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Energy Research & Social Science

Energy Research & Social Science (ERSS) is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles examining the relationship between energy systems and society. ERSS covers a range of topics revolving around the intersection of energy technologies, fuels, and resources on one side; and social processes and influences - including communities of energy users, people affected by energy production, social institutions, customs, traditions, behaviors, and policies - on the other.

Geothermal Energy Science

Geothermal Energy Science (GtES) is a scientific open-access journal that publishes articles of high quality original research in all fields of geothermal energy exploration, extraction and utilisation including non-technical aspects.

A publication of the International Geothermal Association.

MRS Energy & Sustainability - A Review Journal

MRS Energy & Sustainability—A Review Journal will publish reviews on key topics in materials research and development as they relate to energy and sustainability. Topics to be reviewed are new R&D of both established and new areas; interdisciplinary systems integration; and objective application of economic, sociological, and governmental models, enabling research and technological developments. The reviews will be set in an integrated context of scientific, technological and sociological complexities relating to environment and sustainability.

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer will be the first journal dedicated to publishing original research and industrial developments relating to wireless power. The Journal will pull together research from across the field, covering aspects such as RF technology, near-field energy transfer, energy conversion and management, electromagnetic harvesting, novel materials and fabrication techniques, energy storage elements, and RFID-related electronics.


ChemElectroChem, new sister journal to Angewandte Chemie, ChemPhysChem and the other ChemXChem journals, is dedicated to publishing high-quality research papers and reviews on all aspects of electrochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications, Analysis and Catalyis, Bio and Nano, Energy and More.

A publication of ChemPubSoc Europe.

International Journal of Advances in Power Systems

International Journal of Advances in Power Systems (IJAPS) is an international journal that publishes four issues per year and provides a chance for professionals and researchers in all fields of electrical power engineering to communicate the recent progress in the area of energy and power systems.

As well as original research papers, the journal publishes short contributions, book reviews and conference reports. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least three referees.

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions E: Materials for Energy Systems

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions E, an archival peer-reviewed quarterly publication, is uniquely focused on the science of materials applied to or being investigated to address unique aspects of current and emerging energy technologies. Covers a variety of areas of materials research, including larger materials issues with application to energy.The journal is published with ASM International, The Materials Information Society, and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.

International Journal of Marine Energy

International Journal of Marine Energy will aim to publish original/high quality papers covering fundamental and applied research and case studies relevant to all forms of marine/ocean energy. The Journal focuses on topics such as fundamental understating, fluid mechanics, design, modelling and optimisation of devices and arrays/farms, environmental assessment, design codes, regulations, policy, economics, monitoring, planning evaluation, legislation and legal aspects related to sustainable exploitation of the ocean resources.

Nano Energy

Nano Energy is a multidisciplinary, rapid-publication forum of original peer-reviewed contributions on the science and engineering of nanomaterials and nanodevices used in all forms of energy harvesting, conversion, storage, utilization and policy. Through its mixture of articles, reviews, communications, research news, and information on key developments, Nano Energy provides a comprehensive coverage of this exciting and dynamic field which joins nanoscience and nanotechnology with energy science.

International Journal of Advanced Renewable Energy

International Journal of Advanced Renewable Energy Research is an open access E-Journal around contents on theoretical and practical challenges in renewable energy field. It also is aiming at rapid publication of original researches in form of papers, books, tutorials, and survey articles.

The journal includes topics but not limited to: Wind, Solar Tidal, Wave, Marine , Geothermal Energies, as well as Hydrogen and fuel cells.

Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Renewable Energy Research

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