Political Science

Robert F. Wagner Papers

The personal and official papers of Robert F. Wagner, long-term United States senator from New York, are an important resource for scholars in many fields. They constitute without question one of the best sources available for the legislative history of the New Deal. Though Wagner is best known for his work in labor legislation, the collection has important segments documenting the senator's involvement with civil rights legislation, immigration (especially from Nazi Germany), and the recognition of a Jewish state in Palestine. Correspondents include Franklin D. Roosevelt and almost every important federal and New York state official of the period.
Gift of Robert F. Wagner, Jr.
1912-1949 * 588.00 linear feet

Leon H. Keyserling Papers

The collection includes that part of Keyserling's papers which relate to his long tenure as legislative aide to Senator Robert F. Wagner. Besides correspondence from Wagner, it contains numerous drafts of bills written by Keyserling, such as the Housing Act of 1937 and the Wagner National Labor Relations Act (present in eight separate drafts), files of campaign speeches, and related material.
Gift of Mrs. Leon H. Keyserling
1933-1946 * 4.50 linear feet

Earle B. Mayfield Papers

Though Senator Mayfield's personal papers cover virtually all of his lifespan, they focus most strongly on his term (1923-1929) in the United States Senate. A quantity of materials, however, relate to his service as a Texas state senator and, more importantly, as a Texas railroad commissioner. Mayfield was elected to the U. S. Senate and confirmed despite malicious accusations of receiving campaign funds from the Ku Klux Klan.
Gift of Edith S. and John S. Mayfield
1890-1964 * 49.50 linear feet

Brien McMahon Papers

The private papers of Senator Brien McMahon, comprising correspondence, manuscripts, printed articles, clippings, and photographs, offer insight into McMahon's rise to eminence in the Justice Department and in the Connecticut and national Democratic parties in the 1930s. His senatorial campaigns of 1944 and 1950 are also documented, as is his attempt to capture the Democratic presidential nomination in 1952. Correspondents include Franklin D. Roosevelt, J. Edgar Hoover, Homer S. Cummings, and a host of other government officials and members of Congress.
Gift of Patricia M. Fox
ca. 1930-1953 * 17.00 linear feet

Harry L. Hopkins Papers

The Hopkins Papers comprise the personal archives of Franklin D. Roosevelt's most trusted advisor. The papers contain appointment books and diaries, drafts of Hopkins' speeches and memoranda, and extensive correspondence with his family and friends, including letters from President and Mrs. Roosevelt, Averell Harriman, the Winston Churchill family, George C. Marshall, Carl Sandburg, and Felix Frankfurter. Among other frequent correspondents are presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and Lyndon B. Johnson as well as Bernard Baruch, Joseph Kennedy, Harold L. Ickes, Rexford G. Tugwell, Robert E. Sherwood, Max Beaverbrook, and Anthony Eden. The papers help document virtually all facets of Hopkins' career, from his role as chief architect of the New Deal to his becoming Roosevelt's Secretary of Commerce. There is also important material regarding his World War II work as head of Lend-Lease and as a major American policy maker, especially in the matter of Roosevelt's negotiations with Churchill and Stalin. The original gift has been supplemented by an important group of early family correspondence, chiefly relating to Ethel Gross Hopkins, the gift of June Hopkins.
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Gift of Robert Hopkins
ca. 1890-1961 * 34.00 linear feet

Lloyd W. Bowers Papers / John W. Davis Papers

The extensive correspondence files of United States solicitors general Lloyd W. Bowers (for 1909-1910) and John W. Davis (for 1913-1918) concerning for the most part nominations and applications for various federal government positions.
Gift of Mrs. William J. Hughes
1909-1918 * 6.00 linear feet

Emily Smith Warner Collection

The Warner Collection embodies the very few surviving personal papers of former New York governor and unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith. Assembled by the governor's daughter, by whom it was presented, the collection includes a rich assemblage of family scrapbooks and other materials documenting Governor Smith's long career in local, state, and national politics.
Gift of Emily Smith Warner
1913-1940 * 11.50 linear feet

Robert Low Bacon Papers

The Bacon Papers provide a detailed look at the New Deal's "loyal opposition," documenting Bacon's career as a Republican member of the House of Representatives from 1923 until his death in 1938. Bacon represented an affluent New York State district and made a reputation as a consistent and determined opponent of the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Bacon Papers are supplemented by those of his wife, Virginia Murray Bacon (described under American History).
Gift of the estate of Mrs. Robert Low Bacon
ca. 1915-1938 * 91.50 linear feet

McCarthy Historical Project Archive

The McCarthy Historical Project Archive, created to document the 1968 campaign by Senator Eugene J. McCarthy for the Democratic presidential nomination, is perhaps the first large collection of records of any American political primary campaign. It has served since as a model for chroniclers of the political efforts of others, notably of George McGovern in 1972. Records of the national campaign office are supplemented by selected records of state offices, paid television and radio advertising, speech and release files, and a wealth of written and oral history narratives by many of the most active participants in the campaign.
Gift of the McCarthy Historical Project and of Senator and Mrs. Eugene J. McCarthy
1967-1970 * 445.00 linear feet

Other McCarthy Campaign Collections

The McCarthy Historical Project Archive has been supplemented since 1970 by a number of collections which bear on the 1968 campaign as well as on Senator McCarthy's previous and subsequent political career:

Archives of the Fair Campaign Practices Committee

Records of the Fair Campaign Practices Committee include papers, correspondence, and related files alleging instances and documenting charges of dirty dealing in state and national elections. Coverage of the 1960 presidential election is especially detailed, as is that for the 1964 New York senatorial race between Robert F. Kennedy and the Republican incumbent, Kenneth Keating. Also included are the committee's internal records documenting its origin, composition, governance, and fundraising activities.
Gift of the Committee
1954-1976 * 70.50 linear feet

Archives of the Center for the Public Financing of Elections

The archives of the center document its activities from its inception in June, 1973, through its advocacy of the Federal Election Campaigns Act Amendments of 1974, to the closing of its offices in December, 1975. The collection includes legal records, reference files, correspondence, and financial records of the center.
Gift of the Center
1973-1976 * 19.50 linear feet

William H. Natcher Papers

The collection comprises a substantial fragment of the papers of this longtime member of the U. S. House of Representatives, where he represented Kentucky's second district. To a large extent the papers consist of letters received from White House political officers, influential constituents and supporters, and others.
ca. 1970-1985 * 2.50 linear feet

Heinrich A. Rommen Papers

The Rommen Papers include extensive correspondence files as well as numerous manuscript drafts in German and galley and page proofs in English for his best-known work, The State in Catholic Thought (1945, based on his 1935 German publication Der Staat in der katholischen Gedankenwelt). Rommen's political philosophy found its other great expression in The Natural Law (1947, translated from his Die ewige Wiederkehr des Naturrechts, 1936).
Gift of Mrs. Heinrich Rommen
1923-1967 * 5.50 linear feet

William J. Walsh Collection

Composed of papers, correspondence, and an extensive clipping file relating to practical aspects of political campaigning on all levels, the collection has a special emphasis on New York State. It was assembled over a period of nearly 50 years by William J. Walsh, former campaign adviser to New York Mayor Fiorello J. LaGuardia and founder of the Citizenship Research Project.
Gift of Mrs. William J. Walsh
1930-1980 * 96.00 linear feet

Dorothy Dow Butturff Papers

The papers comprise two distinct series of correspondence: the first, letters received by Mrs. Butturff from Eleanor Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, Malvina Thompson, and others; the second, a series of letters written to her family by Mrs. Butturff while she was serving as Eleanor Roosevelt's White House social secretary, 1933-1945. This latter group was published in book form as Eleanor Roosevelt, An Eager Spirit: The Letters of Dorothy Dow 1933-1945. The collection also includes a series of photographs of the Roosevelts, the John F. Kennedys, the Lyndon Johnsons, and others.
Gift of Mrs. Butturff and of Barbara Butturff Delaney
1933-1985 * 1.00 linear foot

Editorial Cartoon Collections

Politicians and the political process are a frequent topic for the editorial cartoonist. The library's collection, totalling more than 5,000 original cartoons dating from the late nineteenth century to the present, frequently offers corroborative evidence in hotly debated questions of American politics. (For a full discussion of these collections see under Visual & Performing Arts).

MacNeil Collection

Formed by Washington journalist and novelist Neil MacNeil, the collection originally contained approximately 6,000 monographs, serials, pamphlets, and government documents relating to the history of the United States Congress, its rules and proceedings, and the men who have served--and occasionally fought--in it. The collection, especially strong in early pamphlet material and in its complete runs of congressional directories and records of debates, is divided between the main stacks and the rare books section, which houses more than 1,000 titles.

Barnes Collection

The Barnes Collection is, in fact, the photographic morgue file of the Barnes Company, which specialized in the production of albums reproducing the faces and giving capsule biographies of members of Congress during the latter part of the nineteenth century. The collection includes 501 imperial carte de visite photographs, principally of members of Congress from 1872 to 1876, many of the photographs being embellished by added signatures trimmed from letters or other documents.
ca. 1870-1876 * 501 items

Other Political Science Holdings

The foundation of the library's varied collections in the field of political science is a nucleus of first or early editions of classic writings by such authors as Bodin, Godwin, Hobbes, Locke, and Mill. These are supplemented by a strong collection of American state and federal statutes of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. A number of manuscript collections beside those described above contain material of potential value to the political scientist, perhaps most notably:

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