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Voennyi Sbornik

The Journal publishes conference proceedings, articles and brief reports, concerning results of research in military and historical area in English and Russian languages.

Publisher: Academic Publishing House Researcher

DIFI Family Research and Proceedings

The journal aims to provide a home for proceedings and original research on all aspects of family research, including migration, dignity, parental and child rights, and marriage - particularly in the Arab world.

The journal will publish special issues on topics of interest and proceedings from relevant conferences. Alongside these speical issues, we will also present original, peer-reviewed research papers.

Pattern Recognition in Physics

Pattern Recognition in Physics (PRP) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes the latest research on the theoretical, experimental and applied aspects of pattern analysis, extraction, classification and clustering in all branches and disciplines of physics. The journal gathers new research, novelty and case studies of theories, methods and applications of Pattern Recognition (PR) in physics. The journal will also publish special issues dealing with pattern recognition applied to a specific area of research or related to a new technology/method of PR.

International Journal of Dharma Studies

International Journal of Dharma Studies aims to (i) investigate, present, interpret, and envision the shared and distinct categories of the life-worlds of the Indic Religions, globally, in a (ii) multidisciplinary format with articles from Religious Studies, Philosophy, Ethics, Cultural Studies, Musicology, Film, Contemporary Issues, Sociology, Anthropology, and the Arts, within (iii) a structure that maintains the rigor of conventional academic discourse, but adds methodological contextualization and investigative, epistemic, hermeneutical and evaluative perspectives from these religious a

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