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Laptop Wireless Printing Problem Form

Use this form to report a problem you have experienced when attempting to print to Library printers from your own computer.

We have found that most errors involving printing from a laptop can be addressed by taking one of the following actions; please try them before submitting this form.

  1. Connecting to Saxanet. You will not be able to print from GuestNet or any of the other campus networks.
  2. Rebooting your computer.

Please Note: These requests will be responded to as quickly as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. If copies are needed immediately, you will need to print from a computer in the Gelardin New Media Center, in the Lauinger Reference area on the 3rd floor, or in the Blommer Science Library.

Note that you must be connected to SaxaNet to use this printing service.
Please describe your problem, including any error messages and location where you are experiencing this problem, in the space above.