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Advances in Forestry Science

The journal ADVANCES IN FORESTRY SCIENCE was created in 2013-09-01 by Graduate Program in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Federal University of Mato Grosso - UFMT. The main focus of the journal is the free dissemination of original scientific research related, exclusively, the area of forestry sciences, promoting the universalization of scientific knowledge.

Asia Pacific Journal of Environment Ecology and Sustainable Development

Asia Pacific Journal of Environment Ecology and Sustainable Development [APJEESD] is an annual e-journal of Association of Tropical Rain Forest Conservation and Education, Nepal (ATRFCE). The journal publishes articles once every year in the month of January. The journal covers the area of Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Pollution, Biodiversity conservation, Sustainable development and various allied disciplines in the categories of research articles, review articles, book reviews and short communications.

Environmental Science & Technology Letters

Environmental Science & Technology Letters is an international forum for brief communications on experimental or theoretical results of exceptional timeliness in all aspects of environmental science (pure and applied), and short reviews on emerging environmental science & technology topics. Manuscripts describing cross-disciplinary research or addressing emerging issues are of particular interest.

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water

The scope of WIREs Water is at the interfaces between five very different intellectual themes: the basic science of water, its physics and chemistry, flux, and things that it transfers and transforms; life in water, and the dependence of ecosystems and organisms on water to survive and to thrive; the engineering of water to furnish services and to protect society; the people who live with, experience and manage the water environment; and those interpretations that we, as a society, have brought to water through art, religion, history and which in turn shapes how we come to understand it.

Frontiers in Marine Science

Frontiers in Marine Science is an interdisciplinary open-access journal that publishes research advancing our understanding of all aspects of the environment, biology, ecosystem functioning and human interactions with the oceans. The aim is to communicate breakthroughs in marine science through the rapid, rigorous and effective open-access publishing mechanism of the Frontiers In journal series.

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene

A new open-access scientific journal, Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene will publish original research reporting on new knowledge of the Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems; interactions between human and natural systems; and steps that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to global change. Elementa will report on fundamental advancements in research organized initially into six knowledge domains, embracing the concept that basic knowledge can foster sustainable solutions for society.

Earth's Future

A transdisciplinary open access journal, Earth’s Future focuses on the state of the Earth and the prediction of the planet’s future. By publishing peer-reviewed articles as well as editorials, essays, reviews, and commentaries, this journal will be the preeminent scholarly resource on the Anthropocene. It will also help assess the risks and opportunities associated with environmental changes and challenges.

Published on behalf of the American Geophysical Union

Journal of River Engineering

The Journal of River Engineering publishes papers based on original research which include, but are not limited to, the following: River Management, River structures, Flood management, Hydroinformatic, Environmental aspects of river engineering ,GIS/MIS applications in river engineering , Simulation & Modeling, Health & Social Aspects of Flooding, Policy & Legislation, erosion and sedimentation, Computer Science, Climate Change, floodplain, Numerical method , flow regimes, water quality and another relevant topic.

International Journal of Marine Energy

International Journal of Marine Energy will aim to publish original/high quality papers covering fundamental and applied research and case studies relevant to all forms of marine/ocean energy. The Journal focuses on topics such as fundamental understating, fluid mechanics, design, modelling and optimisation of devices and arrays/farms, environmental assessment, design codes, regulations, policy, economics, monitoring, planning evaluation, legislation and legal aspects related to sustainable exploitation of the ocean resources.

Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services, associated with the Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) (http://www.es-partnership.org/), is an international, interdisciplinary journal that deals with the science, policy and practice of Ecosystem Services in the following disciplines: ecology and economics, institutions, planning and decision making, economic sectors such as agriculture, forestry and outdoor recreation, and all types of ecosystems.

Email: http://help.elsevier.com/app/ask_gcs/p/8045

Water Resources and Economics

For the purpose of sustainable water resources management, the scientific assessment of the multiple connections between water resources and the economy is crucial. Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions affecting the use of water resources, be it water extraction, pollution or allocation, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry and urban water supply as well as between local, regional and transboundary river basins.


Environmetrics, the official journal of The International Environmetrics
Society (TIES), an Association of the International Statistical Institute, is
devoted to the dissemination of high-quality quantitative research in the
environmental sciences.

Current World Environment

Current World Environment aims to foster high quality research, encourage and publish research papers, covering almost all aspects of environment including environmental laws, environmental chemistry, environmental management, environmental health, ecological and environmental protection, some hot related issues such as air, water, noise and soil pollution, solid waste, recycling, natural resources, wildlife, forests and wetlands, climate change, biodiversity, deforestation, management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid wastes, occupational health hazards, toxicology, biotechnology conser

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