Vintage British Railway Posters is on view in the Charles Marvin Fairchild Memorial Gallery on the fifth floor of Georgetown University's Lauinger Library during the Fall 2001 semester.

Vintage British Railway Posters
From the Collection of
Jeremiah J. O'Connor
Fall 2001


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Great Western Railway (5)
London & North Eastern Railway (8)
Southern Railway (6)
Pullman (1)
London, Midland & Scottish Railway (4)
Great Eastern Train Ferries (1)

The twenty-five posters in the exhibition have been divided into the above six categories. Please click the links to see the illustrations. All posters are approximately 40 x 25 inches.

London, Midland & Scottish Railway

The Enginedriver
Arthur Watts, 1883-1935
The Enginedriver ("Reliable Service" Series No. 1)
[London] Printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd.

Past thousands of enchanting views
To northwards and to west,
Your job is just to sit and snooze,
The Driver does the resst!

The Signalman
Arthur Watts, 1883-1935
The Signalman ("Reliable Service" Series No. 2)
[London] Printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd.

The signalman controls the lever
That works the signals and the switches,
He never gets into a fever
Because he always knows which which is


The Guard
Arthur Watts, 1883-1935
The Guard ("Reliable Service" Series No. 3)
[London] Printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd.

It never strikes him to complain
Of Auntie's parrot in the van,
He puts us in and starts the train,
He must be a good tempered man!

The Porter
Arthur Watts, 1883-1935
The Porter ("Reliable Service" Series No. 4)
[London] Printed by McCorquodale & Co., Ltd.

How does the railway porter
Go dancing off like that,
With weights of which a quarter
Would nearly squash me flat?


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