The Reverend Joseph A. Mulry, S.J., Collection

Joseph A. Mulry (1889-1945) was a Jesuit priest and, for twenty years, a missionery to the Philippines. He had been a professor of Poetry and Rhetoric at the Ateneo, the Jesuit University in Manila, before his internment by the Japanese during World War II. He died in the internment camp of a stomach ulcer caused by malnutrition.

This collection consists of eight of Mulry's cards and letters to his nephew John S. Monagan, copies of four of Mulry's writings, and some postcards of Philippine scenes collected by Mulry. Memorial letters and articles written after Mulry's death complete the collection.

Although the collection is very small, his few letters and papers reveal much of the character of Father Mulry, and the other material shows how highly he was regarded by those who knew him, and how sorely he was missed after his death.

Extent of the Collection: 6 folders in 1 box
.25 linear feet

Date span: 1918 to 1971

Provenance: Gift of John S. Monagan
November 1985

Processed by: James Helminski
21 November 1985


Box 1 Folder 1
Joseph A. Mulry, S.J. to John S. Monagan, Jr.
Six ALS (4 w/envelopes), 2 ACS, 1 loose envelope
Date span: 20 December 1918 to 26 June 1941
Contents: Contains six autograph letters signed, from Rev. Joseph A. Mulry to young John S. Monagan, his nephew. Two of the letters and one card were sent from Woodstock College, while the rest were sent form Mulry's assignment at Manila, The Philippines.
The letters cover subjects such as Monagan's First Holy Communion, Christmas and birthday greetings, and condolences on the death of a family member (an Aunt). The last letter in the collection contains Mulry's thoughts on the difficulties of life for his young reader and on the state of the world in 1941. A total of three holy cards are included with two of the letters.

Box 1 Folder 2
Four Conferences by Joseph A. Mulry, S.J.
Four Typescripts
Date span: undated

Contents: Contains four typescript articles or sermons on different themes for the Advent Season.
"First Conference"
1-The Annunciation--Humilitas
2-The Visitation--Caritas
3-Doubt of St. Joseph--Fiducia
4-Christmas--Joy, Glory
"Second Conference"
The Visitation
"Third Conference"
Patience with God
"Fourth Conference"

Box 1 Folder 3
Memorial Letters on the Death of Joseph A. Mulry, S.J.
5 TL [copies], 1 ALS from Albert Beckwith S.J.
Date span: 20 March 1931, 27 February 1945 to 9 March 1945

Contents: Contains five letters on the work and death of Rev. Mulry, who died in an internment camp in the Philippines during World War II, during an operation for a stomach ulcer. The letters also discuss the great loss felt by many on Mulry's death. Also included is one earlier letter from Albert Beckwith, which, in part, describes Mulry's work in the Philippines.
The folder contains: one letter from a Sister Aquinata to a Sister Mary Rose Agnes, the ALS from Albert Beckwith to John Monagan, Jr., one from Henry W. Greer, S.J. to his Provincial in New York, one from Joseph Reith, S.J., and three from Vincent de Paul O'Beirne, S.J. to "Mary."

Box 1 Folder 4
Memorial Articles on Joseph A. Mulry, S.J.
2 Clippings, 1 Newsletter and 1 Magazine
Date span: 1945, 1951, 1971

Contents: Contains the New York Times obituary of Rev. Mulry, a memorial article from a Missouri Province publication, a memorial newsletter in the form of a letter from the Jesuit Philippine Bureau, and a survey of the Philippine Mission of the Jesuits.

Box 1 Folder 5
Photographs of Joseph A. Mulry, S.J.
2 Black and white, 3 by 5 inch, photo-postcards
Date span: undated

Contents: Contains two photographs of Rev. Mulry, apparently taken while he was in the Philippines.

Box 1 Folder 6
Ephemera and Printed Matter
11 Photo-postcards with Ms notes, and 1 pamphlet
Date span: undated, 1921

Contents: Contains eleven postcards of Philippine scenes, with notes on the reverse by Mulry, all in an envelope. Also contains a pamphlet on the Catholic Home for Aged Ladies, where Mulry gave his first Mass in 1921.

Box 1 Folder 7
Photocopied Material
2 items: Interview Transcipt, Monograph Excerpt
Date span: 1981 September 14; undated

Contents: Contains one 9-page transcript of an interview of Father Richard McSorley by John S. Monagan, covering the Philippine Jesuits and Father Mulry. Also contains 3 pages copied from Beyond All Horizons, edited by Thomas J. M. Burke, S.J.

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