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Prince Charles visited campus in November 2005. Have any other members of the British royal family come to the University?

No, it appears not – unless you count James Ord, a student here from 1800 to 1806 who was reputed to have been the child of the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) and Maria Fitzherbert. Ord joined the Jesuit Order in 1806 and went on to teach at Georgetown. Leaving the Order in 1811, he joined first the U.S. Navy, then the U.S. Army. Three of his sons, James Lycurgus, James Placidus, and John Stephen, also attended Georgetown. In 1895, another son, Judge Pacificus Ord, presented the University with an 1804 portrait of John Carroll by the noted American painter Gilbert Stuart. This portrait now graces the office of the University President.