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Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption

Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption is the first truly interdisciplinary, academic journal devoted to luxury, and satisfies the demand for scholarly, unbiased and penetrating thinking on the subject. The journal considers luxury in broad socio-cultural contexts, exploring and interrogating both our historical and contemporary understanding of the term.

Critical Historical Studies

Critical Historical Studies is a new interdisciplinary journal devoted to historical reflections on politics, culture, economy, and social life. CHS features research on the implications of socio-economic transformations for cultural, political, and social change. In the broad tradition of Critical Theory, CHS will explore the complex connections between cultural form and socio-economic context and promote a reflexive awareness of the researcher’s own position in the history of global capitalist society.

American History Now

American History Now is an experiment in scholarly communication. Neither a scholarly journal nor a blog, American History Now highlights new ways of writing, reading, and disseminating ideas in the digital realm. We’re looking to bypass the inertia of 19th century models of publishing, creating a new model of publishing and dissemination that relies on the principles of curation and collaboration. We aim to use digital tools to build communities of shared interest within and beyond the boundaries of academia.

History Research

History Research, a monthly professional academic journal, publishes research in all major areas of history, such us political history, economic history, art history and so on. It publishes articles that make outstanding contributions to scholarly knowledge about notable theoretical concerns, puzzles or controversies in any subfield of history.

Caucasus Survey

Caucasus Survey is a new peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary and independent journal, concerned with the study of the Caucasus – the independent republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, unrecognized entities in the area and the North Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation.

Also covered are issues relating to the Republic of Kalmykia, Cossacks, Crimea, the Nogays, and the Caucasian diasporas.

Zeventiende Eeuw. Cultuur in de Nederlanden in interdisciplinair perspectief

De Zeventiende Eeuw is the peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the Werkgroep Zeventiende Eeuw (Study Group Seventeenth Century).

De Zeventiende Eeuw publishes original articles on the cultural history of the seventeenth-century Northern and Southern Netherlands from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Articles focus on Dutch and neo-Latin literature, art history, religion, and cultural history in the broadest sense of the word.

European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Description: The long tradition of Cedla (Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation) as a European hub for Latin American research is reflected in the European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Contributions reflect substantial empirical research and/or are theoretically innovative with respect to major debates within social science research (understood in the broadest sense, including history and economics) on Latin America and the Caribbean. ERLACS explicitly aims to provide a forum for European

BMGN: Low Countries Historical Review

BMGN: Low Countries Historical Review publishes research and review articles which explore broad and important issues in the history of the Low Countries, and seeks to do so in a wider comparative context.

In creating discussion fora, online and in print, and in publishing book reviews, the journal aims to enliven historical debate among both professional historians and a wider interested public. Rigorously peer-reviewed, BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review seeks to present the best historical scholarship of both young and more established scholars.

Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani"

Publisher: Universidad de Buenos Aires

The Boletín del Instituto de Historia Argentina y Americana "Dr. Emilio Ravignani" is a history journal that attempts to reflect in its articles the best results of research work in Latin America, as well as work on Latin America from other global regions.

It aims to be a means of communication between the authors and its specialist readership. It also aspires to reach a wider audience with the hope of enhancing contributions and debates in Latin American historiography.

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