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Society and Culture in South Asia

Society and Culture in South Asia is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles in the fields of sociology, social anthropology in the main, and sociology of education, sociology of medicine, arts and aesthetics, cultural studies, sociology of mass media, sociology of law, urban studies inter alia. Journal is open to other related disciplines to maintain an interdisciplinary thrust, within the ambit of sociology of knowledge. The Journal would publish the research papers, review-essays, debates, in the temperament of qualitative sociology.

Social Currents

Social Currents, the official journal of the Southern Sociological Society, is a broad-ranging social science journal that focuses on cutting-edge research from all methodological and theoretical orientations with implications for national and international sociological communities. The uniqueness of Social Currents lies in its format. The front end of every issue is devoted to short, theoretical, agenda-setting contributions and brief, empirical and policy-related pieces.

Journal of Retracing Africa

Published by the African/African American Studies program at Eastern Kentucky University, JORA provides critically needed platform for established Africanists and graduate students to publish their original research pieces. By encouraging disciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches in reconstructing a wide range of themes relating to African peoples and societies in all time periods, JORA not only helps in deconstructing existing myths and stereotypes about Africa but also enhances scholarly understanding of the totality of the African life.

Researchjournali's Journal Of Sociology

Researchjournali's journal of sociology (RJOS) publishes research papers on all aspects of sociology for the international audience with interest in the field of sociology. The articles are highly relevant to the issues and challenges faced in real social life and encourage innovative research based approaches to solve those issues in society. And it provides a forum for exchange of knowledge among academicians and researchers for advancement of research in the area of sociology. The journal covers following topics related to sociology.

Publisher: Einfomia Online

Sociological Science

Sociological Science is an open-access, online, peer-reviewed, international journal for social scientists committed to advancing a general understanding of social processes. Sociological Science welcomes original research and commentary from all subfields of sociology, and does not privilege any particular theoretical or methodological approach.

Discover Society

Discover Society is published by Social Research Publications, a not-for-profit collaboration between sociology and social policy academics and publishers at Policy Press to promote the publication of social research, commentary and policy analysis. The articles it publishes express the opinions of the authors and not those of Discover Society.

International Journal of Research in Sociology and Social Anthropology

The International Journal of Research in Sociology and Social Anthropology accepts the research papers from the diverse fields of sociology, social anthropology and allied disciplines. The quality research in the areas of social work, public health, rural development, environmental studies, tourism, disaster management, communication and media studies is also invited for its publication in the journal. The contributions can be made in the form of original research, review articles, book reviews and letters to editor.

Caucasus Survey

Caucasus Survey is a new peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary and independent journal, concerned with the study of the Caucasus – the independent republics of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, unrecognized entities in the area and the North Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation.

Also covered are issues relating to the Republic of Kalmykia, Cossacks, Crimea, the Nogays, and the Caucasian diasporas.

Vivat Academia

Vivat Academia aims to publish original research in the humanities, specifically in the fields of communication, public relations, audiovisual communication (film, television, radio), information technology and sociology.

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