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Dynalite Light Kit

Equipment Difficulty: 
Requires Instruction?: 

This Dynalite Light Kit (MK8-1222 RoadMax 800W/s 2 Head) is a powerful and versatile light kit for a variety of photography.

  • MP800 pack has 4 head outlets, breaks down its output symmetrically or asymmetrically over a 6 stop range with short flash durations at a super fast 1.2 seconds recycling time at full power.
  • Variator knob allows fine tuned exposure adjustments over 2 stops in 2/10 stop increments.
  • Triggering options include sync cord (provided), IR or optical slave, as well as a built in PocketWizard 32 Channel Transceiver.

Manual for Dynalite PowerPacks

What you should know: 

Works well for fashion, corporate work, portraiture, weddings and interiors.