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Aerial view of the Reiss Science Building, 2010


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The following projects were created on our computers, with our equipment or with the assistance of our staff. Highlighting outstanding multimedia projects inspires other students and faculty to use new media in exciting, innovative ways and helps us demonstrate the value of the productions created using our resources. Please share your work with us by completing our submission form.

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These are some of the best photos I took at the December show of one of my favorite artists: Mac Miller. I feel like the colors really captured the overall vibe of the concert, and I spent a ton of time editing them on the Gelardin computers.

This work was created for my final graphic design project last semester. The final project consisted of several posters designed for a movie. The image shown in his poster is of the Georgetown cross country team on the start line of the 2015 NCAA mid-atlantic championship. The Hoyas won the meet and went on to finish 10th in the NCAA championship the weekend after. This poster represents the Georgetown spirit of chasing your dreams vigorously.

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Transitioning into college comes with optimistic aspirations paired with doubts about the people we are and the experiences we have acquired that have led us to this point. In many ways, by our 19th or 20th year of life we are solidified in many of our characteristics, yet we are mindful of the dramatic changes that are sure to ensue in the next four years. These feelings of insecurity, hope, and self seeking prompted this project.
Smoke represents the evasive and intangible moments that are impossible to grasp. The impalpability of passing time.
Paint represents the constant state of malleability, tracing the lines on which one lives life. Being open to change and to grow.
Hard lines represent solidification in ones beliefs. Content in the past and confident in their accomplishments.
These three states of matter represent stages of life that, as college students and new adults in a big world, we grapple with. We have our dreams, our goals, and our realities and we decide what we want to do with them. 

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We wanted to have professional-grade photography as promotional material for the cast and crew of the student-made film "11:59" by Mesbah Uddin (SFS '15). We used a lot of Gelardin's lighting equipment in the production studio to achieve the best results possible. The photoshoots spanned several weeks, so we experimented a lot with different lighting setups until we figured out which lighting gear worked best for what we were going for (in the end the litepanel kits got the job done best). Everything was edited in Lightroom.

"This piece was inspired by the biblical tale of Salome, the dancer who, on the orders of her mother Herodias, danced before King Herod and so entranced the king that he offered her whatever she desired. In accordance with her mother's orders, she requested the head of John the Baptist. While historically, Salome has been depicted as a seductress, I also wanted to depict how charming and entrancing she must have been, such that being in her presence almost felt like drowning. Thus, for this piece, I utilized poppies-- flowers symbolizing death and dreams-- to convey such a theme. I undertook this project primarily as a form of dealing with depression." -Gina

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This series of photos explores the "gray spaces" of traditionally dichotomized concepts including race, gender, and sexuality. Using a diverse array of models, the photos depict subjects who fall outside of the binary norms while pointing to the repressive perception of these marginalized identities through the use of paint, symbolic items, tone and texture.

Please view the photos on Flickr from top to bottom, left to right. Read all of the photo descriptions for a complete appreciation of the project. For even more complete understanding, feel free to listen to Lady Gaga's new album as you go, though of course not required.

The ARTPOP ARTPROJECT was a 4 month long opportunity I seized to celebrate my artistic passions that I often have to ignore due to the demanding workload of being a Georgetown University student.

The project is based on Lady Gaga's most recent album ARTPOP. For each song on the album I created a photo representation in which I had a friend or family member let me paint their face, then he or she modeled in a photo shoot. The photos were then photoshopped on and I incorporated pieces of artwork from my portfolio into the photo. The resulting image serves as my interpretation of the song through several artistic media. Included with each song is an essay explaining my creative process behind the art, as well as my goal with the photo representation.

Our project was to recreate a painting using digital medium. I chose to do an Alphonse Mucha advertisement from the Art Nouveau period in France entitled "Bières de la Meuse." I used a Wacom Bamboo tablet and Corel Painter Lite.