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Final Cut Pro 7

A very rich, professional-grade video editing application. It has a steep learning curve, but is the platform of choice for most video projects. Use Final Cut Pro if (a) your project is going to be longer than 5 minutes, (b) you want to add completely customized text to your project, or (c) you will do another video project in the future. Taking the time to learn the basics of Final Cut Pro is well worth it if you want complete editing freedom and control.


  • Robust, non-linear video and audio editing.
  • Unlimited video tracks, up to 99 audio tracks, and multi-camera functionality.
  • Large library of transitions and filters for audio and video.
  • Supports hundreds of video formats.
  • Completely customizable export settings.


  • Requires 2-3 hours of instruction to learn the basics.
  • The complexity can at times be overwhelming to newcomers.