On Tuesday, January 27, 2015 the Georgetown University Library, including the Lauinger Library, Lauinger Circulation Desk, Blommer Science Library, Gelardin New Media Center and Woodstock Theological Library, are open on their regular schedule.

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We now have alumni access to Reference Universe, one of our largest reference databases.

Publisher's blurb:

"Searching your library's specialized subject encyclopedia collection helps refine your search; save time, and get to the book or journal you need more quickly and accurately.

Reference Universe contains 35 million data elements to over 45,000 specialized reference works. The elements are matched to your library's electronic or print holdings, offering you a customized view."

NB: this is a tool to *locate* reference sources, and does not necessarily contain the full text thereof!

Reference Universe is linked from the alumni page:


and below is the link for alumni: