Box 9 Folder 1
Oversize Photographs
Date span: 24 Aug 1935 - 1948, undated
Description: Miscellaneous oversize photographs, including autographed and family photographs.
Includes the following items:
Rosemary McMahon [?] as a young girl
Rosemary McMahon Portrait
Brien and Rosemary McMahon on their Wedding Day [3]
6 Feb 1940
Florence Turner (Rosemary's Mother) [?]
Vaghi Family and Plaque with Proverb by Vaghi [2, autographed]
4 Dec 1945
Justice John Marshall [autographed engraving and envelope]
18 Jan 1937
Homer Cummings Portrait [autograph]
1 Jul 1939
William Snow, Lt. Governor of Connecticut, Portrait [autograph]
Clyde Eustus Portrait [autograph]
6 May 1937
Harold W. Stephens Portrait [autograph]
24 Aug 1935
Homer Cummings with Assistant Attorney Generals [2, autographed by all]
Samuel Whitaker Portrait [autograph to Walter Gallagher]
Farewell Dinner for Ambassador to USSR [rolled]
30 Dec 1936
Connecticut Delegation to the Democratic National Convention [rolled]
Portrait of Rosemary, Patricia, and Eugenie[?] McMahon [rolled]

Box 10 Folder 1
Oversize Photographs
Date span: ca. 28 Apr 1946, undated
Description: Oversize photographs including portrait photographs of Brien McMahon and the items listed below.
Includes the following items:
Brien and Rosemary McMahon, Homer Cummings, et alia at Dinner
Brien McMahon, Homer Cummings, et alia (Group of 26 Men)
Brien McMahon giving an address with a CBS microphone in foreground
Brien McMahon et alia appearing on the "American Forum of the Air"
Brien McMahon Portrait [autograph]
Photo for Cover Page of Hartford Courant Magazine with a copy of the issue
ca. 28 Apr 1946

Box 11 Folder 1
Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks
Date span: 1944 - 1952
Description: 2 scrapbooks (one with binding and one without) of newspaper clippings covering Brien McMahon's senatorial race in 1944 and his work on the Atomic Energy Committee. There are also full page news clippings regarding Brien McMahon's death and a biographical article upon his appointment as Chairman of the Atomic Energy Committee.

Box 12 Folder 1
Recorded Speeches
Date span: 28 May 1946 - 6 Nov 1950, undated
Description: LP's and 1 tape of recorded speeches by Brien McMahon and Senator Thomas Dodd.
Includes the following items:
2 sets of a 2 LP recording of a speech by Thomas Dodd
6 Nov 1950
5 Album Set titled "Know Your Senator"
26 Sep 1950
"Operation Crossroads" on the control of atomic energy
28 May 1946
McMahon speaking at a Medical Association Dinner, Fairfield, Connecticut
13 Apr 1948
McMahon Speech over WTIC Radio
11 Oct 1950
McMahon speaking on behalf of Chester Bowles who was running for Governor of Connecticut
27 Oct 1948
Metal tape cannister labelled "Speech on Foreign Policy"

Box 13 Folder 1
Awards and 1 Oversize Photograph
Date span: 4 Jun 1934 - 4 May 1953, undated
Description: Awards, 1 large oversize photo, and campaign material.
Includes the following items:
Italian-American campaign poster for the 1944 Senate elections
23 Oct 1944
Certificate stating that Brien McMahon can practice law before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
17 Apr 1943
Certificate of Brien McMahon's election to the U.S. Senate
7 Nov 1950
Resolution from the Town of East Hartford re: Brien McMahon's death
19 Aug 1952
Resolution by the Atomic Energy Committee re: Brien McMahon's death
4 May 1953
"In the Matter of Friendship"
Catholic War Veterans National Commander's Citation
15 Sep 1948
Certificate qualifying Brien McMahon to practice law before the Supreme Court of the U.S.
4 Jun 1934
Photograph of Brien McMahon, Homer Cummings, et alia standing next to an airplane
Plaque from the Order of the Sons of Italy stating that Brien McMahon was an Honorary Member
6 Mar 1949
Disabled American Veterans Citation
Jun 1950

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