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Bad Dreams

Bad Dreams from Christian Lambert on Vimeo.

My project was a 9-minute short film assigned for Buddhism and Film class, Spring 2011. The film alternates footage of two student actors with an animated parable and split-screen footage of a dream sequence. The parable was colored and animated using Final Cut Pro. The footage was shot using the Sanyo camera, and the project utilized almost all of the Final Cut Studio editing software - Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color, and Soundtrack Pro.

About the Class
Course Title: 
Buddhism and Film, THEO-180
Semester Created: 
Spring 2011
Christian Lambert
Francisca Cho
Type of Assignment: 
Short Film
GNMC Resources
Gelardin Contacts and Roles: 
Per Hoel, Barrinton Baynes
Technology Used: 
Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro, Motion, Color, Soundtrack Pro