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Living The Questions

This audio project, made in GarageBand and using an Olympus LS-100 from Gelardin for interviews, centers around the idea of narrative gaps in family history -- in this case, of unknown stories attributed to the Vietnam War. Jennifer Nguyen interviewed several Vietnamese Americans about the silence gaps in their respective families and how it may have affected the way they see and write about the world.

Here's the culminating project website:

About the Class
Semester Created: 
Spring 2014
Jennifer Nguyen
Type of Assignment: 
Capstone/Independent Study
GNMC Resources
Gelardin Contacts and Roles: 
Nikoo Yahyazedeh
Technology Used: 
GarageBand, Olympus LS-100, Editing Rooms, Picchi Multimedia Room, I attended an audio podcasting session that introduced me to this technology, taught me almost all the nitty gritty details about GarageBand.