Social Justice

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Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality

The Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality (“Journal”) aims to encompass issues on race, gender, class, and sexuality. The Journal offers an interdisciplinary approach for academic scholars to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social equality. The Journal aims to become a major effort in leading scholars and practitioners to improve race and gender relations, foster new research in and across disciplines, and provide the intellectual foundation for the pursuit of social justice.

Class, Race and Corporate Power

Class, Race and Corporate Power seeks to develop, refine and advance a critical analyses of corporate power from a range of scholarly approaches with the goal of assisting social justice movements in dissecting and combating concentration of power and privilege within political systems and within the global economy. The objective is to encourage an exchange between scholars and activists engaged in labor, human rights, environmental, immigration, women's rights, and racial justice campaigns whose focus is on making public policy more democratic and accountable.

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