook put together by JDM containing clippings pertaining to his speech, pamphlet and article, "War or Peace in America?," including a copy of the Saturday Evening Post.

Box: 8 Fold: 5 Scrapbook

DESCRIPTION: 1 scrapbook compiled by Case School of Applied Science when JDM received an honorary degree from them in 1935. Includes photos, printed ephemera and clippings referring to JDM.

Box: 8 Fold: 6 Order of the British Empire, Patrick H. Burns

DESCRIPTION: 1 copy of a document, the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire granted to Patrick Henry Burns, signed by Edward V.

Box: 9 Fold: 1 Photographs of JDM
01/01/1918 - 01/01/1950

DESCRIPTION: 7 photographs of JDM, mostly formal portraits.

Box: 9 Fold: 2 Photographs of JDM (Groups)
01/01/1918 - 01/01/1950

DESCRIPTION: 15 group photographs most including JDM.

Box: 9 Fold: 3 Sale of "Rose Marie" to the U.S. Navy

DESCRIPTION: 1 mounted letter from James Forrestal to JDM concerning JDM's sale of the "Rose Marie" to the U.S. Navy in June, 1914 for one dollar (check also mounted). Includes some other correspondence and paperwork concerning the transaction.

Box: 9 Fold: 4 Photo Album
01/01/1940 - 01/01/1945

DESCRIPTION: 1 photo album containing 1 ALS from sculptor Eric Kennington to JDM and photos of portraits and the tomb of T. E. Laurence, all by Kennington, all undated.

Box: 10 Fold: 1 Photos of the Mooney Family
01/01/1915 - 01/01/1950

DESCRIPTION: 9 photos of members of JDM's family, including 1 photo of Martha Mooney, his daughter.

Box: 10 Fold: 2 Photo of Benito Mussolini

DESCRIPTION: 1 mounted photo of Benito Mussolini, signed and dated, 8 September, 1935.

Box: 10 Fold: 3 Signed Photos
03/17/1927 - 06/17/1934

DESCRIPTION: 12 signed photos of Donaldson Brown, Patrick Henry Burns, Robert W. Cary, C. C. Cooper, Harold Cunningham, Lammot DuPont, Pierre S. DuPont, James A. Farrell, Frederick J. Fisher, Oswald S. Fowsley, Alfred R. Glancy and Keith Glennan.

Box: 10 Fold: 4 Signed Photos
03/16/1927 - 01/01/1938

DESCRIPTION: 12 signed photos of Graeme K. Howard, N. Kneider, John J. Paskob, John Lee Pratt, Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., Edgar Smith, Alfred Swayne, Admiral T. Swazy, William Wachtler, John Watson, Louis & Rae Wasey and William Whaller.

Box: 10 Fold: 5 Unidentified Photos
01/01/1940 - 01/01/1950

DESCRIPTION: 5 unidentified photos belonging to JDM.

Box: 11 Fold: 1 Scrapbook
01/16/1946 - 10/16/1946

DESCRIPTION: 1 scrapbook put together by JDM consisting of newsclippings about JDM's beginning as president of Willys-Overland Motors, Inc.

Box: 11 Fold: 2 Souvenir Photo Album of Lisbon, Portugal

DESCRIPTION: 1 photo album presented to JDM as a souvenir of Lisbon by Deniz M. d'Almeida, the head distributor of General Motors in Portugal. Contains photos of JDM, d'Almeida and the city.

Box: 12 Fold: 1 "General Motors as seen by 'Fortune'"

DESCRIPTION: 1 book entitiled "General Motors as Seen by 'Fortune (Magazine)'" consisting of articles by 'Fortune' about GM between 1930 and 1939. This volume was presented to JDM by the magazine's publishers. Includes a special chapter on Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.

Box: 12 Fold: 2 "Life Motors On"

DESCRIPTION: 1 special edition book, "Life Motors On," by Paul Garrett commemorating General Motors 30th anniversary, presented to JDM by Garrett.