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A World of Its Own

Markets are all about interactions. Since the 1930s, Union Market has served its customers faithfully through the changing political, economic, and social climates of D.C. and the United States in general. The rich history of this market is now in jeopardy, as developers work to develop the property to accommodate the district's still-changing landscape. Should this development be halted to preserve the authenticity of this market, or is the redevelopment of the market necessary as a representation of the constant change necessary in Washington D.C. and in America?

About the Class
Course Title: 
American Civilization III, AMST 205-01
Semester Created: 
Fall 2011
Producer: Kara Thomas Writer: Grace Wallack Media Specialist: Sarah Vazquez Director of Videography: Zack Zappone Editor: Joe Mancino
Bernie Cook
Type of Assignment: 
GNMC Resources
Gelardin Contacts and Roles: 
Barrinton Baynes, Mike Matason
Technology Used: 
Editing Rooms, Final Cut Pro