The papers of James Theberge, former ambassador to Chile and Nicaragua, are arranged in series in sixteen boxes closely approximating Theberge's own ordering of items. Whenever possible, items were kept under the headings he provided for them. Most correspondence to and from individuals has been put in a separate Correspondence Series which has been arranged chronologically and which comprises 1/2 of Box 1. The following series, the Foreign Country Series, contains articles, reports, memos, some clippings, and personal notes arranged according to individual country or area. This series comprises 1/2 of box 1 through 1/2 of box 9. The most important and largest collection of items relates to Nicaragua, so that material is arranged first in this series, followed by material on Argentina and Cuba. Next, material in this series is arranged according to area, i.e., the Caribbean, Central America, and Latin America, followed by miscellaneous countries and the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union follows area countries because much of the information on the preceding individual countries as well as the miscellaneous countries and areas covers the same geographical area or refers to regions in the same area. Also, the Foreign Country Series is followed by the US Events and Policies Series, which has Detente as its first subject. Thus, a researcher may be able to look for information on Detente and the Soviet Union in the same box. The Detente listing is followed by a separate listing on Kissinger which contains reports, articles, clippings, speeches, Theberge's notes and reprints of interviews on Kissinger which Theberge saved. These listings are followed by miscellaneous listings on US Events and Policies which refer to US foreign policy, internal policies, and developments within the US. This series consists of 1/2 of box 9 through box 12.

The US Events and Policies Series is followed by the Manuscripts Series, comprising Box 13, which contains outlines, notes, texts of speeches, articles and books or drafts of books written or edited by James Theberge. This series precedes a short Personal Items Series [approximately 1/2 of Box 14] which contains personal items relating to Theberge, including the photographs contained in the collection. These series are followed by a Miscellaneous Printed Items Series which includes dissertations, theses, and manuscripts which Theberge collected from friends, students, and colleagues on a variety of topics [contained in 1/2 of Box 14 and 1/2 of Box 15]. The last series in the collection is a Clippings Series, which contains newpaper and magazine clippings and articles on Chile, Nicaragua, and other topics. It includes 1/2 of Box 15 and all of Box 16, the last box in the collection.


Box 1
Foreign Country Series - Nicaragua
Date Span 1975 - 1976
Description: Remainder of box contains information on Nicaragua and JT's position as US Ambassador to Nicaragua. Includes undated Nicaraguan manifestos (in Spanish), speech by Kissinger, articles, pamphlets, draft of economic memorandum, and JT's notes on AID task force, personnel, events in Nicaragua, US policy in Nicaraagua, meetings with Kissinger and others, and notes for his agenda. Also contains list of membors of ambassador's office, draft of paper on geothermal energy project, confidential paper on MILGP, summary of information about Nicaragua, unclassified State Department reports, cables, and telegrams, and GON defense expenditures. Also contains clippings on government politics and the FSLN.

Box 2
Foreign Country Series - Nicaragua
Date Span 1975 - 1977
Description: Clippings, articles, cables, reports, notes, unclassified telegrams, and studies refer to GON, education, press censorship, US - Nicaragua relations, economics, human rights issues, FSLN, Somoza, Development Assistance Program, IMF, and Carter Administration Foreign Policy. Includes transcripts of statements of Nicaraguans before Senate Foreign Operations Subcommittee, Nicaraguan Government Information Service press releases, copy of 1956 Treaty between US and Nicaragua, and JT's 1975 briefing books which contain suggestions and reports on the internal working conditions and policies of the embassy.

Box 3
Foreign Country Series - Nicaragua
Date Span April 1977 - 1985
Description: Clippings, unclassified documents, cables, NGIS press releases, statements, articles, notes, and reports refer to US Government foreign policy, FSLN, economics, archaeology, human rights, and Nicaragua's 1972 earthquake. Includes transcripts of statements before Senate Foreign Operations Subcommittee, transcript of hearings on private sector assessment of Central America, US document on US policy towards Nicaragua's FSLN regime marked "Secret, Sensitive," and copy of 1987 Sandista Constitution.

Box 4
Foreign Country Series - Argentina
Date Span 1958 - 1973
Description: Articles, reports, studies, statements, clippings, memos, and JT's personal notes refer to Argentinian wage and income policy, economics, agriculture, US aid, Agency for International Development, CSIS travel itinerary.

Box 4a
Foreign Country Series - Cuba
Date Span 1975 - 1977
Description: Telegrams, articles, clippings, and cables refer to Bureau of National Affairs Analysis, Cuba and Nicaragua, Kissinger and Castro, Cuban forces, and US relations with Cuba. Includes JT's Cuban briefing book and texts of speeches by JT, Castro, and Kissinger.

Box 5
Foreign Country Series - Cuba/Caribbean
Date Span 1973- 1978
Description: Papers, press releases, pamphlets, notes, clippings, transcripts of hearings, reports with JT's notes, and airgrams refer to human rights in Cuba, "The Media and the Cuban Revolution," US - Cuban relations, a Caribbean conference in the Dominican Republic, the sugar cartel, US security interests, US - Caribbean policy, and stability in the Caribbean. Also includes JT's briefing book on the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Box 6
Foreign Country Series - Central America
Date Span 1975 - 1985
Description: Articles in Spanish and English, cables, clippings, notes, papers, and articles marked "for official use only" refer to Reagan's Central America policy, political and military balance in Central America, OAS, the Soviets and Central America, the Caribbean Basin, trade in Central America, the Panama Canal Zone, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Also contains charts on situation in El Salvador, transcripts of TV interviews with Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Ronald Reagan and others, text of statement by Luis Aguilar, text of JT's speech on "Soviet Strategy in Latin America in the 1980's, and JT's briefing book for Mexico.

Box 7
Foreign Country Series - Latin America
Date Span 1966 - 1976
Description: Clippings, JT's notes, press releases, bulletins, CSIS Seminar papers, and reports on population policy and Latin American development, economic integration, urbanization, and US security interests. Includes land reform studies, AID Economic Data Book, and CSIS study on Catholicism and Political Development in Latin America.

Box 8
Foreign Country Series - Miscellaneous Countries
Date Span 1975 - 1981
Description: Articles, conference information, clippings, speeches, reports, telegrams, statements, and papers refer to the Third World, South Atlantic, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, the Catholic Church in Latin America, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Andean Pact, Angola, the United Nations, Zaire, developing countrues, Kissinger, JT's trip to Spain, the Institute for Conflict and Policy Studies, the Falklands, China, Saudi Arabia, and South America.

Box 9
Foreign Country Series - Soviet Union
Date Span 1974 - 1977
Description: Articles, clippings, reprints, tables, cables, and reports refer to Latin America, Cuba, Portugal, Central America, USSR Foreign policy, and CPSU Congress. Includes CIA report on Soviet Commercial Operations in the West.

Box 9a
US Events and Policies Series - Detente
Date Span January 1970 - September 1977
Description: Reports, articles, clippings, reprints, translations of Russian books, clippings, speeches, hearings, telegrams, memos, and JT's notes refer to the Soviet attitude, trips, a Soviet - American symposium, conferences, major treaties, the Internal Security Act, trade unions, Kissinger, Solzhenitsyn, and SALT II. Includes a memo from the Polish Government in Exile.

Box 10
US Events and Policies Series - Detente/Kissinger
Date Span 1973 - 1979
Description: Articles, clippings, statements, press releases, reprints of interviews, speeches, telegrams, and JT's notes refer to USSR and US policy, Kissinger "and the rest of the world" [sic], Kissinger and Ford, US - Latin America policy, detente, and Jimmy Carter. Includes a report on USSR and US Policy prepared by the commission on critical choices for America and the text of Jimmy Carter's Inaugural speech.

Box 11
US Events and Policies Series - Miscellaneous
Date Span 1975 - 1977
Description: Clippings, reports, State Department summaries and statements, an unidentified typed memo (June 27, 1977) and telegrams refer to Carter's foreign policy, including his Latin American policy, Cyrus Vance, US Human Rights policy, US trade, energy, economics, Congress and foreign policy, OAS and OPEC.

Box 12
US Events and Policies Series - Miscellaneous
Date Span 1957 - 1980
Description: Clippings, reports, drafts of papers, bulletins, journals, and memos refer to NATO, US program budgeting, McGovern's defense policy, national security, the defense budget, science, politics, military planning, agriculture, US Census, computers, economics, communism, religious freedom and the Supreme Court, world economic tables, and Inter-American bank business. Includes McGovern's Defense Policy Papers [1/19/72], Political Development and Political Decay by Samuel P. Huntington, Ten Common Pitfalls by Kahn and Mann, Quality of Life of Individuals and Communities in the U.S.A. by Daniel P. Moynihan, and information for JT's Transport Project Analysis.

Box 13
Manuscripts Series
Date Span 1967 - 1987
Description: Outlines, texts of speeches, articles, notes by JT , and drafts of books written or edited by JT. Includes some correspondence, data for books, and a Book Publications List of texts JT has edited or authored. Draft copies or copies of the following: "Pro-Zionest Lobby in the US " by JT [1960], External Capital Requirements and Economic Development: The Case of Argentina by JT & Francis Masson [1967], "Brazil's Gloomy Prospects" by JT [1968], Politics and the Alliance for Progress by JT [1970], report on McGovern's Alternative National Defense Posture, Russian in the Caribbean edited by JT, basic data for Caribbean Sea Power Study, Soviet Policy in Latin America edited by JT [1974], Development and Development Planning in Saudi Arabia, The Origin, Development, and Rise of the FSLN in Nicaragua , material for Reflections of a Diplomat, and various speeches.

Box 14
Personal Items series/Miscellaneous Printed Items
Date Span 1961 - 1981
Description: Includes JT's personal items, such as club and insurance information, travel itinerary and notes for Thailand [1974], biographical information, miscellaneous personal items, and photos. Photos include 9 unidentified photos (some of JT and his children), 1 photo of Oxford-Cambridge Dinner [Nov. 15, 1961], 1 photo [and negative] of Hope Portocarrero de Somoza, 1 photo [and negative] of Anastasio Somoza and Dinorah Sampson, and 1 photo [and negative] of Robert and Anastasio Somoza. Personal items include clipping on JT from Federal Staff Directory, Galley Proof for JT's listing in Who's Who [1978], and JT's resume for 1979. Box also includes theses, dissertations, and manuscripts collected by JT from friends, students, and colleagues on Spanish foreign policy, Soviet-Latin America relations, the Caribbean, Soviet foreign policy, Chile, and consumerism.

Box 15
Miscellaneous Printed Items Series/Clippings
Date Span 1963- 1980
Description: Contains manuscripts, pamphlets, and clippings, including autographed copy of Memories of Turtle Reef by Bernard Nietschmann and copy of Thoughts on the History of Nicaragua by Jose Coronel Urtecho translated by Aaron S. Brown, former Ambassador to Nicaragua. Clippings refer to Chile, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Allen.

Box 16
Clippings Series
Date Span 1977 - 1987
Description: Includes clippings which refer to Chile, Nicaragua, and press material from 1983.

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