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The purpose of this project was to explore some of the challenges and techniques associated with recording the sound of the rear-facing French horn. In this fantasia, I pieced together excerpts of my playing with the horn miked close to the bell, more distantly in the hall, and in the midst of the orchestra. The voice of the conductor is used throughout the mix as a commentary on the art of balancing symphonic sounds from a podium, which parallels what I learned about balancing sound from my seat as simultaneous musician and recording artist.

About the Class
Course Title: 
Recording Arts I, MUSC 250
Semester Created: 
Fall 2013
Holly Jackson
John Flawn Williams
Type of Assignment: 
Class Assignment
GNMC Resources
Gelardin Contacts and Roles: 
I owe a thank you to all of the Gelardin staff who worked hand in hand with recording arts professor, Flawn Williams, to provide assistance with the sound equipment and Pro Tools at the Gelardin New Media Center.
Technology Used: 
Editing Rooms & Pro Tools.