Box 5 Folder 28
"Crime Prevention"
Date span: Jun 1937
Description: Article by Brien McMahon in the News Bulletin which printed articles regarding the prison system. Brien McMahon's article concerns the developing trend toward crime prevention rather than crime repression.

Box 5 Folder 29
Article for The Democratic Digest
Date span: 15 Mar 1938
Description: Article by Brien McMahon for the Democratic Digest regarding the work of the Justice Department's Criminal Division.

Box 5 Folder 30
Date span: 14 Nov 1938
Description: Article by Brien McMahon on the Harlan County Case for the Fordham Alumni Magazine.

Box 5 Folder 31
"Interview with Senator McMahon"
Date span: 2 Jun 1950
Description: Interview with Brien McMahon for U.S. News and World Report regarding atomic energy.

Box 5 Folder 32
"Survival - The Real Issue"
Date span: Aug 1952, 2 Sep 1952
Description: An article by Brien McMahon published posthumously by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists regarding atomic weapons. Also includes a cover letter sent to Mrs. McMahon with the issues of the Bulletin signed "Bill."

Box 5 Folder 33
"We can Elect a Democratic President!"
Date span: Sep 1952
Description: Posthumously published article by Brien McMahon in SEE magazine regarding the Democratic Party and calling for the U.S. to elect a Democrat for President.

Box 5 Folder 34
Connecticut State Journal Article
Date span: May 1945
Description: Complete issue of the Connecticut State Journal containing an article regarding Brien McMahon's views on the taxation of wealthy individuals.

Box 5 Folder 35
"The Aims and Ideals of Franklin D. Roosevelt"
Date span: undated
Description: Anonymous article [BM?] attempting to justify the policies of Roosevelt against his detractors.

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