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Pathways to the Presidency: Election and Inauguration Items from Special Collections
Charles Marvin Fairchild (SFS '48) Memorial Gallery
November 17, 2008 – March 3, 2009

Tools for Researching in Special Collections
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Tools for Researching in Special Collections
Many of the department's researching tools are available online here. For more information about how to use these tools while searching, please see the Search Strategy section below.

Web Page Search Engine
Search the Special Collections web pages

GEORGE, the Library's catalog

Items in Special Collections are designated by the location SPCOLL.

Fine Print List
Browse the list for fine prints by artist, OR view the complete print list below.
Artist List | Print List

Collections List with Finding Aids
A complete list of collections. Browse the alphabet below by collection name.
A-D | E-J | K-M | N-R | S-Z

Keyword Index
Best used for finding information on a specific topic. Not recommended for general subject browsing.

Subject Guide
The full text of our published catalog. Best for browsing a general subject.


Search Strategy
Below you will find an explanation of the searching tools we have available on our website for materials from the Manuscripts Collections, Rare Books, Fine Print Collection, and University Archives.

If your interest in our Manuscripts Collections is broad, we suggest you begin by consulting our Subject Guide where collections are listed by general topic. You will find links to the individual collections and online finding aids. If your interest is specific, begin with our Keyword Index. Here you will find all of the collections’ index terms merged into one main index. You may see what items our collections contain by looking up a key word (name, place, event, title). Unfortunately, the format of the index makes browsing time-consuming as you have to click through by segment. If you know the name of the collection you are interested in, you may look for it in our alphabetical list of collections. For most of these collections, you will find a link to an online finding aid with folder registers and an index. However, many of our important collections were processed before the electronic age, and are represented here on the web page by name only. Typed finding aids are available for most of these and can be viewed in the reading room of our department.

Our Rare Books do not circulate and may be viewed only in our reading room. To search for a book in our holdings, you may use the Georgetown University Library catalog, GEORGE. Books in our collection will be specified by various location descriptions beginning LAU SPCOLL.

The Fine Print Collection can be searched by browsing the list of artists' names alone or by the list of artist and titles online. A selection of paintings, sculptures, and other works in the University Art Collection is listed by artist and title, with additional information and images for select works available on the University Art Collection's website. Current and many past exhibits in the Fairchild Gallery can be browsed for inventory, descriptions, and images on the Department's exhibits web page.

For those interested in researching aspects of the University’s history, our guide to the University Archives can provide a logical starting point. Also available are a selection of essays on University history and a sampling from the Archives photographic collection. Please note that archival records, like other Special Collections material, do not circulate. All published documents housed in the Archives are open for use. The following restrictions govern the use of unpublished documents: unpublished material dating from 1971 and later may only be consulted with the permission of the office which created it; unpublished material dating from 1970 and before may be used with the permission of the Archivist or the creating office, unless otherwise restricted. For additional information or to schedule a visit, contact University Archivist Lynn Conway via email or at 202-687-7631.


Research Requests
So you have used the tools available here to determine that we have material you wish to see.
What next? Experienced researchers will realize that there is not a complete substitute for actually visiting our department and doing the work yourself. We are open Monday-Friday 9 am to 5:30 pm. We are open to all who obey our rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us before your arrival. There is a list of staff contacts available online.

For those who simply can’t visit, we will do what we can to help in spite of severe staff limitations and legal restrictions on copying. Please contact the appropriate person for your request from the list of staff contacts to describe the nature of your inquiry, the intended use of the research material and a summary of your research project. There are online forms available below to help you provide us will complete information about your request.

If you are requesting photocopies or photographic duplications, you will need to submit either the Xerox Copy Order & Billing Form or the Photographic Copy Order Form, as appropriate. There are links below to online versions of these forms. For Xerox photocopies, we charge 25 cents per page for the first 100 pages copied and 50 cents per page thereafter. Please contact David Hagen for information about the cost of photographic copies and scans.


Requesting Copies from Special Collections


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