Seal of John Carroll, as reproduced in stained glass. Healy Building, Georgetown University

This exhibit would not have been possible without the cooperation of the following institutions, collections, and individuals. Items loaned for the exhibit are designated in the catalog by abbreviations following each name below.

The compilers of this catalog wish to thank all of those who have borne with their questions, impatience, and persistent demands for assistance. Professors Dorothy Brown, Clifford Chieffo, and Richard Duncan have helped, as have Rev. Henry Bertels, S. J., Rev. Gerald P. Fogarty, S. J., Mr. Carl Chamberlain, and Mr. Richard Mehring. Our special thanks go to Mr. John N. Pearce, whose advice and writings on Georgetown's silver articles have been of the greatest assistance. Finally, this catalog could not have existed at all without the material assistance provided by Rev. Robert J. Henle, S. J.
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