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About Us




Spring 2017

Undisclosed is a nationally renowned criminal justice podcast.

Spring 2016

Office Hours: A Podcast is a show recorded in Gelardin featuring a conversation between Professor Chatelain and a student guest.
"Time to Write" is a rap song, written/recorded by Shawn Randolph aka Lil Matt and produced by Didi Burton.
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.

Fall 2015

This health promotion podcast was aimed at convincing (potentially) pregnant women in Ghana to use a skilled birth attendant while delivering their child.
Music created in the Gelardin Production Studio.
"The Ladder" is a rap song about a fallen classmate, Matthew Douglas.
Habon Ali takes us through her journey, beginning in Kenya and ending at Georgetown University.
This podcast shares a new perspective on how urban gardens interact with urban communities.
An audio recording in the form of a hip-hop and R&B record and at the same time a sonnet with lyrics in a native African language (Hausa) and English.
Less Travelled is a storytelling project designed to educate its listeners about the field of Conflict Resolution.
"Three's A Crowd Sportscast" is an entertaining and innovative sports talk podcast tailored around the latest sports news.

Spring 2015

This song was my final individual project for my Recording Arts I class with Professor Flawn Williams.

Spring 2014

This audio project, made in GarageBand and using an Olympus LS-100 from Gelardin for interviews, centers around the idea of narrative gaps in family history.

Fall 2013

The purpose of this project was to explore some of the challenges and techniques associated with recording the sound of the rear-facing French horn.
A podcast (in German) where the narrator "goes" to three different cities in German-speaking countries to interview locals about their winter traditions.

Summer 2013

"Last The Year" is a self written and self recorded album that was entirely produced in Gelardin's Production Studio.

Spring 2013

This is an audio podcast about the human microbiome.

Spring 2012

This podcast focuses on how one bacterium, M. micronuciformis, coexists with humans while some of its closest relatives do not.

Fall 2011

Place is a way of understanding the world and more. Can the internet host a "place?" If so, how and why?

Spring 2011

Dante and Loren provide lyrics to a track by French hip-hop producer Germs.

Fall 2009

The Georgetown University Forum is a half-hour interview program with Georgetown faculty members.