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Representation of Russia at the 1900 Exposition

Students in French 442 (Parisian World’s Fairs: 1855-1900), in collaboration with Gelardin New Media Library and with support from the Department of French, worked in groups with iPads from Gelardin to download L’Illustration’s app and to read issues from 1900, the year of Paris’s last nineteenth-century Universal Exposition. Incorporating text and image from the journal, students created videos using iMovie treating different aspects of the representation of the 1900 Exposition in L’Illustration.

About the Class
Course Title: 
French 442 (Parisian World’s Fairs: 1855-1900)
Semester Created: 
Spring 2013
Jackie Brune (SFS ’15), Elizabeth Frothingham (C’14), Bailey Holtz (C’14) and Kylie Sago (C’13)
Anne O'Neil Henry
GNMC Resources
Technology Used: