Box 5 Folder 36
Justice Dept. - Acts of Congress
Date span: 2 Mar 1939 - 12 May 1939
Description: Acts of the 76th Congress including appropriations for the Treasury and Post Office Departments, approval for construction by the Navy, and all acts passed between 3/2/1939 and 3/26/1939.

Box 5 Folder 37
Justice Dept. - Admiralty Notes
Date span: 28 Jan 1935 - 22 Apr 1935
Description: Typed notes regarding the legal question of Admiralty.

Box 5 Folder 38
Justice Dept. - Appropriations Bills
Date span: 1936 - 1938
Description: Copies of Congressional bills for appropriations by the Justice Department et alia.

Box 5 Folder 39
Justice Dept. - Attorney General's Opinions
Date span: 39 Feb 1939 - 31 Mar 1939
Description: Printed pamphlets of opinions of the Attorney General in response to problems posed by members of the presidential administration. The material discusses the National Archives Act, Agriculture Department contracts with cooperative associations, highway construction, etc.

Box 5 Folder 40
Justice Dept. - Cases: U.S. vs. Gramlich
Date span: undated
Description: In the case of the U.S. vs. Arthur Gramlich et alia, this is a copy of a memorandum regarding the "admissibility of books and records kept in the regular course of business" as evidence in the trial.

Box 5 Folder 41
Justice Dept. - Cases: First Mortgage Guaranty Co.
Date span: 12 Sep 1935
Description: Documents regarding the indictment and charges against the First Mortgage Guaranty and Title Company, the National City Bank of New Rochelle, et alia "for the obtaining of money and property by means of false and fraudulent pretenses . . ."

Box 5 Folder 42
Justice Dept. - Cases: U.S. vs. Ray Wood
Date span: Oct 1936
Description: Brief for the case vs. Ray Wood which was to be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Box 5 Folder 43
Justice Dept. - Diary
Date span: 30 Jan 1936 - 30 May 1936
Description: Diary of all the office activities of Brien McMahon between January and May 1936, including the people whom he met or spoke with over the telephone, his whereabouts during travel, etc.

Box 5 Folder 44
Justice Dept. - Federal Penal Code
Date span: 1915
Description: A "Memorandum of Law on the Construction of Section 10 of the Federal Penal Code" by Charles Warren, Former Assistant Attorney General.

Box 5 Folder 45
Justice Dept. - International Law
Date span: Jan 1935 - 16 May 1935
Description: Typed notes regarding International Law.

Box 5 Folder 46
Justice Dept. - Interstate Commerce
Date span: 20 Dec 1926
Description: Report titled "Combination between Chain Retail Stores, Question of Interstate Commerce, Supreme Court Cases Applicable."

Box 5 Folder 47
Justice Dept. - Memos 9/1935 [Desk Copies]
Date span: Sep 1935
Description: Carbons of memos and some correspondence sent out by Brien McMahon. Originally kept in binder for easy desk reference.

Box 5 Folder 48
Justice Dept. - Memos 1/1936 [Desk Copies]
Date span: Jan 1936
Description: Carbons of memos and some correspondence sent out by Brien McMahon.

Box 5 Folder 49
Justice Dept. - Memo to McMahon
Date span: 28 Sep 1936
Description: Memo to Brien McMahon regarding the constitutionality of an act of Congress regarding the ability of U.S. and D.C. employees to serve on juries in Washington, D.C.

Box 5 Folder 50
Justice Dept. - National Labor Relations
Date span: ca. 1937
Description: Cases, memos, and varia regarding the Wagner National Labor Relations Act, probably in preparation for the Harlan County case (one memo has "Harlan County -- Warren" pencilled in at the top).

Box 5 Folder 51
Justice Dept. - Personnel Information
Date span: 7 Sep 1934 - 28 Feb 1936
Description: Lists of personnel, salaries, memos regarding soliciting campaign funds from federal employees, etc.

Box 5 Folder 52
Justice Dept. - Press Releases: Harlan County
Date span: 17 Apr 1938
Description: Press release from the Justice Dapartment regarding the schedule for the trial in Harlan County to enforce the Wagner National Labor Relations Act and outlining the history of the case.

Box 5 Folder 53
Justice Dept. - Press Releases: Miscellaneous
Date span: 7 Aug 1934 - 17 May 1939, undated
Description: Press releases concerning Brien McMahon or cases in which he was involved through the Justice Department.

Box 5 Folder 54
Justice Dept. - Rules of Civil Procedure
Date span: 31 May 1939
Description: Department of Justice bulletin on "Decisions on Federal Rules of Civil Procedure."

Box 5 Folder 55
Justice Dept. - Statistics re: Criminals
Date span: 15 Dec 1936, undated
Description: Statistics regarding convictions of criminals by the Criminal Division of the Justice Department.

Box 5 Folder 56
Justice Dept. - Supreme Court Decisions
Date span: 16 Mar 1936 - 25 Apr 1938
Description: Various U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Box 6 Folder 1
Justice Dept. - Motions for Bill of Particluars
Date span: undated
Description: "Appendices A-G to the Government's Memorandum in Opposition to Motions for Bill of Particulars"

Box 6 Folder 2
Justice Dept. - "Miscellaneous" Files
Date span: Oct 1936
Description: From Brien McMahon's own files labelled "Miscellaneous." Various material regarding precedent and historic cases involving questions about juries. Some letters to Brien McMahon in this file specifically refer to the U.S. vs. Wood case.

Box 6 Folder 3
Justice Dept. - Miscellaneous Papers
Date span: 1936, 1939, undated
Description: Miscellaneous papers including correspondence, notes, copies of Congressional Bills, etc., all regarding Brien McMahon's work at the Justice Department.

Box 6 Folder 4
McMahon Law Offices - Miscellaneous
Date span: 8 Dec 1939, undated
Description: List of books needed for McMahon's Law Firm and a paper regarding government bidding practices.

Box 6 Folder 5
Senate - McMahon Atomic Energy Act of 1946
Date span: 19 Apr 1946
Description: Copy of the entire Atomic Energy Act submitted by McMahon, on behalf of the Special Committee on Atomic Energy, to Congress. Includes a history of the legislation, appendices with bibliography and detailed information on atomic energy, etc.

Box 6 Folder 6
Senate - Bills by McMahon
Date span: 14 Sep 1945 - 14 May 1952
Description: Bills introduced by Brien McMahon in the Senate. Includes such subjects as the disposition of surplus government airports, interstate and foreign commerce, the establishment of a Special Committee on Atomic Energy, the use of atomic energy, etc.

Box 6 Folder 7
Senate - Press Releases
Date span: 26 Oct 1945, 14 Jun 1952, undated
Description: A copy of a release by Martin Agronsky regarding Brien McMahon's appointment to head the Joint Atomic Energy Committee; a release of a presidential campaign speech by Brien McMahon outlining his 5 point program for peace; and a reprimand to General Patton for a statement he made to the press regarding the inevitably of World War III occurring in the near future.

Box 6 Folder 8
Miscellaneous - Emergency Organizations
Date span: undated
Description: A detailed list of emergency organizations with their leaders, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Box 6 Folder 9
Miscellaneous - Military Service Information
Date span: 16 Apr 1931 - May 1935
Description: 4 pamphlets: 1 regarding the Army Officers' Reserve Corps, 1 regarding the appointment and admission of cadets to West Point, and 2 regarding the admission of cadets to the Naval Academy.

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