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Le Tre Corone: Rivista Internazionale di Studi su Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio

ThThe aim is to publish original articles of a high intellectual and academic quality without regard to the critical method employed. Indeed, «Le tre corone» showcases a broad range of critical perspectives and approaches. The journal is peer-reviewed, and each article submitted is read by at least three expert referees. «Le tre corone» aims to serve as a genuinely international forum where medievalists and others working on Italy's three major writers and coming from different academic and intellectual traditions can exchange views

Asian Journal of Humanity, Art and Literature

The scopes of the Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development (JEDS) include, but not limited to, Economic development; Sustainability management; Industrial sector; Corporate governance, public policy; international organizations; Environmental economics; Food systems, and populations.

Its audience are higher degree student, researchers and academicians particularly in the business and economics field of study.

Publisher: Asian Business Consortium

US-China Foreign Language

US-China Foreign Language, a monthly professional academic journal, covers all sorts of researches on literature criticism, translation research, linguistic research, English teaching and other latest findings and achievements from experts and foreign language scholars all over the world.

International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies (IJCLTS) reflects the creativity of contemporary scholarly and artistic practice. IJCLTS welcomes original and unpublished academic articles from around the world on a wide range of topics. The journal has a scope that joins the philosophical to cultural studies. The focus is on literature and translation, but we also philosophically examine a range of other cultural expressions.

Publisher: Australian International Academic Centre PTY. LTD.


Monograf aims to create a medium for the discussion of topics in literature in Turkey in an academic frame and for the interdisciplinary study of literature.The policy of the journal is to publish critical studies based on analytical thinking, independent and original ideas. Canonical impositions by literary histories, nationalistic modelling of literature and clichéd analyses ingrained in the field necesitate the overcoming of these difficulties by literary criticism.

Journal of the British Academy

The new online open-access Journal of the British Academy seeks to publish a conspectus of the state of scholarship across the Academy’s disciplinary interests, its content derived from the Academy’s own lecture programme. Publication in the Journal of the British Academy is by invitation. Unsolicited articles are not accepted.


The online magazine Arabeschi, by a group of researchers from several universities, is dedicated to the study of the relationships between writing and visuality, with particular reference to the contemporary Italian scene. The magazine's main objective is the identification of new objects and new areas of research. The magazine is organized into two parts: one semiannual, which includes critical analysis and research, and the other is continuously updated with reports on the most recent literature and particularly significant works from the perspective of visual studies

International Yearbook of Futurism Studies

The Futurist art movement, founded by F.T. Marinetti in 1909, had a worldwide impact and made important contributions to avant-garde movements in many countries and artistic genres. This yearbook is designed to act as a medium of communication amongst a global community of Futurism scholars. It has an interdisciplinary orientation and presents new research on Futurism across national borders in fields such as literature, fine arts, music, theatre, design, etc. Apart from essays and country surveys it contains reports, reviews and an annual bibliography of recent Futurism studies.

Dialogía: Revista de Lingüística, Literatura y Cultura

Dialogía: Revista de Lingüística, Literatura y Cultura is a Spanish-language publication of the Mikhail Bakhtin Studies Institute dedicated to Spanish-language philology, linguistics, and literature. All articles, reviews, and studies published in Dialogía treat the bridge between literature and linguistics as well as some of the psychological processes behind various literary genres, writing styles, and rhetorical devices. Dialogía's submissions mainly revolve around Latin American Literature and South American Literature, but submissions concerning philosophy, metaphysics, etc.

Olivar: Revista de Literatura y Cultura Españolas

Olivar: Revista de Literatura y Cultura Españolas aims to disseminate national and international academic productions referring to Spanish culture and literature of all time as well as its connections with the American world. The journal publishes original articles, notes, documents, interviews and critical reviews designed to accommodate
collaborations that respond to different theoretical and methodological approaches.

Publisher: Facultad de Humanides y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad Nacional de La PLata

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