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EJNMMI Physics

EJNMMI Physics is an international platform for scientists, users and adopters of nuclear medicine with a particular interest in physics matters. As a companion journal to the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, this journal has a multi-disciplinary approach and welcomes original materials and studies with a focus on applied physics and mathematics as well as imaging systems engineering and prototyping in nuclear medicine.

EPJ Quantum Technology

EPJ Quantum Technology covers theoretical and experimental advances in subjects including but not limited to the following: quantum measurement, metrology and lithography; quantum complex systems, networks and cellular automata; quantum electromechanical systems; quantum optomechanical systems; quantum machines, engineering and nanorobotics; quantum control theory; quantum information, communication and computation; quantum thermodynamics; quantum metamaterials; the effect of Casimir forces on micro- and nano-electromechanical systems; quantum biology; quantum sensing; hybrid quantum system

2D Materials

2D Materials is a multidisciplinary, electronic-only journal devoted to publishing fundamental and applied research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of graphene and related two-dimensional materials.

As part of the initial launch phase, all content in the journal will be free to read for individual users, universities and academic research institutes throughout 2014, subject to acceptance of terms and conditions of use.

Advanced Optical Materials

Advanced Optical Materials is an international, interdisciplinary forum for peer-reviewed papers on materials science which focuses on all aspects of light-matter interactions. Advanced Optical Materials was published as a special focus section integrated in Advanced Materials in 2012 and launched as a journal at the start of 2013. Scope of Advanced Optical Materials Advanced Optical Materials is dedicated to breakthrough discoveries and fundamental research in photonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, and more.

Physical Review Applied

The goal of Physical Review Applied is to promote the publication of the highest quality papers at the intersection of physics and engineering. We welcome papers in conventional applied physics, including research into materials science, surface and interface physics, device physics, condensed matter physics and optics. Additionally, we invite papers by physicists working on problems in engineering, and by engineers investigating systems involving physical mechanisms.


IUCrJ will publish high-profile articles on all aspects of the sciences and technologies supported by the IUCr via its commissions, including emerging fields where structural results underpin the science reported in the article. Our aim is to make IUCrJ the natural home for high-quality structural science results. Chemists, biologists, physicists and material scientists will be actively encouraged to report their structural studies in IUCrJ.


Publisher: Quanta

Quanta is an open access academic journal publishing original research and review articles on foundations of quantum mechanics, mathematical physics and philosophy of science.

Materials Horizons

Materials Horizons is a premier journal publishing first reports of exceptional significance across the breadth of materials research. It is an innovative, community-focused, dynamic journal guided by world-renowned Editorial Board members.

The journal will feature research at the cutting-edge interface of materials science with chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.

All content of journals from RSC Publishing is free for the first 2 volumes.

Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications

The Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed bi-annual journal published by Chitkara Educational Trust on new advancements in the areas of physics research. The aim of this innovative Journal JNPMSRA, is to create and develop a platform for researchers globally, giving to scientific strength, promotion and sharing of latest theoretical and experimental developments in the fields of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences and Radiation.

Frontiers in Physics

Frontiers in Physics publishes articles on the most outstanding discoveries across a wide research spectrum of Physics. The mission of Frontiers in Physics is to bring all relevant Physics areas together on a single platform.

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