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3AM is a loose, eclectic forum for literary upstarts, degenerates and loose
cannons -- we can't imagine why anyone would send us anything vaguely
'academic' in style, but please don't. Nor do we wish to receive anything
bland or anodyne. Similarly, there is no political 'line' at 3AM, though it
goes without saying that we do not condone hatred or discrimination. We're
not huge fans of genre fiction either.

Chief Editors:

Andrew Gallix
Paris, France
Email: andrew@3amMagazine.com

Richard Marshall
London, England
Email: richard@3amMagazine.com

Jim Martin
Calgary, Canada
Email: jim@3amMagazine.com

Editorial Correspondence:

ATTN: Andrew Gallix
17 rue Friant
75014 Paris, France

3AM Magazine is a free Open Access journal on the Internet.

Content available online.

Current Issue: 01/08/2005

Date: 19 Jan. 2005

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
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