On January 23, 1789, "for and in consideration of the sum of seventy-five pounds current money" which had been "in hand paid, " John Carroll, Robert Molyneux, and John Ashton received from Colonel William Deakins, Jr., and John Threlkeld the deed to the plot of ground on which the first building of the Academy at Georgetown was already under construction. Soon, a faculty would be recruited, classes would begin late in 1791, and the school for which Carroll had worked throughout the eighties would become a reality.

This exhibition documents the growth of Georgetown from a small academy to a major American university. Viewers of the original exhibition were urged to follow the sequence of events from the items relating to the origins of the Society of Jesus in the first flat case through the events of recent decades. The electronic version makes this even easier. We anticipate adding additional links to scanned images as time permits.

Hail oh Georgetown Alma Mater!
Swift Potomac's Lovely Daughter!

Ad multos annos!

---Jon Reynolds, University Archivist

The exhibition and catalog were designed and produced by Jon K. Reynolds. Portions of the text were written by Rev. Emmett Curran, S.J., Jon Reynolds, George M. Barringer, William Ferraro, and Nicholas Scheetz.

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