AAPG Bulletin


AAPG Bulletin


Publisher: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The AAPG Bulletin is designed for the dissemination of information on the
geology and associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, and other
energy mineral resources.

Articles are papers of major extent and contain detailed geologic data that
support original interpretations or methods. The Bulletin does not accept
papers that have been published or that are being considered elsewhere.

E&P Notes are short, timely, general interest papers focused on current
exploration plays and practical field descriptions to improve recovery.

Geologic Notes are brief, timely, and of general interest.

Geohorizons papers focus on current technical methodologies and should be
written for the general readership rather than for a limited audience of
experts in a given field. The review process for Geohorizons papers is
expedited so that the submitted manuscript will be available for publication
within four to six months of submittal.

Print ISSN: 0149-1423

Online Submittal: Submit your entire manuscript online through the Rapid
Review tracking system (http://www.rapidreview.com/AAPG2/CALogon.jsp).

Bulletin Editor
1444 S. Boulder Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-3604

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Current Issue: December 1 2006, Volume 90, Issue 12

Date: 14 December 2006

Original posting date: 
Thursday, December 14, 2006
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