Effective Monday, February 23, 2015, the NewJour website will no longer be updated, and new journal announcements will no longer be sent to subscribers. At this time, you can still search the NewJour database but no new information is being added.

You may find alternative discovery tools, such as DOAJGoogleScholar, or Open Science Directory, to be replacements for the NewJour service.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the NewJour Project Manager at newjouradmin@georgetown.edu.


Many of the journals included in NewJour have not been screened for quality of the published articles. We recommend that you review the published articles or contact the journal editor before using these journals for research or publication.

A broad range of journals were included in the NewJour database for the following reasons:

    1. NewJour’s database contains over twenty years of data on online publishing. All new journals, including those of unknown or questionable quality, are part of the publishing landscape and provide important information about growth and trends in online publishing. If some journals were excluded from the archive, the database would no longer be representative of the publishing industry.
    2. While certain criteria must be met for inclusion in NewJour, it was impossible for the NewJour staff to screen, title by title, the of thousands of new journals in dozens of languages and on hundreds of topics that are submitted each year.
    3. Other organizations and individuals provide lists of publishers and/or publications that have been reviewed and found to meet or not meet certain quality standards.

If you are unsure of the quality of a journal, use our Evaluating Journal Quality page for guidance.

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