Box 6 Folder 35
Correspondence Honoring the Memory of Brien McMahon
Date span: 29 Jul 1952 - 16 Dec 1953
Description: Correspondence to Brien McMahon's wife and family commiserating with them regarding his death.
Includes the following items:
Hill, Lister [Senator] -TLS
6 Feb 1953
Ribicoff, Abe [Senator] -TLS
16 Sep 1952
Wallace, Henry A. [Vice President] -TLS
29 Jul 1952

Box 6 Folder 36
Memorial Speeches
Date span: 12 Nov 1952 - 7 May 1953
Description: Speeches, most regarding atomic energy, in which Brien McMahon is remembered and praised.
Includes the following items:
Gordon Dean at the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases
14 Oct 1952
Catholic International Peace Award Dedication
8 Nov 1952
Gordon Dean at Fordham's Atomic Energy Symposium
2 Dec 1952
Senator Henry Jackson on Controlled Weapons Production
1 May 1953

Box 6 Folder 37
Official Statements
Date span: 27 Aug 1952 - 15 Sep 1952, undated
Description: Official statements in memory of Brien McMahon from the Federation of American Scientists and from the City of Norwalk, Connecticut.

Box 6 Folder 38
Press Statements
Date span: 28 Jul 1952 - 18 Aug 1952
Description: Press releases and statements by members of the press regarding the death of Brien McMahon. Includes statements by President Truman and Martin Agronsky, a bulletin of various comments from the Atomic Energy Committee, Newsweek, and the international press.

Box 6 Folder 39
Memorial Booklet
Date span: ca. 28 Jul 1952
Description: Memorial book from Fred and Margaret Whelan. Book is bound and calligraphy is done in black, gold, and purple.

Box 6 Folder 40
Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress
Date span: 1953
Description: Cloth bound book of addresses read in Congress in memory and praise of Brien McMahon.

Box 6 Folder 41
Printed Tribute
Date span: ca. 28 Jul 1952
Description: Printed booklets titled "Brien McMahon 1903-1952, A Tribute" regarding the life of Brien McMahon. 4 copies including the first copy from the press.

Box 6 Folder 42
Miscellaneous Memorials
Date span: 14 Nov 1952 - 28 May 1953
Description: Miscellaneous reports, resolutions, programs, etc. which mention Brien McMahon in memoriam.

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