The Robert T. Francoeur Papers

Box 1 Folder 1
Teilhard to Lucile Swan, ALS
Date span: 6 Jan 1938
Description: Contains one original letter from Teilhard to Lucile Swan, as well as a typed transcript and provenance note by Francoeur. The letter describes Teilhard's trip from China to Southeast Asia, and the work he and his colleagues are doing there.

Box 1 Folder 2
Aller, Catherine: 4 TLS & 1 CS
Date span: 14 Sep 1963 - 8 May 1964, undated
Description: Contains letters and a Christmas card from Mrs. Howard Aller, a Teilhard enthusiast and author of a short work on Teilhard.

Box 1 Folder 3
Barbour, George B.: 5 ALS, 11 TLS, 7 TL, 3 TL[carbons]
Date span: 12 Jul 1960 - 16 Apr 1964, undated
Description: Contains correspondence from Barbour, a friend and colleague of Teilhard and an author on Teilhard's scientific accomplishments.
Contains the following items:
TLS Saturday
TLS w/autograph P.S.
TLS, "...for Leakey's address."
ALS, "...copy of Baum's statement."
ALS 12 Jul 1960
TLS 13 Sep 1960
TL [carbon] to Dr. McManus, 2pp.
13 Sep 1960
TLS w/autograph P.S.
29 Sep 1960
TL [carbon] to Mr. McManus, 2 sheet
29 Sep 1960
ALS 30 Sep 1960
TLS 1 Oct 1960
TL [carbon] to Mr. Braybrooke
1 Oct 1960
TLS 21 Nov 1961
TL 8 Dec 1961
TL 24 Jan 1962 (Barbour list contines on the next page.)
(Barbour list continues:)
TLS 5 May 1962
TLS 3 Aug 1962
ALS 18 Aug 1962
TLS 20 Nov 1962
TLS 4 Dec 1962
TL, 2 sheets
15 Jan 1963
ALS 22 Jul 1963
TL 15 Aug 1963
TL 11 Dec 1963
TLS 15 Dec 1963
TL 16 Apr 1964

Box 1 Folder 4
Bruns, J. Edgar: 4 ALS, 7 ACS, 1 Ms
Date span: 13 Jun 1960 - 27 Oct 1963, undated
Description: Contains correspondence from Bruns, Director of the Institute in Comparative Religion at St. John's University (New York), and an editor and reviewer for a number of Catholic periodicals. Contains news of ecclesiastical reaction to Teilhard's ideas.
Contains the following items:
ACS 13 Jun 1960
ALS w/ AMs
15 Jun 1960
ACS 3 Jul 1960
ACS 16 Jul 1960
ALS 27 Jul 1960
ALS 19 Aug 1960
ACS 23 Sep 1960
ALS 14 Jul 1962
ANS [15 Jul 1962]
ACS 20 Sep 1962
ACS 27 Oct 1963

Box 1 Folder 5
Ewing, J. Franklin, S.J.: 6 TLS
Date span: 20 Apr 1960 - 9 Aug 1962
Description: Contains letters from Ewing, at Fordham University, advising Francoeur on the latter's educational plans, and discussing a recent monitum published on the works of Teilhard.

Box 1 Folder 6
Harper & Brothers/Harper & Row Correspondence
Date span: 18 Jan 1960 - 11 Jun 1964
Description: Contains twenty-five letters from the Harper publishing house, most from Hugn Van Dusen, discussing publication plans for translations of works by Teilhard, and seeking Francoeur's advice on translators, scholars, and selections for translation.

Box 1 Folder 7
Mortier, Jeanne-Marie: 12 ALS, 6 ACS, 5 TLS, TMs, 2 TL
Date span: 3 Jun 1957 - 25 Sep 1964, undated
Description: Contains cards and letters from Mortier, Teilhard's Paris secretary and his literary executrix, as well as Founder and sometime President of the Association des Amis de Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, headquartered in Paris.

Box 1 Folder 8
Ong, Walter J., S.J.: 10 TLS, 1 ACS, Inscribed Offprint
Date span: 19 Nov 1957 - 10 Nov 1962
Description: Contains letters from Fr. Ong, of St. Louis University. Most contain discussions of publications by and about Teilhard, and about Francoeur's attempts to have a work published. Some letters also contain interesting discussion of Teilhard's thought.

Box 1 Folder 9
Poulain, Dorothy: 2 ALS, 3 ACS, 23 TLS, 1 TMs
Date span: 27 Oct [1958] - 30 Nov 1962
Description: Contains letters from Poulain, a Teilhard enthusiast and author of an article on Teilhard. Topics include the activities of those in France and the U.S. interested in the activities of Teilhard, and also the publication of works by and about Teilhard.

Box 1 Folder 10
Poulain, Dorothy: 26 TLS, 1 AC, 1 TMs, 1 TL [copy]
Date span: 3 Jan 1963 - 11 Dec 1963
Description: Contains discussions regarding the organization of an American friends of Teilhard group, as well as relations of various persons interested in Teilhard. Also covers ecclesistical problems with the works of Teilhard and the hopes for his rehabilitation as a result of the Second Vatican Council.

Box 1 Folder 11
Poulain, Dorothy: 17 TLS, 1 ALS, Clippings & Enclosures
Date span: 23 Jan 1964 - 25 Apr 1965
Description: Contains letters discussing contemporary publications on Teilhard and the many activities of various persons interested in Teilhard and in his philosophy.

Box 1 Folder 12
Safford, D. Wade: 2 TLS
Date span: 13 Sep 1963, 18 Oct 1963
Description: Contains two letters from Safford, discussing articles by Claude Cuénot, and their translation and publication in America. One letter also contains a short discussion of evolution as it relates to Teilhard's philosophy.

Box 1 Folder 13
Vollert, Cyril, S.J.: 4 TLS
Date span: 11 Feb 1960 - 8 May 1962
Description: Contains letters from Vollert, of Saint Mary's College in Kansas, discussing articles on Teilhard, and on the publication of The Phenomenon of Man in an English translation. Mention is also made of a bibliography of Teilhard materials by Francoeur.

Box 1 Folder 14
Walsh, John V.: 4 ALS
Date span: 25 Jan [] - 28 Sep []
Description: Contains four letters from Walsh, a professor at Pace College in New York. The letters mention work on Teilhard being done by Walsh, and his other activities.

Box 1 Folder 15
American Teilhard de Chardin Association: Announcements
Date span: Jan 1966 - ca. 25 Apr 1970
Description: Contains materials related to the American Teilhard Association: Newsletters 3 - 9, photocopies of articles, and minutes of two Board of Directors meetings.

Box 1 Folder 16
A Basic Teilhard - Bibliography: Mimeograph (3 copies)
Date span: 6 Apr 1968
Description: Contains a bibliography compiled by Romano Almagno, O.F.M., and published by the American Teilhard de Chardin Association.

Box 1 Folder 17
"Psychosexuality: The Teilhardian Lecunae," Inscribed
Date span: undated
Description: Contains one inscribed offprint and two photocopies of the above-named article by Dan Sullivan.

Box 1 Folder 18
Two Photocopied Articles on Teilhard
Date span: Mar 1967, undated
Description: Contains copies of "Testing the Teilhardian Foundations," by George A. Riggan, and "Teilhard, Sexual Love, and Celibacy," by Charles W. Freible, S.J.

Box 1 Folder 19
There Shall Be One Christ
Date span: 1968
Description: Contains one copy of the above-named collection of articles by Teilhard, edited by Michael D. Meilach, O.F.M.

Box 1 Folder 20
The Sacred and Salvation, I: Contents - Chapter Two
Date span: 1971
Description: This and the following folders contain a doctoral dissertation by Thomas Kramlinger, on the philosophy of Teilhard.

Box 1 Folder 21
The Sacred and Salvation, II: Chapters Three - Five
Date span: 1971

Box 1 Folder 22
The Sacred and Salvation, III: Chapter Six - Conclusion
Date span: 1971

Box 1 Folder 23
The Sacred and Salvation, IV: Footnotes & Bibliography
Date span: 1971

Box 2
The Teilhard Review: Vol. 2 no. 2 - Vol. 10 no. 3
Date span: Winter 1967 - Oct 1975
Description: This box contains twenty issues of The Teilhard Review, published by the Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Association of Great Britain and Ireland. Contains a complete run from Volume 2, number 2 through Volume 10, number 3, except for Volume 5, number 1.

Box 3 Folder 1
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), I
Date span: May 1960 - Sep 1961
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from Jubilee, Commonweal, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, Catholic Charities Review, The Month, The American Benedictine Review, and Catholic World.

Box 3 Folder 2
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), II
Date span: Summer 1962 - 28 Apr 1964, undated
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from Front Line, Cross Currents, and Commonweal, as well as an article on Birth Control and the response it generated, from The Steubenville Register.

Box 3 Folder 3
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), III
Date span: Jul 1964 - Autumn 1964
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from The Way, Jubilee, The Lamp, 20th Century, Catholic Mind, Commonweal, and Cross Currents.

Box 3 Folder 4
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), IV
Date span: Winter 1964 - Jun 1965
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from Spiritual Life, The Catholic Reporter, St. Louis Review, Marriage, and American Scientist, as well as a number of Letters to the Editor and reviews by other persons.

Box 3 Folder 5
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), V
Date span: Summer 1965 - Mar 1966
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from Cross Currents, American Ecclesiastical Review, Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Catholic Book, The Priest, Darshana International, Jubilee, and The Lamp.

Box 3 Folder 6
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), VI
Date span: 8 Apr 1966 - Summer 1966
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from Commonweal, Marist, The Critic, Delmarva Dialog, Continuum, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and Jubilee, as well as Letters to the Editor and some other reviews.

Box 3 Folder 7
Collected Articles by Francoeur (Photocopies), VII
Date span: Nov 1966 - Summer 1967
Description: Contains photocopies of articles and reviews by Francoeur from The Lamp, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, U.S. Catholic, Catholic School Journal, The Sign, The Critic, and Expression, as well as a few reviews by others.

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