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Spring 2017

The Good Work
Students delve into Georgetown's past involving slavery and the years of silence between the slave community and the university.
DC Central kitchen
An orientation video for DC Central Kitchen.
Moruomi Li spends one more day with her grandfather in her hometown outside of Chongqing, China.
Moruomi Li spends one more day with her grandfather in her hometown outside of Chongqing, China.
Two cats find happiness on a sunny Friday.
In which two cats find happiness.
Larry Calloway, bus driver at Georgetown University
Larry Calloway, a Bus Driver at Georgetown University, has been singing for more than 50 years.
Fortune cookies
Watch, laugh, and learn more about Fortune Cookies.

Fall 2016

The voices of Street Sense vendors and editors tell their stories about their work to put an end to homelessness in our nation's capital.

Summer 2016

Washington, D.C. tenants' homes are threatened to be demolished for development.

Spring 2016

Edwin Lopez travels to Ciudad Juarez in Mid-February to cover the pope's visit for The Caravel.
In "Deepest Sense", we bid farewell to Fr. Kevin O'Brien, SJ as he and other members on campus reflect on his time at Georgetown.
Unsung Heroes is an organization that focuses on promoting awareness and appreciation for workers that keep our university running behind-the-scenes.

Fall 2015

It is time to have a frank discussion about our sources of stress.
Vanussa and her husband took over Georgetown Hairstyling, a barbershop that stood here for more than a hundred years.

Summer 2015

This commemorates the grand opening of Cuba's embassy in Washington D.C.

Spring 2015

A mini-documentary made for Music 270 that explores the tensions of the intent to attend a music festival.
College is hard enough without having to deal with serious financial worries and potential social exclusion.
Taking a close look at the lives and memories of three contemporary Veterans, How Can I Tell You About War reveals the complexities of identifying as an American Veteran.
Jerome is an MMA fighter. This a small insight into his fighting life.

Fall 2014

"To Be Dunbar" examines the nation’s first public high school for African Americans, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, a site of academic excellence in DC until desegregation.
A short film on the unique hair journeys of several of Georgetown's African-American women.
This is an experimental documentary that explores the challenges our society poses to artists, specifically musicians.
Dominican painter Jeankarlos Cruz talks about his most recent art project, a series of informal meet ups with New Jersey-based artists combining live music, painting and other expressive forms.

Spring 2014

A documentary about Hoya Break Squad.

Fall 2013

"Capedal” is a documentary exploring Washington, D.C. off the tourist path and onto the cycling path.
This documentary shows my quest to find mountain biking trails in the Washington DC area.
This film observes what dirt creates and brings to them.
This documentary tells the story of the history and current day status of Georgetown ROTC through shadowing one of its top cadets.
This project is an examiniaton of how space is related to sound.
I started a personal project called 'Harmless Colors' to create simple colorful sentences on white walls of different public corridors.

Summer 2013

MSFS students and administrators spend 11 days traveling through Saudi Arabia during March of 2013.

Spring 2013

This documentary video is about students learning Chinese at Georgetown.
A 10 minute documentary about the Georgetown men's rugby team.

Fall 2011

A documentary exploring Union Market's place in Washington, D.C.
See Something, Say Something explores the indirect dialogue that graffiti creates.

Spring 2011

Does a street musician stand out from the chaos of the street or add to it? Do the unpredictable sights and noises around him compliment his music or obscure it?

Spring 2009

We explore how innovations in communications technology have changed how soldiers communicate with family and loved-ones, and how the same innovations create new challenges for the armed forces.