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AIO Papers

AIO Papers complement the English translations of Attic inscriptions available on Attic Inscriptions Online, a website designed to make available the inscriptions of ancient Athens and Attica in English translation. AIO Papers are designed:

a) to clarify the Greek texts underlying the translations published in AIO.
b) to equip the user of AIO with the background knowledge necessary to understand the inscriptions in historical context.
c) to advance the understanding of Attic inscriptions consistently with the objectives of AIO.

Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

The Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology is seeking to publish profound, rigorous, well-written, high-quality, high-impact papers to generate discussion, debate, fresh perspective.

The research area is the European continent and the Near East in the Greek-Roman times. The topics are: ancient history, ancient philology, epigraphy, papyrology, numismatics, archaeological material, archaeological reports, digital archaeology, archaeometry, reviews.

Journal of Ancient History and Archeology is supported by Romanian Academy and Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History

The Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History seeks to encourage and stimulate the study of the history of the ancient Near East, which is broadly defined to include areas from Iran to the western Anatolian coast and the Black Sea to Southern Arabia from its prehistoric foundations to the Late Antique period. The journal is also interested in interactions with other regions and cultures, such as Ancient Egypt, the Mediterranean World, the Indian Ocean and Central Asia.

Journal of Ancient History

The Journal of Ancient History aims to provide a forum for scholarship covering all aspects of ancient history and culture from the Archaic Period to Late Antiquity (roughly the ninth century BCE through the eighth century CE). The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles concerning the history and historiography (ancient and modern) of the ancient Mediterranean world and of neighboring civilizations in their relations with it. The journal is open to submissions in disciplines closely related to ancient history, including epigraphy, numismatics, religion and law.


Publications in Rhizomata cover the full range of ancient philosophy, with special emphasis on the interaction between philosophy and science. Another thematic priority is the influence of ancient philosophy and its interpretation in the later tradition. Supplementing the articles, discussion notes and reviews, the journal also provides bibliographical documentation of important recently published work in the South-East European region.


Thamyris, Nova Series

Subjects covered: Teaching classical languages​​; divulgative papers on history, literature and culture of ancient Greek and Roman world.

Intended audience: Students and teachers of Latin and Greek, Ancient History, Archaeology, Classical Literature. In general, audience interested in any aspects of the Classical World.

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