Visiting Special Collections at Georgetown

The Special Collections Division is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 pm. We are located on the fifth floor of Lauinger Library, on the southeast corner of the campus at 37th and N Streets N.W. (Area Map) The G2 bus line western terminus is at our main gate at 37th and O Streets, N.W. You may transfer to the westbound G2 bus from the Metro Red Line at Dupont Circle. The bus stops on the north side of P Street at 20th, just west of the Circle. The westbound buses say "Georgetown University"; the eastbound, "Howard University." We are approximately 1 mile from the Rosslyn metro station, a brisk walk across Key Bridge. Unfortunately, there are only a few days in the spring and fall when walking in Washington is especially pleasant, but the view is always great. Parking is extremely limited and expensive. The parking lot may be entered off Canal Road or Prospect Street. We really do strongly suggest public transportation.

We are open to all users who present some form of photographic identification. Advance notice, though not required, is highly recommended. Informational calls are accepted at (202) 687-7444. Reference requests by email are accepted.

Direct your inquiries as follows:

Administration and rare books
George M. Barringer
(202) 687-7475

Nicholas B. Scheetz
(202) 687-7614

Fine prints and art generally
LuLen Walker
(202) 687-4406 or 687-1469

University Archives and Jesuit collections
Lynn Conway
(202) 687-7423

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