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Assignment for Students

Once you've finished The Illegal, please complete the following assignment. These are not intended to be exhaustive essays but simply reflections on the few points you found most intriguing or salient. You do not need to answer all the questions in each category below; they are just guides to start you thinking.

The due date for the assignment is August 1, 2017. You will submit it via Georgetown's coursework software, Blackboard, which you will be able to access in July. You will receive an email notification when you may submit your assignment.


Write one paragraph each reflecting on the following elements of The Illegal:

-The Art of Writing: How does Hill use history, language, themes, and other devices?
-The Character: Who is Keita Ali? What is his main motivation? How does his character evolve throughout the novel?
-The Structure: How did Hill choose to structure the book? Why did he choose to do it this way and is it effective? 


If you have any questions about the assignment or any other aspect of the Workshop, contact


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The Workshop is sponsored by Frederick Marino (SLL '68) and his family in honor of his father, Joseph Marino.