The Norah Tracey Collection

Norah Tracey was born in England on December 10, 1903. She led a very active social life, especially in the 1920's, attending parties and dances, and often staying out until 5 a.m. at the Kit Kat Club or 500 Club. She was a warm, vibrant, loving woman who attempted to live life to the fullest. She loved to travel and made friends easily when abroad. However, like many women of her time without an independent fortune or a husband's income, she often struggled with financial problems. In order to earn money in the late 1920's and early 1930's, she sent out advertisements to women travelling abroad, offering to make them linen frocks. She also apparently bought or rented flats herself, decorated them, and then let them to others. Later, during World War II, she served as a temporary assistant in the British Embassy in Washington, D. C. She strived hard to maintain her independence and rejected the idea of becoming a dancer or marrying someone in order to find financial support. Yet, despite her own small income, her family, especially her sisters, occasionally requested financial assistance from her which necessitated her requests of funds from male friends.

Men especially seemed to be attracted to Norah Tracey. She had many lovers, but apparently never married, although one letter in the collection does make reference to her "married name." She may have planned to get married during or after World War II, but her lover might have died in the war. Two of her lovers were in the war and, in both cases, their correspondence to her ends abruptly. Her lovers were attracted to her strength and courage as well as to her physical beauty, and sweet, vibrant personality. Some of her lovers refer to her "suffering" and the incredible courage she exhibited. She appears to have suffered some severe financial setbacks at different times of her life as well as debilitating physical problems which may have been complicated by her "horrors of poisoning." She spent some time in the London Clinic during World War II and had numerous doctors' visits in the early 1920's.

Despite her personal problems, she never failed to make close friends, and the range of her correspondence is impressive. The Norah Tracey Collection comprises letters from women as well as men, the old as well as the young, and her family as well as brief acquaintances. It also includes letters from friends in Hollywood, California, Washington, D.C., South Africa and France as well as from friends in England. Letters from her beaus span the period from 1923 - 1947. The Collection is organized into four series: an individual Correspondence Series which is arranged alphabetically by surname followed by a small group of letters with no surname arranged alphabetically by first name and miscellaneous correspondence; a Business Series which includes correspondence referring to Norah Tracey's sale of linen frocks, her hire of servants and maids, and her bills for the breeding and care of her pets; a Personal Series which includes correspondence from doctors, poems, plays, bills, lists, newspaper clippings, and old memorabilia; and a Photographic Series which includes photos of Norah Tracey and others.

The Correspondence Series is the largest part of the collection. Love letters from Sir Shirley Worthington-Evans, Francis Edgar Anthony (Tony) Fulford, Lord of the Manors of Fulford, Dick Riviere, a businessman, and John Stirling and "Brian," officers in the British Armed Forces during World War II, indicate the range of the status and position of her lovers. These letters are particularly interesting since they often refer to the travels of Norah Tracey or one of her lovers. The letters from "Brian" and John Stirling also describe World War II conditions in Norway and aboard ship. Letters from her mother, father, and two of her sisters show that she was apparently a devoted daughter and sister. Letters from Graham Sanders, a sailor in his late 50's or early 60's, give us a picture of a fun-loving woman who won the affections of the old as well as the young. Her correspondence from friends and acquaintances as well as lovers reveal an outgoing, thoughtful person admired by many and loved by all she knew. The few letters written by Norah Tracey to others contained in this collection illuminate her relationships, her business attempts, and her personality. As H. Struve Hensel, U. S. Assistant Secretary of the Navy during World War II, wrote, Norah Tracey had "a great sense of the beautiful and a store of knowledge and acquaintance here and there." [May 30, 1947] John Stirling's assessment of Norah Tracey appears to have been correct: "Everybody who knows you loves you." [February 8, 1945]


Number of Boxes: 1
Extent: 1.5 linear feet
Provenance: Gift of Mrs. Elizabeth von Doemming in 1986
Date Span: 1923 - 1949
Processed by: Deborah Ann Marrone
Date: April 15, 1988


Box 1 Folder 1
H. Buckmaster to NT: " be read and destroyed"
Date span: 7 Aug 1926 - 16 Jun 1930
Description: 19 ALS and 1 TLS from H. Buckmaster to NT breaking off their relationship and reinstating it several times. Refer to paying NT's debts and her family's debts as well as to his money problems, the Stock Market Crash, and the flats NT fixes up to rent to others.
Includes the following items:
ALS contains clippings on Lord Inverclyde and on Spain.
17 Aug 1928
TLS from HB to NT is a witnessed letter giving her furniture. 6 Mar 1929
ALS from NT to HB criticizing his letter and his behavior towards her.
ALS from NT's friend Annie Paul to HB thanking him for money. 20 Aug 1928
2 ALS from HB to "Miss Tracey," one of NT's sisters.
P.O. Telegram from HB to NT.
24 Dec 1927
3 International Telegrams from HB in London to NT in Spain.

Box 1 Folder 2
Stretton [Dixon] to NT: "We might have a party."
Date span: 25 Nov 1929 - 5 Mar 1930
Description: 4 ALS and 1 Telegram from SD, a member of the Dragoon Guards, to NT refer to mutual visits, parties, golf, NT's trip to Cannes, and SD's consumption of too much alcohol.
Includes the following items:
Christmas Card from DS to NT with photo of two Dragoon Guards on horseback.
Christmas Card from DS to NT with ribbons and drawing of horseman.
25 Dec 1929

Box 1 Folder 3
Tony Fulford to NT: "You...I would go through hell for"
Date span: 1 Aug 1925 - 10 Dec 1926
Description: 14 ALS from TF to NT express his love for and devotion to NT, tell her how much he "terribly, terribly" misses her and refer to mutual friends, parties, dancing, clubs, dinners, and visits. Also discuss NT's money problems and TF's desire to help.
Includes the following items:
ALS from Constance Fulford, TF's mother, to NT after the death of TF's father.
19 Nov 1926
ALS from CF to NT thanking her and asking for her help.
3 Jan 1927
Clipping of "Great Fulford on the Lake."

Box 1 Folder 4
Struve Hensel to NT: "Please be careful, little ghost."
Date span: 28 Aug 1942 - 24 May 1948
Description: 4 ALS from SH to NT refer to NT's ill health, SH's legal work in NY and DC, and trips and mutual visits, including SH's trips to London. SH expresses his fondness for NT and advises her to get married. Refers to food shortages in England, WWII, and SH's personal matters.
Includes the following items:
ALS from SH in Washington, D.C., to NT in Rhode Island.
28 Aug 1942
Telegram from SH in Washington, D.C., to NT in Pennsylvania.
25 Dec 1943
ALS from SH in NY to NT in London.
30 May 1947
ALS from SH in Washington, D.C., to NT in London.
24 May 1948
Business card inscribed "H. Struve Hensel, Assistant Secretary of the Navy."

Box 1 Folder 5
Wm. Graeme Ogden to NT: "Dearest Flick..."
Date span: 13 Jul 1924 - 6 Jan 1926
Description: 3 ALS refer to visits and flatter NT. One of these ALS refers to rumors about NT which WGO's sister apparently helped to circulate and informs "Flick" [NT] that WGO rebuked his sister and was successful in squashing nasty rumors.
Includes the following items:
Menu card from Claridge's engraved WGO.
29 Sep 1924
Telegram from WGO to NT.
13 Jul 1924

Box 1 Folder 6
Enid Orrell-Kelly to NT: "Dear Squeaky...lend me [sterling]200."
Date span: 1 Mar 1929 - 31 May 1947
Description: Correspondence concerning EOK which includes 2 TLS from W. Kent Smith, Ltd. to EOK referring to cheques which are past due, and 1 ALS from EOK to W. Kent Smith and NT referring to H. Buckmaster and asking for money. Correspondence to NT refers to visits, trips in car.
Includes the following items:
TLS from W. Kent Smith, Ltd., to Enid Orrell-Kelly, c/o NT.
1 Mar 1929
ALS from EOK to NT.
Telegram from W. Kent Smith to EOK.
19 Dec 1929
Christmas card from "Mrs. and Miss Orrell-Kelly" to NT.
25 Dec 1929
Telegram from EOK to NT.
31 Dec 1929
TLS from W. Kent Smith, Ltd. to EOK.
26 Mar 1930
ALS from EOK to W. Kent Smith with pencilled message on back for "Squeaky" [NT].
Telegram from EOK to NT.
Telegram from EOK to NT.
31 May 1947

Box 1 Folder 7
Anne Palmer to NT: "Sorry I am unable to return to you"
Date span: 1929 - 7 May 1930
Description: 5 ALS from AP, NT's maid, to NT. 1 ALS thanks NT for being so kind to her, apologizes for unspecified action, and resigns her post. 4 ALS refer to AP's sick family, apologize for AP's inability to return to NT, thank NT for gifts, ask for NT's photo.

Box 1 Folder 8
Dick Riviere to NT: "I regarded you as the ideal mate"
Date span: undated
Description: Undated correspondence (20 ALS and 2 NCS) from DR to NT refer to mutual visits, trips, DR's love for "Naughts" [NT], DR's proposal to NT, and his feelings of affection and rejection from her. Also includes apologies from DR, tells NT about his need to work.
Includes the following items:
2 Photos of DR.
ALS from Phab [sic] to NT to arrange meeting between NT and DR.
ALS from NT apologizing to DR.
Drawing by DR on one envelope of DR and Nt together with NT's pets.

Box 1 Folder 9
Dick Riviere to NT: "How naughty you are..."
Date span: 15 Oct 1926 - 19 Mar 1927
Description: Dated correspondence (15 ALS and 1 NCS) from DR to NT include many love letters and refer to money problems, Babe, NT's skiing expedition in St. Moritz, DR's parties, teas, and lunches, and NT's flirting, parties, and evenings out at clubs, including the Kit Kat Club.
Includes the following items:
Short clipping on woman with two suitors.
Note added from Babe to NT on ALS from DR to NT.
29 Dec 1926

Box 1 Folder 10
Dick Riviere to NT: "Looking forward to your coming..."
Date span: 2 Apr 1927 - 24 Oct 1929
Description: Dated correspondence includes 13 ALS from DR to NT which refer to DR's trips to Versailles, Cardiff, and Brussels, and NT's trips to Spain and Grenada, as well as DR's flourishing business and NT's furniture selling. DR also analyzes and questions their relationship.
Includes the following items:
Clipping on Sir Max Bonn and Lady Bonn's divorce case.
2 Jul 1928
Photo of DR on boat.
2 Jul 1928
Clipping on Benita Hume.
24 Jul 1928
5 Telegrams in England from DR to NT.
2 Overseas Telegrams from DR to NT.
Drawing by DR of NT on envelope.
7 Apr 1927

Box 1 Folder 11
Graham Sanders to NT: "It was nice having you on board"
Date span: 30 Sep 1928 - 5 29 1930
Description: 6 ALS from GS to NT thanking her for her letters and telling her how he and his shipmates enjoyed having her and her friends aboard ship. Refers to his family, his promotion to dock superintendent, his attempts to arrange to visit her, and his thrombosis.
Includes the following items:
Photo of Graham Sanders, NT's "old shipmate," on his ship.
Dec 1928

Box 1 Folder 12
Richard Scarsdale to NT: "...with sincerest apologies"
Date span: undated
Description: 1 NCS from Richard Nathaniel Scarsdale, 2nd Viscount, to NT, apologizing for leaving NT and her friends behind the night before and explaining that he did not receive her note until he went to bed.

Box 1 Folder 13
Donald and May Snow to NT: "...come out to Africa soon."
Date span: 28 Nov 1929 - 3 May 1930
Description: 3 ALS from DS and MS to NT which report on their stay aboard ships, their honeymoon trip, their arrival in South Africa, and their trip to Rhodesia. Also tells how they miss her and wish that she could come visit. Refers to the death of Dick Riviere's mother.
Includes the following items:
Invitation to Donald and May (Curry) Snow's wedding.
10 Apr 1930
Cablegram from DS and MS to NT.
30 Jun 1930
4 Photos of Donald and May (Curry) Snow with their dog, Sooner, aboard ship.
28 Nov 1929

Box 1 Folder 14
John Stirling to NT: "I want you to be my beloved wife"
Date span: 7 Feb 1945 - 13 Dec 1945
Description: 34 ALS from JS, a sailor in the British Navy, to NT expressing his love for her, and proposing to her several times. Refer to NT's illness, mutual gifts, proposed visits, JS's training at tactical course and his censoring work, wartime mail, bombings, and life on board ship.
Includes the following items:
Telegram from JS to NT.
13 Dec 1945
Envelopes state: "I certify...that the contents...refer only to private and family affairs."

Box 1 Folder 15
John Stirling to NT: "...such great incredible courage"
Date span: 7 Jan 1946 - 10 Oct 1947
Description: 28 ALS from JS to NT expressing admiration of her courage and hoping they'll be married soon. Refer to NT's illness and her stay at London Clinic, NT's trip to Italy, their holiday in Brussels, and JS's navy duty and his stay at the School of Combined Operations in Devon.
Includes the following items:
4 Telegrams from JS to NT.
John Stirling's British Naval Identity Card with photo.
8 Feb 1947

Box 1 Folder 16
Dorothy Tracey to NT: "Give enclosed to Mother"
Date span: 2 Jan 1930 - 25 Nov 1930
Description: 4 ALS from DT, NT's sister, refer to DT's troubles with her finances and thank NT for clothes she gave to DT to sell. Also refer to DT's trip to Beira, travel aboard the Hamburg-Amerika line, and trouble with her passport in South Africa. Asks for NT's help.

Box 1 Folder 17
Heather Tracey to NT: "My next job has fallen through."
Date span: 1929
Description: 2 ALS and 1 PCS from HT sent from Schlosselgasse, Vienna, and Czechoslavakia asking NT to sell her summer frocks to HT, to lend HT money, and to send HT parcels.

Box 1 Folder 18
Guy Truedel to NT: "Getting things started on my farm."
Date span: Oct 1927 - 22 Dec 1929
Description: 2 ALS and 2 Telegrams from GT to NT tell about his safari trip, the farm he is starting abroad, the house he is building on the farm, and the trees he is sending for from South Africa. Includes a diagram of the house and invites NT to visit.

Box 1 Folder 19
Shirley Worthington-Evans to NT: "I long to marry you."
Date span: 26 Mar 1923 - 12 Mar 1925
Description: 25 ALS from SWE to NT refer to mutual friends, e.g., WGO, visits together, parties, dances, Cambridge, and golf. Often express SWE's love for "Babe" [NT]. Also contain praise of NT's courage and ask her to encourage SWE to do more work and to guide him.
Includes the following items:
Membership card to Chez Victor Club for 1925.

Box 1 Folder 20
Shirley Worthington-Evans to NT: "Things have changed"
Date span: 1 May 1925 - 1 Jun 1928
Description: 22 ALS from SWE to NT refer to parties, dances, fireworks, and SWE's trips to Bombay and Jaipur. SWE expresses worry about NT's reputation, declares his love for her, and eventually breaks off with her, although he remains friends with her.
Includes the following items:
Photo of Sir Shirley Worthington-Evans and unidentified friends.
20 Nov 1925
ALS from SWE thanks NT for her congratulations on his marriage.
1 Jun 1928
1 NCS from SWE to NT.

Box 1 Folder 21
Brian [sic] to NT: "I love you...don't be sad."
Date span: 2 Mar 1940 - Oct 1940
Description: 7 ALS and 1 Telegram from "Brian" to NT are love letters which refer to his duty in the British Armed Forces and to the Norwegian war. He's trapped in Finland, where communications are cut off, and the Germans will not allow any British to leave. Also refer to air raids.
Includes the following items:
ALS from NT to Brian expresses her love for him.
24 Feb 1940

Box 1 Folder 22
Cecil [sic] to NT: "Droves of chaps...gather round you"
Date span: 11 Jan 1926 - 27 Feb 1926
Description: 4 witty, amusing ALS from Cecil to NT thank her for being so sweet and mention parties and photos from St. Moritz. Cecil also alludes to untrue rumors about him and NT. He lightheartedly teases NT about the "droves of chaps" who "gather round" her.

Box 1 Folder 23
Douglas [sic] to NT: "Apologies mingled with regret"
Date span: 7 Mar 1930 - 20 Jul 1930
Description: 3 Telegrams and 1 ALS from "Douglas" to NT apologize for losing his temper, arrange meetings, and regret that she cannot come to see him.

Box 1 Folder 24
Jessica [sic] to NT: "Do forgive me..I've been ill"
Date span: 3 Nov 1927 - 6 Oct 1929
Description: 3 ALS from "Jessica" to NT refer to Jessica's trip to the South of France and propose NT's visiting Jessica in Paris or Jessica visiting NT in London. Jessica apologizes for not writing to NT, but explains that she was ill.

Box 1 Folder 25
"Daddy" to NT: "Darling Tiddles...thank you so much."
Date span: 1 Mar 1928 - 30 Sep 1941
Description: 3 ALS from NT's father. 1 ALS explains that he did not break his word to NT by telling Buckmaster when NT was leaving for a trip; 1 ALS thanks her for tobacco and reveals that he relies on fortune "for hopes of money"; 1 ALS discusses his auditing work during WW II when he's 70.

Box 1 Folder 26
"Mother" to NT: "All I can send is my dearest love"
Date span: 9 Dec 1924 - 22 Aug 1928
Description: 5 ALS from NT's mother, who wishes NT a "Happy Birthday," and reminisces about when NT was born. Thanks NT for her letters and gift and refers to NT's stay at Fulford, discusses NT's visits, trips, dances and pets, and terms Lady Worthington-Evans "an utter snob."
Includes the following items:
Photo of Cawposenea from Garden Winter 1920.

Box 1 Folder 27
Miscellaneous Correspondence I
Date span: 1923 - 29 Jun 1930
Description: Dated and undated correspondence from friends to NT includes invitations, thank you letters, directions, short notes expressing admiration, and birthday cards. Refers to visits, parties, illnesses, pets, business matters, and her brother's troubles.
Includes the following items:
Telegram to NT.
2 NCS to NT.
24 ALS to NT.
2 Birthday Cards to NT from her "Uncle Dick."
Wedding Program for "E.T.B." and "Q.H.G." [sic].
14 Sep 1927
4 Postcards to NT.
ALS from NT to "Corky."
16 Jan 1929

Box 1 Folder 28
Miscellaneous Correspondence II
Date span: 25 Jul 1934 - 8 Mar 1949
Description: Correspondence from friends refers to NT's trips to Seville, South Africa, and Hollywood and her work in the British Embassy. Includes love letters, thank you notes, apologies. 1 ALS refers to her "married name" although no other correspondence indicates she ever married.
Includes the following items:
Postcard to NT.
Notecard to NT.
11 ALS to NT.
1934 - 1949
Letter of Introduction for NT to G. E. MacDonald in Hollywood.
25 Jul 1934
2 ALS from NT thank hosts in Seville.
ALS from NT to "My own Darling."
20 May 1939
ALS to NT refers to dinner with Stalin in Moscow.
2 January 1942

Box 1 Folder 29
Business Correspondence: "...a few good linen frocks"
Date span: 6 Jul 1929 - 9 Feb 1930
Description: 8 ALS to NT and 3 L and 1 ALS from NT which refer to the linen frocks NT makes and sells to travellers in order to earn money and to the flats she fixes up and rents to others. Also refers to money she owes for clothes.

Box 1 Folder 30
Pets: "I will keep the dog for you and send him Monday"
Date span: 10 Nov 1926 - 8 Jul 1930
Description: 11 ALS, 1 TL, 1 NCS, and 3 Bills refer to NT's acquisition of Buller (her dog), kennel care and fees for Buller and Paula (her dog), and veterinary care for Buller, Paula, and Jill (her cat). Also refers to Paula's failed mating and breeding of other cocker spaniels.

Box 1 Folder 31
Servants & Maids : "In answer to your advertisement"
Date span: 20 Jan 1928 - 13 Feb 1930
Description: 1 Bill from the Regina Employment Bureau for servants and 8 ALS (one in French) inquiring about position as NT's ladies' maid, apologizing for not coming to work, or asking NT for a reference.

Box 1 Folder 32
Doctors: "Great pleasure to look after you."
Date span: 27 Feb 1925 - 5 Sep 1930
Description: 2 ALS from NT's doctors refer to prescriptions she's been given and 1 ALS from Charles Searle informs NT that he's heard about her money problems and tells her to forget about the money she owes him for anesthetic and 20 doctor's visits.

Box 1 Folder 33
Miscellaneous written personal items of Norah Tracey's
Date span: 1927 - 1940
Description: Personal items belonging to NT include: a pocket diary for 1927 which refers to parties, dinners, lunches, and friends; a list of books she owned; a list of names; her horoscope with her colors, health, etc.; 2 poems and 2 plays.

Box 1 Folder 34
Miscellaneous printed personal items of Norah Tracey's
Date span: 1924 - 1930
Description: Personal items belonging to NT include 4 Dance Cards, 2 Menus from balls, 8 Calling Cards, 2 Membership books for the 500 Club which NT belonged to, NT's Christmas Card for 1929, 1 playbill, and an invitation to Lord Inverclyde and Olive Sainsbury's wedding.

Box 1 Folder 35
Newspaper Clippings Kept by Norah Tracey
Date span: 25 Jul 192826 Apr 1940
Description: Newspaper Clippings saved by NT.
Includes the following items:
Clipping refers to Evelyn Gardner's marriage to Evelyn Waugh. undated
Clipping refers to Lord Northesk's divorce and romance with Peggy Hopkins Joyce.
Clipping is a picture of Mr. Stretton Dixon.
Clipping is a photo of an airplane wheel from airplane tragedy.
Clipping on Lady (Norah) Collins home.
Clipping on fighting in Norway and German invasion of Norway. 26 Apr 1940
Clipping on Baroness Franchette and Lady Cynthia Morley.
11 Apr 1930

Box 1 Folder 36
Bills and Pamphlets
Date span: 1929 - 19 May 1948
Description: Bills and Pamphlets saved by NT. Pamphlets discuss frigidares and a "hire department." Bills are for hotel in Malaga, millinery articles, club dues, groceries, the Encyclopedia Brittanica, insurance, and flats. Also refers to NT's bank account.

Box 1 Folder 37
Photographs of Norah Tracey and others.
Date span: 1929 - 1944
Description: Photos include: 2 Photos of NT walking with 2 men in top hats, Clipping of NT and friend exiting poll station, Photo album with photos of friends and family, Photo of NT with unnamed friends, and NT's Identification Card for British Embassy with photo.


Atkin, Laura 1: 20
Bonn, Sir Max and Lady 1: 35
- 1: 10
Brian [sic] 1: 21
Buckmaster, H. 1: 1
- 1: 3
- 1: 6
- 1: 16
- 1: 25
- 1: 9
- 1: 26
Buller [NT's dog] 1: 7
- 1: 6
- 1: 9
- 1: 8
- 1: 30
Cecil [sic] 1: 22
Chester, Betty 1: 11
- 1: 28
- 1: 10
Chetwynd, Sir Victor James 1: 9
Collins, Lady 1: 35
Crawley, Cecil 1: 20
Dadds, Gordon 1: 14
Dixon, Stretton 1: 2
- 1: 35
Dowman, Jack 1: 22
Foster, John 1: 22
Foster, Kenneth 1: 10
Fulford, Constance 1: 3
Fulford, Tony 1: 3
- 1: 22
- 1: 10
- 1: 26
- 1: 27
George, Lloyd 1: 20
Hensel, Isabel (nee' Bower) 1: 4
Hensel, Struve 1: 28
Hume, Benita 1: 10
Inverclyde, Lord 1: 34
- 1: 1
Jeffries, Captain 1: 15
Jessica [sic] 1: 24
Jill [NT' s cat] 1: 30
Kenney, John (Under Sec. of Navy) 1: 4
Martin, Joan 1: 3
Ogden, Wm. Graeme 1: 5
- 1: 19
Orrell-Kelly, Enid 1: 1
Orrell-Kelly, Enid 1: 7
- 1: 10
- 1: 15
- 1: 16
- 1: 26
- 1: 8
- 1: 19
- 1: 6
- 1: 20
Palmer, Anne 1: 7
- 1: 8
- 1: 10
- 1: 26
Paul, Annie 1: 1
Paula [NT's dog] 1: 30
- 1: 26
- 1: 10
Phab [sic] 1: 9
- 1: 27
- 1: 8
- 1: 10
Radcliffe, Leo 1: 15
Riviere, Dick 1: 8
- 1: 9
- 1: 10
- 1: 13
- 1: 24
- 1: 27
- 1: 16
- 1: 19
- 1: 25
- 1: 26
Rogers, Ginger 1: 28
Sanders, Graham 1: 11
Scarsdale, Richard 1: 12
Searle, Charles 1: 32
Smith, W. Kent 1: 6
Snow, Donald 1: 7
- 1: 13
Snow, May 1: 7
- 1: 13
Stalin1: 28
Stock Market Crash 1: 1
Stewart, Hal 1: 4
Stirling, John 1: 14
- 1: 28
- 1: 15
Sweeney, Margaret 1: 4
Tracey, Beryl 1: 25
- 1: 9
Tracey, Beryl 1: 10
- 1: 19
- 1: 16
- 1: 26
Tracey, Dorothy 1: 16
- 1: 26
Tracey, Guy 1: 27
Tracey, Heather 1: 17
- 1: 1
- 1: 26
Tracey, Mr. [NT's father] 1: 25
- 1: 1
- 1: 9
Tracey, Mrs. [NT's mother] 1: 1
- 1: 3
- 1: 8
- 1: 9
- 1: 25
- 1: 26
Trevor Clark 1: 3
Truedel, Guy 1: 18
- 1: 16
Waugh, Evelyn 1: 35
Worthington-Evans, Shirley 1: 32
- 1: 26
- 1: 19
- 1: 20

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