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You are here

Get Authorized to use a Multimedia Space

You need to visit BlackBoard and self-enroll in Gelardin's course in order to complete our online module and get authorized. See detailed instructions below:

1. Go to Blackboard.
2. Click on "Courses" in the top right corner.
3. Search for "Gelardin New Media Center" course.
4. Hover over the CourseID "XX-GNMC-Tutorial" and click on the dropdown carrot to self-enroll.
5. Click on "My Blackboard" to return to your Blackboard homepage.
6. Find Gelardin's course under "My Courses" and "No Term Assigned" and click on it to enter.
7. Click on the "Consultation for GNMC's Production and Editing" spaces.
8. When prompted, allow pop-ups in your browser.
9. Complete the module and short quiz. You must get 100% on the quiz to get authorized to use our spaces. You are allowed to retake the quiz as many times as necessary to pass.

Reserve a Multimedia Space (an/or equipment)

1. Visit our reservation page.
2. Click on the green button to start the reservation process.