On Friday, March 6, Georgetown University is open with liberal leave due to inclement weather. The Lauinger Library building, Lauinger Circulation Desk and Gelardin New Media Center are open on time. The Woodstock Theological Library and Blommer Science Library will open as staff arrive.

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Watch Video of “Too Long Ignored” with Bob Herbert

You can now watch Bob Herbert’s lecture “Too Long Ignored” in the Digital Lecture Hall on the Library’s website.  Bob Herbert was this year’s lecturer for the annual Ellen Catherine Gstalder (C’01) Memorial Lecture in April. Herbert is a former op-ed columnist for The New York Times and current Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos.  He wrote for The New York Times as an Op-Ed columnist for 18 years, addressing politics, urban affairs and social trends in a twice-weekly column.  Be sure to check out his lecture!