The George O'Connor Papers

George H. O'Connor was born on 20 August 1874 in the District of Columbia and attended St. Johns Academy in Alexandria and the National University Law School, where he received an LL.B. in 1894. He then attended Georgetown University as a special student, where he participated in musical and dramatic programs, and was awarded the LL.M. in 1895. He maintained a close connection to Georgetown thereafter, continuing to participate in banquets and musical programs with the Glee Club and as a soloist.

Mr. O'Connor was admitted to District of Columbia Bar in 1895 and to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States in 1915. He joined the District Title Insurance Company and was secretary and treasurer from 1900 to 1907 and title officer from 1907 to 1941. In 1941 he was promoted to President of the Company, and of the Washington and Lawyers Title Insurance Companies. He served on the boards of many civic committees and charity organizations, and participated in several clubs and associations.

George O'Connor also made many friends among prominent businessmen and members of the national government during his life in the District, especially through musical-comedy productions, which he continued to participate in throughout his life. He was called Troubadour to the Presidents, since he had performed for seven of them, from Taft to Truman. His last performance was for a dinner given by the Washington Bar for U.S. Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson, about a week before he died on 28 September 1946.

The George H. O'Connor Papers contain correspondence, photographs, programs, songs, music and cartoons, accumulated by O'Connor throughout his life. The correspondence includes letters from William H. Taft, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, J. Edgar Hoover, Cordell Hull, and Edward Stettinius. The most interesting letters are two written by O'Connor himself to his wife Blanche, while O'Connor was staying at Warm Springs with President Roosevelt.

Perhaps the most fascinating items in the collection are the collected songs, stories, scripts and jokes used by O'Connor in his performances. These items can give real insight into the attitudes of Americans the first half of this century where they found the most honest expression, in the entertainment of the time.

The collection is loosely divided by subject matter into Correspondence and Photographs, Organizations, Music, and Oversize, with various miscellaneous items placed in the section that seemed most suitable. For example, a significant collection of original cartoons of O'Connor by Clifford Berryman has been filed with the Correspondence and Photographs.

Extent of the Collection:
7 total boxes (4 & 3 oversize)
6 linear feet and three oversize boxes

Date Span: 1890's to 1970's
(most material 1900-1946)

Provenance: Gift of George H. O'Connor, Jr.
May 1985

Processed: July and August 1985
by James Helminski

The University Library also houses a collection of Mr. O'Connor's recordings, made for Columbia Gramophone around 1916-17. Many of these records have Al Jolson songs on the flip sides.


Box 1
General Description Page 4
Correspondence (Folders 1-18)
Memorial Scrapbook (Folders 19-35)
Photographs (Folders 36-46)
Cartoons (Folders 47-49)
Publications (Folders 50-51)

Box 2
General Description Page 16
Organizations A to M (Folders 1-29)

Box 3
General Description Page 20
Organization N to Z (Folders 1-28)

Box 4
General Description Page 24
Correspondence on Music (Folder 1)
Songs, Stories and Jokes (Folders 2-11)
Columbia Records Catalogs and Ads (Folder 12)
"College Songs" songbook (Folder 13)
Sheet Music (Folders 14-19)

Boxes 5-7
General Description of Boxes 5-7 Page 28
Oversized Sheet Music (Box 5 Folders 1-6)
Scrapbook I (Box 6)
Scrapbook II (Box 7)
Other oversize items (Box 7)


Folders 1-9 contain the Incoming Correspondence to George O'Connor placed first in Box 1. The first four folders in this section separate the letters by date, and within each folder the correspondents are alphabetized regardless of the date of letter. The last five folders contain letters from or for Presidents Taft, Hoover, Wilson and Roosevelt.
Folders 10-18 contain letters and other items related to specific topics. Folders 19-35 contain items removed from a scrapbook of letters of condolence sent to Mrs. O'Connor after the death of George in 1946. These have been arranged in the order of the scrapbook.

Folder: 1
Correspondence, Incoming
Date span: January 1899 to December 1929
Description: letters and telegram on various topics, especially on O'Connor's recordings and travels
Contents: 31 letters and cards and 1 telegram

Folder: 2
Correspondence, Incoming
Date span: January 1930 to December 1939
Description: letters, cards and telegrams on varied topics, especially appreciation for many of O'Connor's performances
Contents: 59 letters and cards including: 2 TLS from Cordell Hull, Secretary of State
1939 April 18 and 1938 October 3
1 TLS from Coleman Nevils, President of Georgetown University and 6 telegrams

Folder: 3
Correspondence, Incoming
Date span: January 1940 to December 1943
Description: letters, cards and telegrams on various topics, especially appreciations of performances, social events, congratulations
Contents: 60 letters and cards and 5 telegrams

Folder: 4
Correspondence, Incoming
Date span: January 1944 to December 1946
Description: letters and cards on various topics, especially thank-you notes, congratulations, and correspondence on the President's Birthday Celebration of 1945
Contents: 31 letters and cards including 1 TLS 1944 December 2, from Edward Stetinnius, Secretary of State
and 1 pamphlet on the IV Corps in the Italian Campaign

Folder: 5
Correspondence--Taft, Wm. H.
Date span: January 1915 to July 1921
Description: see below
Contents: 3 items
1 TLS from W. H. Taft, on his appointment
as Chief Justice (1921 July 1915)
1 TLS from Wendell W. Mischler, Taft's
secretary, (1915 January 15) with enclosed: 1 TLS from Martin P. Kennedy to
W.H. Taft (1915 January 14)

Folder: 6
Correspondence--[Wilson, Woodrow]
Date span: 1917 August 29
Description: see below
Contents: 1 item: TLS from Wilson's secretary, J.B. Twining, sending Wilson's thanks for a record O'Connor had sent

Folder: 7
Correspondence--[Hoover, Herbert]
Date span: ca. 1928-1933
Description: see below
Contents: 2 items:
1 engraved card with written name, inviting the O'Connors to a White House Garden Party on 26 August, with handwritten envelope 1 printed card with written date: "The White House/Admit at East Gate...."

Folder: 8
Correspondence--Roosevelt, F. D.
Date span: 1938 to 1940
Description: see below
Contents: 3 items: TLS 1938 October 1, thank-you letter TLS 1940 May 31, regrets being unable to attend tribute in O'Connor's honor
TLS 1935 March 2, letter of tribute

Folder: 9
Correspondence--[Roosevelt, F. D.]
Date span: 1940 to 1941
Description: see below
Contents: 7 multi-part items: TLS 1940 May 31, from William D. Hassett to Martin J. McNamara, sending letter from President to be given to O'Connor on the occasion of an event in the latter's honor
TLS 1941 November 21, from Grace G. Tully, expressing the President's thanks for a note, with typed envelope
2 engraved cards with separate response
cards, with envelopes addressed to Mr. & Mrs. George H. O'Connor, inviting the O'Connors to an At Home at the White House 1 postmarked 1941 May 14, the other undated, six pieces
1 printed card, signed: "Special
Pedestrian Inaugural Pass," with George H. O'Connor written and signed 1 pamphlet: "Seating List" for Roosevelt Birthday Dinner, 1946 January 1946
1 envelope without letter, addressed to George H. O'Connor, from J. A. Fox

Folder: 10
Correspondence, Outgoing
Date span: 1938 March to April
Description: letters from O'Connor to his Wife
Contents: 3 multi-part items
ALS 1938 March 29 to Blanche, from Warm Springs, Georgia, about President Roosevelt and a press conference, family matters, with envelope
ALS 1938 [March 31] to Blanche, from Warm
Springs, Georgia, about President and social gatherings, with 3 postcards enclosed and envelope
1 typed envelope addressed to Mrs.O'Connor, from Warm Springs, no letter

Folder: 11
Correspondence, etc.--[Linn, Wm.]
Date span: 1918 Sept - Dec, 1944 November
Description: Letters, clippings, and lists about William Elmer Linn's aid to George O'Connor by giving him a blood transfusion, and the subsequent drive for a thank-you gift for Mr. Linn from O'Connor's friends
Contents: 16 letters and 3 clippings

Folder: 12
Correspondence, etc.--6 March 1938
Date span: 1938 March
Description: letters, telegrams, clippings, and contract related to the 6 March 1938 performance of George O'Connor on NBC Radio
Contents: 3 letters, 9 telegrams, 1 clipping, and 3 envelopes, plus signed copy of contract between NBC (Radio Corporation of America) and George O'Connor, dated 1938 February 23, for the March 6th performance

Folder: 13
Correspondence--1941 February 10
Date span: 1941 February
Description: letters, etc. regarding a luncheon in honor of George O'Connor on 10 February 1941
Contents: 37 letters and 1 telegram, and clipping on the event

Folder: 14
Correspondence-George O'Connor Fund
Date span: 1919 September
Description: letters to E. J. Walsh and donations list for a testimonial fund set up for O'Connor, on account of an illness
Contents: 69 letters and cards and list of donors

Folder: 15
Correspondence-O'Connor Testimonial
Date span: 1941 April to June
Description: outgoing letters from Bar Association of the District of Columbia soliciting contributions for a Testimonial for O'Connor, with responses, and related materials
Contents: 30 letters, list of contributors and poem in appreciation of O'Connor

Folder: 16
Correspondence,O'Connor Testimonial
Date span: 1941 June 12
Description: Binder made to contain items in previous folder, for presentation to O'Connor

Folder: 17
Correspondence--Death of Matt Horne
Date span: 1935 December to 1936 January
Description: letters and telegrams sending condolences on the death of Matt Horne, an old friend and co-troubadour of O'Connor
Contents: 13 letters and cards and 1 telegram

Folder: 18
Correspondence,etc.--Death of O'Connor
Date span: 1946 September to November
Description: letters to Mrs. O'Connor, sending condolences on the death of George, and items related to the funeral
Contents: 9 letters and 1 telegram, 1 TS of radio memorial, 1 mass card, 1 memorial record of floral tributes, etc.

Folder: 19
Memorial Scrapbook, 1
Date span: 1946
Description: items from a memorial scrapbook of letters of condolence, clippings on the individuals who sent letters, other items, and a photo
Contents: 1 photo of George H. O'Connor, taken about 1945-6

Folder: 20
Memorial Scrapbook, 2
Date span: 1946
Contents: 1 TLS 1946 September 28, from Harry Truman to Mrs. O'Connor

Folder: 21
Memorial Scrapbook, 3
Date span: 1946
Contents: 4 items:
3 TLS and 1 magazine photo clipping, including 1 TLS of 1946 September 28, from Fred M. Vinson, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Folder: 22
Memorial Scrapbook, 4--Jones, Jesse
Date span: 1946 October to 1947 January
Description: see below
Contents: 5 items:
1 TLS 1946 October 30 from Jesse H. Jones
to Mrs. O'Connor,
1 Tel 1946 September 30 from Jesse H.
Jones to Mrs. O'Connor, 2 clippings on O'Connor scholarship
endowed at Georgetown University by Jesse H. Jones,
1 magazine clipping of Time cover of Jesse H. Jones

Folder: 23
Memorial Scrapbook, 5-Farley, James
Date span: 1946-1976
Description: see below
Contents: 4 items:
1 TLS from 1946 and 3 clippings from 1976
on death of Farley

Folder: 24
Memorial Scrapbook, 6-Hoover, J. Ed
Date span: 1946 October 3
Description: see below
Contents: 1 TLS from J. Edgar Hoover to Mrs. O'Connor

Folder: 25
Memorial Scrapbook, 7-Brennan, R.
Date span: 1946 to 1964
Description: see below
Contents: 1 ALS 1946 September 30 from Robert Brennan,
Minister of the Irish Republic in Washington, and 1 clipping about his death

Folder: 26
Memorial Scrapbook, 8
Date span: 1946 to 1976
Description: Letters and clippings from and about
religious figures in Washington
Contents: 4 items: 1 TLS, 1 Tel, 1 TS, 1 clipping

Folder: 27
Memorial Scrapbook, 9
Date span: 1946 September
Description: more condolences
Contents: 4 telegrams

Folder: 28
Memorial Scrapbook, 10
Date span: 1946 October to November
Description: Condolences and resolutions from companies and clubs
Contents: 5 TLS

Folder: 29
Memorial Scrapbook, 11--Bar Assoc.
Date span: 1946 November
Description: Bar Association of the District of Columbia, printed items
Contents: 1 program of services for departed members, 1 copy of Journal of the Bar Assoc. of D.C.
with article on O'Connor

Folder: 30
Memorial Scrapbook, 12--Personal
Date span: 1946 October
Description: personal condolences to Mrs. O'Connor
Contents: 1 TLS and 2 ALS, all with envelopes

Folder: 31
Memorial Scrapbook, 13
Date span: 1950 August 20
Contents: 1 signed typescript of radio broadcast given
by William Hassett, Secretary to the President, in appreciation of O'Connor

Folder: 32
Memorial Scrapbook, 14
Date span: 1946 September to October
Contents: 4 items: 1 ALS 30 September 1946 from Clifford Berryman to Mrs.O'Connor, and 3 Telegrams

Folder: 33
Memorial Scrapbook, 15
Date span: 1946 October, 1956 June
Description: letter of condolence to Mrs. O'Connor, and obituaries on her death
Contents: 4 items: 1 TLS and 3 clippings

Folder: 34
Memorial Scrapbook, 16
Date span: 1945 to 1972
Description: miscellaneous clippings, telegrams, etc. on death of J. Edgar Hoover, Washington Title Insurance Co., Vinson, Brynes, Farley, Hassett,

Folder: 35
Memorial Scrapbook, 17
Date span: 1946 September to October
Description: miscellaneous clippings, including obituaries on O'Connor and articles on other figures of the time

Folder: 36
Date span: 1890's
Contents: 11 photographs

Folder: 37
Date span: 1900-1920, I
Contents: 23 photos, 1 postcard

Folder: 38
Date span: 1900-1920, II
Contents: 11 photos

Folder: 39
Date span: 1920's
Contents: 5 photos

Folder: 40
Date span: 1930's
Contents: 15 photos

Folder: 41
Date span: 1940's
Contents: 46 photos

Folder: 42
Photographs--Minstrel Shows, et al.
Date span: 1920's ?
Description: photos of Minstrel Show casts and of O'Connor buying Liberty Bonds
Contents: multiple copies of each photo

Folder: 43
Photographs--Charles E. O'Connor
Date span: undated
Contents: 2 photos

Folder: 44
Photographs--Miscellaneous persons
Date span: 1890's-1940's
Contents: 7 photos

Folder: 45
Early Programs and Posters, Misc.
Date span: 1890's-1920's
Contents: 2 programs and 1 poster

Folder: 46
Photographs--Plays and Dinners
Date span: 1890's to 1940's
Description: miscellaneous cast photos and group photos from banquets and other social events
Contents: 61 photos

Folder: 47
Date span:
Description: original cartoons by Clifford Berryman of George H. O'Connor, most signed
Contents: 5 signed cartoons and 1 unsigned

Folder: 48
Date span: 1947 March
Description: original signed cartoon by Clifford Berryman in support of "Phantom Concert Fund" in memory of George O'Connor
Contents: 1 signed cartoon

Folder: 49
Cartoons--Berryman--Programs, etc.
Date span: 1940's
Description: miscellaneous programs, posters and cards illustrated by Clifford Berryman

Folder: 50
Date span: 1955 January to March
Description: magazines containing articles by Jim Walsh on George O'Connor
Contents: 2 copies of January 1955 issue, 1 each of February and March 1955

Folder: 51
Date span: 1916 September 6
Description: one copy of a trade magazine, many pages have had articles cut out


The folders in Box 2 are divided by organization and arranged in alphabetical order.

Folder: 1
Alfalfa Club I
Date span: 1928 to 1945
Description: Programs of the Annual Dinners and other testimonial banquets, ephemera, correspondence

Folder: 2
Alfalfa Club II
Date span: 1913 to 1946
Description: Programs for Annual Dinners

Folder: 3
Alfalfa Club III
Date span: 1913 to 1940
Description: Programs for the Annual Dinners

Folder: 4
American Gas Institute
Date span: 1907 October 17
Description: Program for Second Annual Banquet

Folder: 5
Army Day
Date span: 1936 April 6
Description: Programs and seating list for the Army Day Banquet

Folder: 6
Bankers Association, D.C.
Date span: 1905 to 1945
Description: Dinner programs, menus and seating lists

Folder: 7
Bar Association of D.C.
Date span: 1914 to 1946
Description: Programs for the Annual Dinners and other banquets, seating lists and menus, plus one program for a dramatic presentation

Folder: 8
Building and Loan League, D.C.
Date span: 1936 to 1946
Description: Programs for the Annual Dinner and Dance

Folder: 9
Board of Trade, Washington
Date span: 1936 February 1
Description: Menu, seating list and program for 1936 Mid-Winter Dinner

Folder: 10
Military Order of the Carabao
Date span: 1913 to 1941
Description: Annual Dinner Programs and seating lists, and song books

Folder: 11
Carroll Institute
Date span: 1897 to 1904
Description: Annual Banquet Program for 1904, printed card of 1897, newspaper clipping

Folder: 12
Catholic University of America
Date span: 1919 to 1937
Description: Miscellaneous tickets and programs

Folder: 13
National Retail Dry Goods Assoc.
Date span: 1913 February 4
Description: Program of songs sung by O'Connor for the Second Annual Dinner

Folder: 14
Date span: 1929 to 1932
Description: Elk newsletter of 1929 and FIftieth Anniversary Program

Folder: 15
Evening Star Club
Date span: 1941 to 1942
Description: Programs of two Club Dinners

Folder: 16
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick I
Date span: 1910 to 1944
Description: Programs for Annual Banquets

Folder: 17
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick II
Date span: 1934 to 1946
Description: Typescripts of comic presentations, programs, seating lists for Annual Banquets, invitations, etc.

Folder: 18
Georgetown University
Date span: 1899 to 1940
Description: Commencement programs, Glee Club and Mandolin Concert Programs, Varsity Dinner Programs, etc.

Folder: 19
Gridiron Club I
Date span: 1927 to 1938
Description: Seating Lists, menus and dinner programs

Folder: 20
Gridiron Club II
Date span: 1914 to 1938
Description: Invitations, seating lists, other printed cards, and menus of various Club events. Also a 1914 February 14 Club Banquet Menu with Color Caricatures of prominent persons, with satirical poems

Folder: 21
Gridiron Club III
Date span: 1934 to 1941
Description: Seating lists for seasonal Dinners

Folder: 22
Harvard Club
Date span: 1938 to 1939
Description: Two Annual Dinner Programs
Folder: 23
Hogan, Frank J.
Date span: 1927 to 1930
Description: Two dinner programs for events at the home of Frank Hogan

Folder: 24
Jeweler's Club
Date span: 1906 February 22
Description: Table Chart and Program for Eleventh Annual Banquet

Folder: 25
Kelly Street Business Men's Assoc.
Date span: 1941 to 1943
Description: Menu, program and song typescript

Folder: 26
Knights of Columbus
Date span: 1899, 1932
Description: Two banquet programs

Folder: 27
Lambs Glee Club
Date span: 1898, 1941
Description: Programm for May 1898 and April 1941

Folder: 28
Lawyer's Club
Date span: 1935, 1945
Description: Annual Dinner announcements

Folder: 29
Laymen's Retreat
Date span: 1936 to 1940
Description: Banquet menus and programs


Folders 1-15 contain more organization materials, with the last three folders assigned to miscellaneous associations, clubs and corporations. Folders 16 and 17 contain miscellaneous printed ephemera, cards and invitations. Folders 19-26 contain clippings collected by O'Connor, and folders 27 and 28 clippings of obituaries and feature stories after his death.

Folder: 1
Oldest Inhabitants of D.C., Assoc.
Date span: 1942 to 1945
Description: Meeting announcements, menus of Birthday Celebrations, programs

Folder: 2
Pewter Plate Club
Date span: 1914
Description: Seating Lists for 14 March 1914 and 25 April 1914

Folder: 3
National Press Club
Date span: 1927 to 1941
Description: Dinner Programs, a minstrel show program, and reception tickets, including events for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (1 admission ticket) and Charles Lindbergh (2 admission tickets and announcement)

Folder: 4
Princeton Alumni
Date span: 1905 February 16
Description: Menu for the 34th Annual Dinner of D.C. Alumni Assoc.

Folder: 5
Psi Upsilon Association
Date span: 1905 March 27
Description: Program of the 20th Annual Banquet and list of members

Folder: 6
Spencerian Business College
Date span: 1884 May 22
Description: Card announcing graduating exercises

Folder: 7
Temple Lodge U.D.
Date span: 1907
Description: Menu and Program for Thanksgiving Day Banquet

Folder: 8
University Club
Date span: 1914-1944
Description: Programs, posters, announcements, seating lists and a song book from various Club events

Folder: 9
White House Correspondents
Date span: 1930-1945
Description: Invitations, announcements, programs and seating lists

Folder: 10
J.R. Young School of Expression
Date span: 1938-1941
Description: Announcements, songs, "letters," and two "Football Schedules"

Folder: 11
Miscellaneous-- Assoc. & Corp.
Date span: 1912-1944
Description: Programs, menus, announcements etc. from events of various associations and corporations

Folder: 12
Date span: 1908-1941
Description: Programs, announcements and seating lists from various functions of various clubs

Folder: 13
Date span: 1914-1934
Description: Programs from commemorative dinners and other events

Folder: 14
Miscellaneous--Testimonial Dinners
Date span: 1905-1946
Description: Programs from testimonial dinners for various individuals

Folder: 15
Miscellaneous Programs
Date span: 1899-1944
Description: programs and posters from miscellaneous events

Folder: 16
Miscellaneous--Invitations, etc.
Date span: 1897-1945
Description: Miscellaneous invitations, business cards and menu cards.

Folder: 17
Miscellaneous Printed Items
Date span: 1915-1939
Description: Article reprints and ephemera

Folder: 18
Clippings I--Feature Articles
Date span: 1925, 1936

Folder: 19
Clippings II
Date span: 1938-1946

Folder: 20
Clippings III
Date span: 1915-1941

Folder: 21
Clippings IV
Date span: 1930's, undated

Folder: 22
Clippings V
Date span: 1930's to 1940's

Folder: 23
Clippings VI--Obituaries etc.
Date span: 1946

Folder: 24
Clippings VII
Date span: mostly 1915, early 1900's

Folder: 25
Clippings VIII--"George O'Connor Says"
Date span: 1929
Description: Clippings of Newspaper column by O'Connor

Folder: 26
Clippings IX--Photo Clippings
Date span: 1930's

Folder: 27
Clippings X--Death Of O'Connor--1
Date span: 1946

Folder: 28
Clippings XI--Death of O'Connor--2
Date span: 1946


Folders 1-5 contain materials collected (but not organized) by O'Connor for use in performances. Folders 6-11 contain materials collected, compiled and organized by O'Connor. The remaining folders contained published sheet music.

Folder: 1
Date span: 1940's
Description: Letters about music and promotional flyers about recordings

Folder: 2
Songs, Skits and Jokes-Typescript 1
Date span: undated
Description: Collection of songs, etc. used by O'Connor in his performances

Folder: 3
Songs, Skits and Jokes-Typescript 2
Date span: undated
Description: Collection of songs, etc. used by O'Connor in his performances

Folder: 4
Songs, Skits and Jokes--Manuscript
Date span: undated
Description: Collection of songs, etc. used by O'Connor in his performances

Folder: 5
Collected Songs--Manuscript
Date span: undated

Folder: 6
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 1
Date span: undated
Description: Typescript of songs, etc. collected by O'Connor

Folder: 7
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 2
Date span: undated
Description: clippings among the songs, etc. collected by O'Connor

Folder: 8
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 3
Date span: undated
Description: Typescript of songs, etc. collected by O'Connor

Folder: 9
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 4
Date span: undated
Description: Manuscripts of songs collected by O'Connor

Folder: 10
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 5
Date span: undated
Description: Typescripts of stories collected by O'Connor

Folder: 11
"Songs, Jokes and Stories" 6
Date span: undated
Description: Typescript of songs, etc. collected by O'Connor

Folder: 12
Columbia Records
Date span: 1916-1917, undated
Description: Record catalogs, advertisement, O'Connor Discography

Folder: 13
"College Songs"
Date span: Copyright 1880
Description: Printed book of music

Folder: 14
Sheet Music I--Well Known Favorites
Date span: 1899-1953
Description: see list below
Contents: "Long Gone," Words by Chris Smith and Music by
W.C. Handy, "Featured by Jack Amick..," Copyright 1920 by Pace and Handy Music Co. Signed by Jack Amick

"Allez-Vous-en,Go Away," Words and Music by Cole Porter, from Can-Can, Copyright 1953 by Cole Porter, published by Buxton Hill Music Corporation
"P.S. Mr. Johnson Sends Regards," words and Music by George M. Cohan, copyright 1899 by George L. Spaulding, Publication information missing

"Cohen Owes Me Ninety Seven Dollars," Words and Music by Irving Berlin, copyright
1915 by Waterson, Berlin and Snyder Co.
"God Bless America," Words and Music by Irving
Berlin, copyright 1939 by Irving Berlin Inc.
"You're A Grand Old Flag," Words and Music by George M. Cohan, copyright 1933 by
George M. Cohan, and published by F.B. Haviland Pub. Co.
"Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home?", Words and Music by Hughie Cannon, Copyright 1933 by Robbins Music Corp.

Folder: 15
Sheet Music II--Irish Songs
Date span: 1900-1940
Description: 13 items

Folder: 16
Sheet Music III-"Coon Songs" 1
Date span: 1900-1930's
Description: 26 items

Folder: 17
Sheet Music IV--"Coon Songs" 2
Date span: 1900-1930's
Description: 18 items

Folder: 18
Sheet Music V--Miscellaneous
Date span: 1900-1940's
Description: 25 items

Folder: 19
Sheet Music VI--Fragile
Date span: 1901-1924
Description: 5 songs, including "Does the Spearmint lose its Flavor on the Bed Post Overnight"

The remaining boxes contain various oversize materials. Box 5 contains sheet music, while Boxes 6 and 7 contain scrapbooks and certificates.


Folder: 1
Oversize Sheet Music--Autograph
Date span: undated
Description: 17 items, apparently copied by O'Connor

Folder: 2
Oversize Sheet Music--Inscribed
Date span: 1917-1941
Description: see below
Contents: "Washington My Washington," Music and Lyrics
by John J. Daly, copyright 1941 by Hubert J. Braun inscribed by author to O'Connor on inside cover
"I Took My Harp To A Party," Words by Desmond
Carter and Music by Noel Gray, copyright 1933 by Chappell & CO.
inscribed to O'Connor on the front cover

"Sons of America, America Needs You," Lyric by Arthur F. Holt and Music by William T. Pierson, copyright 1917 by W.T. Pierson and Co.
inscribed by Pierson on the front cover
"Where Is My Meyer," Compiled by L. Wolfe Gilbert, arrangement copyright 1927 by Leo Feist inscribed to O'Connor by Gilbert on front cover with TLS 1928 January 16 from Gilbert to O'Connor, which accompanied the music
also oversize envelope from Vogel Music

Folder: 3
Oversize Sheet Music--Photostats
Date span: 1899-1920's
Description: 13 items

Folder: 4
Oversize Sheet Music--Irish Songs
Date span: 1892-1930
Description: 18 items

Folder: 5
Oversize Sheet Music--"Coon Songs"
Date span: 1900-1920
Description: 19 items

Folder: 6
Oversize Sheet Music--Misc.
Date span: 1900-1930's
Description: 13 items


BOX 6 Single item
Scrapbook I
Date span: 1897-1941
Description: Newspaper items and photos

BOX 7 Folder: 1
Scrapbook II
Date span: 1890's-1946
Description: Mostly ephemera from O'Connor performances and clubs

BOX 7 Folder: 2
Group Hospitalization of D.C.
Date span: 1946
Description: Memorial, bound, from Group Hospitalization, in memory of O'Connor

BOX 7 Folder: 3
"Congratulatory Letters, Cards..."
Date span: 1941
Description: Letters, Cards and Telegrams congratulating O'Connor on his election to the District Title Insurance Company, in green leather bound scrapbook with slipcase
Contents: including 1 TLS 1941 January 18 from Franklin
Roosevelt, and
1 TLS 1941 January 17 from Arthur A. O'Leary, president of Georgetown University

BOX 7 Folder: 4
J.R. Young School Of Expression
Date span: 1936 May
Description: two satirical certificates inscribed to O'Connor

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