Box 6 Folder 10
Connecticut Absentee Ballot Forms
Date span: undated
Description: Information regarding the date to mail absentee ballots as well as absentee ballot forms (some filled in and others blank).

Box 6 Folder 11
Connecticut Absentee Ballot List
Date span: undated
Description: Lists, by Congressional District, of Democratic absentee voters from Connecticut in the Washington, DC, area.

Box 6 Folder 12
Connecticut Democrats of DC Absentee Voter Lists
Date span: undated
Description: Lists and request for addresses and information on Connecticut Democrats in Washington, DC.

Box 6 Folder 13
Connecticut Democrats of DC
Date span: 23 Jun 1936 - 2 Oct 1936, undated
Description: Correspondence regarding the Connecticut Democrats of DC in regard to absentee voter registration. Includes TLS's from David E. Fitzgerald, Senator Augustine Lonergan, and Congressman William M. Citron.

Box 6 Folder 14
Senate Race 1944 - Republican Cartoon
Date span: ca. 1944
Description: Cartoon advertisement used by Brien McMahon's Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate, John Danaher, depicting Brien McMahon as a "Rubber Stamp" and puppet of President Roosevelt.

Box 6 Folder 15
Senate Re-Election Campaign Diary
Date span: 23 Oct 1950 - 4 Dec 1950
Description: Diary of appointments and speaking schedule for the month before Brien McMahon's re-election to the U.S. Senate and the month following the election.

Box 6 Folder 16
Senate Re-Election Stationery
Date span: ca. 1950
Description: Stationery from the Committee to Re-Elect Brien McMahon to the U.S. Senate. The stationery lists the members of the finance committee (all from Norwalk, Connecticut) and has a picture of Brien McMahon in the upper right hand corner.

Box 6 Folder 17
Senate Re-Election Campaign - "Is This Man Right?"
Date span: ca. 1950
Description: Pamphlet regarding the political opinions of Brien McMahon and promoting him for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

Box 6 Folder 18
Senate Re-Election Campaign - Comic Book
Date span: ca. 1950
Description: Comic book promoting Brien McMahon for re-election. The book depicts McMahon in the Senate, noting his major contributions, e.g. regarding atomic energy, and his opinions on other issues.

Box 6 Folder 19
Presidential Campaign - "McMahon is the Man" [large]
Date span: ca. 1952
Description: Campaign pamphlet from Brien McMahon's brief Presidential campaign.

Box 6 Folder 20
Presidential Campaign - "McMahon is the Man" [small]
Date span: ca. 1952
Description: Pamphlet from Brien McMahon's Presidential campaign.

Box 6 Folder 21
Adlai Stevenson for President
Date span: undated
Description: Pamphlet promoting Adlai Stevenson for President.

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